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  1. *The theme hits the arena's PA system, garnering a big pop for the former IWT champion. Alias walks out without hesitation almost immediately, directing his attention towards the ring. He doesn't seem disappointed, just emotionless while entering the ring.*

    Alright lets cut to the chase. I lost my IWT title fair and square last Sunday at Uprising to Aids Johnson. No bullshitting. No excuses. No beating around the bush. I lost to a man that many thought was past his prime, including myself. I lost to a man who I thought needed to be exterminated from this company by ME. I lost to a man I NEEDED to beat for the paradigm to shift. But my revolution came to a freezing halt when Aids Johnson drove my head down on my own title with the Aidsbuster and covered me for the 3 count. It was a frenetic, hot match but not the outcome I needed, wanted, or expected. My mission was outright annulled and came back to bite me in the ass because I lost to the poster boy of the Old IWT, basically rendering The New IWT I was yearning for utterly useless and futile. So there you have it, Aids on top of the throne once again. 5 time champ. And I'm stood here once again known as an undisputable choker on the big stage. I've main evented two IWTMania's. Lost on both occasions. I've won the IWT Title 4 times. I've lost it twice in my first defense, and got stripped off of it twice. My list of accomplishments can look as impressive as it wants but when there's no substance to what's being bragged about I'd rather not be a champion at all.

    So no, I will NOT be quitting like so many of you have clamoured for, so I suggest you guys come up with fresh material when facing me now instead of just calling me a quitter who grabbed his ball and ran away from the IWT with it like a baby because it's just not going to cut it anymore. I am here to stay because one day, one day my revolution will reach it's climax. I will cash in my rematch clause when I've regathered properly in a way that I'll be literally untouchable. For now however, I will allow the winner of the tournament I SET UP, Ovaldinho, to have his full shot at the glory. Versus Michael or Aids or whoever walks out of that clusterfuck with that title. Maybe I'm not so selfish after all, huh Aids?

    But in the meantime, people are asking me what's next for me? What do I do on one of the biggest shows of the year? IWT Summerslam. Summerslam is a bittersweet event for me. I'm pretty sure myself and Jwab won the tag titles for the first time three years ago at that event. But then a year later I got the IWT Title taken away from my grasp when fat fuck Jonathan stripped me off of my victory and gave it back to Joey Bryant.

    So this time around, I want to fight the man who stripped me off of my sanity because the man I want to fight is a man who left with his tail tucked between his legs when he didn't get what he wanted, he is a man who overshadowed what The Cure really stood for. He left my revolution stranded because all he wanted out of this was his 15 minutes of fame, but the fact of the matter is that he was never good enough to make a career out of this anyway so what did he do? He QUIT when he lost. He may have been the luminary of The Cure, but I've been the never perishing staple that has perdured to this very day, never once forgetting why I came into this company. I've been hearing rumors about this man recently with some substantial claims behind them that he should be coming back soon. This requires no hype. This is straight up The Cure vs. a facade of The Cure. And that man is.........

    .........Mystical George.

    *crowd explodes*

    I'll see you at Summerslam, Georgie Boy.

    *Alias winks at the camera*
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  2. What is this trend of one word titles?