Cum-Filled Cauldron

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    Hmm... Anyone know of one of these existing in the town where they live?
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  2. You been surfing wiki pages lately?
  3. Finally we understand the origins of Lockard.
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  4. No, urban dictionary. Hence, you know, the link and stuff.
  5. You make a thread titled "cum cauldron" and expect me to check out the source? Nah, I just saw your username and replied without reading. That HQ shit I'm always on.
  6. Welcome back to WWEF circa 2013, how we missed you so.
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  7. I figured the words "Urban Dictionary" being in the link that I provided would make it clear where the information came from even if you decided not to click on said link. Hurr.
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  8. You know there is one issue to that problem... the sperm can't stay alive that long outside the body. So ladies are just dipping yourself in semen.