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    Just as the IWT Championship match ends, newest IWT employee Ingrid Vines grabs a cameraman and makes her way backstage to interview several IWT superstars about the show. The camera goes live as Ingrid clicks her high heels down the halls of the arena. She lets out a warm and friendly smile before speaking to the camera.

    Ingrid Vines here! The main event of Summerslam has finally come to a close after what felt like an intense marathon of action. We are hoping to look away from the ring for just a moment tonight as we find out what fellow superstars thought of tonights outstanding performance.

    Ms. Vines stammers as her eyes catch glimpse with something off screen before she finally gets the words in her mouth.

    Excuse me, would you like to tell us what you thought of the show?

    The camera pans over and reveals who she is talking to.


    Spawn looks intently in this woman. He is flooded with a plethora of emotion after watching the event backstage. His frustration quickly pardons him as he takes a stout breath from his nose with a sharp inhale. He stands there contemplating the interview and with a sudden exhale he nods his head gently as he mutters sure, under his breath.

    Ingrid lets out a large dorky smile as she turns to her camera man who begins rolling. Miss Vines begins to introduce herself with great excitement and swagger as she starts the interview.

    [Miss Vines] Folks I am Ingrid Vines, joining me backstage, Spawn. Spawn tonight was a tremendous night not just for IWT, but it was a big occasion for you too. How does it feel being back in the thick of things here in IWT?

    Spawn crosses his arms and leans against the narrow hallway wall as he follows along with her question with a serious and heavy look on his face.

    [Spawn] It feels awesome. I mean look at the show tonight. I get the chance to wrestle each and everyone one of them, so you know, I am excited to be back.

    Ingrid nods intently as she keeps great eye contact with the large superstar before she comes at him with another question.

    [Miss Vines] Ok, so you saw all the matches that went down tonight. You saw the best in IWT perform. You gotta tell us, after tonight who are you interested in having a match with?

    Spawn lets out a nervous chuckle as he shakes his head gently.

    [Spawn] Listen. I wanna wrestle everyone in IWT. There was definitely some real diamonds in the rough that I saw tonight however. I don't wanna give anyone the cred yet, but I definitely got my eye on a few people.

    [Miss Vines] Awesome. Which match did you enjoy the most tonight?

    Spawn rubs his chin a bit as tilts his head with a sigh

    [Spawn] Certainly not the main event. It was an awesome match and all but I can't lie, I was rooting on the champ to retain. It was a bit of a gobsmack to see Ovaldinho take that belt from Aids, yeah... Still processing it really...

    [Miss Vines] Now that Louis Ovaldinho is out IWT champion, do you think we will see a change in the future of IWT?

    [Spawn] I'm sure a lot of things are going to be shifted around now, but Louis has only just got hold of that title. I think there is blood in the water now. The sharks are going to circling that title waiting to take Ovaldinnho down when he is at his weakest.

    I just think it's pretty early to praise the guy.

    Ingrid lets out a sly grin as she has a bit of fun with Spawn.

    [Miss Vines] Not a fan of Louis Ovaldinho I see?

    Spawn looks at her and chuckles softly.

    [Spawn] I love watching the best. But I didn't just watch Aids Johnson. I fought him. I aint ever stepped in the ring with Ovaldinho yet, so he hasn't earned any respect from me.

    Spawn walks off and Ingrid closes the interview as she scurries down the other side of the hallway in her high heels, looking for her next superstar.
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