Crime down and revenue up in Colorado since start of marijuana legalization

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  1. The great green experiment underway in Colorado is continuing to yield considerable results after five full months of marijuana legalization, according to the latest statistics out of the first state in America to lift the prohibition on pot.

    Crime in Colorado’s capital city, Denver, has dropped by more than a tenth, local law enforcement data reveals, and the state as a whole is expected to collect around $30 million in revenue this year as a result of weed taxes.

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  2. Weed's bad mmkay stop trying to justify your filthy habit Stoner Toke Steve Austin
  3. Crime is down because a majority of the crimes people were arrested for were trumped up bullshit weed laws being broken. Make weed legal and those crimes disappear and you make huge profits on top of it... who the fuck is stupid enough to believe that marijuana should not be made legal.
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  4. Who'd a thought this would happen? :pity:
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  5. Got friends who live there, they barley smoke now that it's legal lmao. Douche bags.
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  6. Oh not me. No way. Never. Not by a long shot. Nope.

    Ok maybe
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  8. Hi.
  9. Exactly. That what we talking about B. We trying to stay hi

  10. lmao I cant believe I am probably moving there. Aids FTL
  11. Lucky
  12. no id be lucky if i was moving to cali. Co is full of assholes jumping on the bandwagon, but are too lazy to take the full ride in the short bus.
  13. For those who want a scenic view, it's the one in CO that kitchen nightmares they do this season. Not quite Aurora, but close.
  14. Hi back atcha!
  15. I'ma go protest pot now. buh bye
  16. Have fun... and be creative with the sign, GOD HATES FAGS is already taken.
  17. Good thing I don't hate fags. Just drugs. Way more creative room there.
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  19. Hugs, Spot. Not drugs.
  20. to be fair every person I've met who's had a marijuana habit have looked fricking ratchet.