Storyline Cure Reunion?

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  1. *Alias Antonio's theme song begins to reverberate throughout the arena, for the first time in a while actually, since his confrontation with Dat Kid. Smoke begins to arise from the stage floor, and out of the smoke out comes the IWT Champion, resulting in a big pop, closely followed by his partner Christian. Alias comes out with a fine suit, with the IWT Title around his waist, and the tag title on his shoulder. He's got a bottle of champagne on his hand, as he saunters down to the ring happily. The ring is set up like MizTV or some random wrestling talk show, with seats and a sofa spread around the ring. Alias enters the ring and grabs a mic, handing over the champagne bottle to Christian.*

    It feels good to step foot in this ring again, especially knowing that IWTMania 3 is DAYS away, and especially knowing that I will be main-eventing said show! Wow, truly fantastic stuff. I, myself though, have been kinda keeping it low-key since Uprising. Not mentally by any chance, I've been focused on this main event ever since it was announced, but low-key in the public eye. I haven't called out Lee, I haven't dissed him, I haven't even talked about him, hell, I haven't done much apart from accepting Kid's Hall Of Fame induction offer. But that should show you, that when I decide to make my presence felt here in the IWT, I make it good. Good things are good, and tonight feels like a good night to do something good, right!?

    *Alias smiles and looks back at Christian, nodding his head.*

    Right on, good. Great actually! You see how this ring looks sorta classy tonight? Well that's because Christian and I are classy guys and we'll even make a battlefield like this ring look somewhat classy. But anyway, that's besides the point, because tonight, days away from the IWTMania 3 main event, Lee vs. Alias Antonio for the IWT Title, we're having ourselves a Cure reunion! Pop the bottle, Christian.

    Nice, anyway, lets bring out our first guest. My opponent in a couple of night, actually. Lets bring that motherfucker out first, shall we? Come on out Lee.

    *Alias sips from the champagne bottle as he awaits Lee's arrival.*
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  2. *After 20 seconds of waiting and nothing, Alias smirks, and then abruptly throws the champagne bottle outside, smashing it in pieces. Then he picks up the seats from the ring set, and chucks them outside too. He then takes his blazer and tie off angrily and picks up the mic again.*

    Looks like the punk isn't coming out, is he? That's a shame. No one is coming out. The Cure is DEAD. George is DEAD. Aids is DEAD. Jwab is DEAD. David is DEAD. None of those people matter anymore, none of them.

    But Lee, that slimy parasite, he's managed to hold on this long. He's managed to cling onto every single little, insignificant thing he's ever had handed to him in his weak career. This Sunday is where it all ends. I cut Lee's hands off. He will no longer be the man you saw at the Royal Rumble. He will no longer be the man you saw in The Cure. He will be a man of despair and hopelessness. He will be a man of regret, because he is truly at the point of no return now. It's almost like the first time I destroyed him two years wasn't enough, but now he wants more? Well you're biting more than you can chew off, Lee. And once I cut your filthy hands off, I'll take the honor in putting your career to a definitive end, and cut your fucking head off.

    You choosing to face me was a fucking death sentence, and you honestly don't believe that, do you? Which is why it's going to be so, so much sweeter when I eviscerate you come this Sunday. If you thought what I did to Joey Bryant in that Hell In A Cell Match was bad.....I don't know what you construe as bad because that was nothing compared to what will be happening to Lee at IWTMania 3.

    I'll walk into IWTMania as IWT Champion AND as the main event for the second year in a row, I'll kill Lee off, and I'll walk out a goddamn king.

    All good things must come to an end, Lee, unless your name is Alias Antonio. So sing your prayers, my man, because you're going to regret the day you ever wanted to cross paths with me again.

    This Sunday, it's judgement day.

    *Alias drops his mic.*
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  3. *Lee watches this unfold on the TV in his locker room, he smirks and shakes his head, he then sees the camera and interviewer looking at him*


    Renee Young: Apologies for the intrusion, but the IWT Universe must know.. why didn't you come out?!?!?

    *Lee shakes his head and snarls*

    Lee: Cure reunion? Yeah, really getting the vibe of a 'cure reunion' when Alias' civil partner is there, it really ices the cake when it was obvious none of the other Cure members would come out anyway.

    Alias says he can end me... but nothing can end me.

    *Lee hands tremble*

    My parents' broken violent marriage DIDN'T break me. Being disrespected and mocked and jeered by the people of my hometown in my youth DIDN'T break me. Not connecting with the people of my school DIDN'T break me. Heck, the chronic lonliness and depression I once suffered DID NOT BREAK ME!!

    *Lee's lips tremble*

    Alias, you can throw me around and punch, kick and even bite me, but you will *never* be as powerful as the clenched fist that is clinical depression!

    I've overcome so much heartbreak, disaster and pain and my God you will not be the one ring of fire I can't overcome. After IWT Mania III...YOU will be the one with depression Alias, YOU!

    *Lee kicks his TV to the floor, slaps Renee's ass and gropes her boob and smashes the camera lens*

    Lee: Alias... You don't even know the fire you're about to unleash.
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