Cruiser-weight Championship (Contenders)

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    Cruiser-weight Championship :

    If you would like to contend for the cruiser-weight Championship, you can notify @Jonathan . The match will be held at Wrestle Mania. If you have a prior match set up or in the works for WM, please do not contend for this belt.

    This will take place on Friday, April 5th


    Each contender will cut one promo as to why they deserve to be the IWT Cruiser-Weight Champion.
    Once all promos have been accepted, a poll will open and voting will begin!
    Promo deadline will be April 7th at 12PM EST.
    Voting will be closed on April 9th and the winner will be announced.

    ( @jonathan since you run Nitro, feel free to change this as you please but make sure all that would like to enter, enter here so we know in advance. )​
  2. :woo1:

    I kinda figured you would be. You already had your spot. :boss1:

    I believe there was one or two others who noted they would like a shot at the belt as well. I would love to see a triple threat promo battles, or even a fatal-four way! :yes:
  3. :urm:

    I need to hit the gym. :tough:
  4. I am sure @deth would love to be your personal trainer :ksi:

  5. Of course! He's my husband! :angry:

    At least, I think he is. :hmm:

  6. :hmm:

    He hasn't been in the bar as much, and doesn't seem to find much appeal in strippers and hookers anymore...

    He's married. :obama:
  7. :yay:

    :datass: tonight, nigga.
  8. If no one else puts their name forward add me to this, I lost a lot of weight in the past week so I think I qualify.
  9. Add FailFaceFTW

  10. Me and Gohan want in :boss1:
  11. I said it, but I want to be in. I may be a relative new user, but I want to try and lets see what happens
  12. I have a European title match against Danielson, does that mean I can't compete for this? :sad:
  13. If you have a title match for Wrestle Mania, stick to that. I just want everyone to have a fair shot at belts they want.
    Also, I believe Gohan wants to go for the US belt, so he is probably waiting on that.
  14. Brit also forgot to mention that your real height (or your gimmick height) has to be 5'7 or shorter.
  15. That I did. :obama:
  16. Is there a limit of weight too, or just height? :Hmm:
  17. Just height is fine. :obama: