Cruiserweight title tournament?

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Why doesn't everyone on Nitro post 1 promo on why they should be the champ then we vote on the best one?

    @britanica @jonathan
  2. I awarded @"lady deathbane" with the stipulation for the belt since she made it and requested it.
    It is up to her. She does not hold the belt but she calls the shots for it until it has a winner.
  3. How about a Battle Royal prediction contest for WM?

    Plus Senhor, you can't get this one buddy since it's a Nitro title, YOU HAVE ENOUGH TITLES ALREADY :ANGRY:
  4. I said for people on Nitro, I'm on the superior show RAW :smug:
  5. After everything settles in I will make a belt limit per user. This discludes the DX title. I can make a poll for it. so you guys can decide on the limit but since Senhor holds 3 (not including DX) he will not have to give up any belts, no matter the limit that everyone decides on since it will be a new rule.

    Sound good?
  6. I'm ok with it :otunga:
  7. Great idea, @"Senhor Perfect" is bullying us :upset:
  8. :Robbie: I got all of them fair and square! :sad:
  9. True but you need to calm down little bit, you are turning into Super Cena :upset:
  10. Do something about it :tough:
  11. Super Sehnor :happy:
  12. Or Super Perfect? :hmm:
  13. You can call me either/or :ksi:
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