D-Generation X??

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  1. *The crowd pops like crazy as the theme of the new IWT DX play. They wait patiently for their favorites to come running out from backstage.*

    Announcer 2: It's them again. Those damn guys don't even work here.

    *Two men appears from behind the curtains and the fans go wild.*

    Announcer 1: Who is it? I can't tell.

    Announcer 2: Neither can I.

    *The men walk down in full blown DX attire. They have a DX shirt, pants, hat, jacket, armbands, and anything else you can name on themselves. They walk around the stage and gives the fans a DX chop. The crowd loves every second of it, but still can't tell who the men are.*

    Announcer 2: Can security please stop this crap?!

    *The men grab a mic and enter the ring. They stand in the middle of the ring, and keep their heads down to hide their identity. One of the men puts the mic to his mouth.*

    Man 1: Ladies and gentleman, I got one question for you. Are you ready?

    *The fans pop.*

    Man: I said, are you ready?!

    *The fans cheer louder.*

    Man: Well then


    *The fans boo as the men reveal themselves to be B.Dazzle and Gav The Chav, the Dazzling Chavs.*

    Announcer 2: This just became great.

    B.Dazzle:That's right. It's me, it's me. That dazzling sum bitch with the big D. The man next to me is the hardest mother fucker around, and he isn't talking just talking about what's going on in his pants. So now that we got this clear about who we are, B.Dazzle can finally say, for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home, let's get ready to suck i........ wait a minute. who does B.Dazzle actually think he is fooling? You people were ready to suck since before the show stared.

    *The fans boo.*

    B.Dazzle: Whats wrong? I though you people liked to suck. Come on guys, let's suck it.

    *B.Dazzle looks at two girls in the crowd.*

    B.Dazzle: Come on, I saw you two doing a lot of sucking in the parking lot.

    *The fans boo, B.Dazzle runs around the ring doing the DX chop. He falls down on the ring and starts doing the DX chop on the ground.*

    B.Dazzle: Don't you all love that? You love DX. You love that a new DX is back in IWT, don't you? You love the suck its, ass flashes, and all that other stuff. B.Dazzle doesn't understand how you could not love it, just look at this gear.

    *B.Dazzle takes his DX hat off.*

    B.Dazzle: Look at this hat. You know how much this cost B.Dazzle? It actually cost him one damn dollar, because it's a piece of monkey crap. Look at it. You want good merchandise? You buy one B.Dazzle's new shirts, not this garbage.

    *The fans are livid as B.Dazzle throws his hat on the ground and Gav stomps on it.*

    B.Dazzle: Look at these arm bands. How could you now want to go out in public looking wearing this? B.Dazzle knows he wouldn't, but that's because B.Dazzle isn't some dick sucking obsessed, degenerate candy ass jabroni like those who do wear it.

    *The fans are about to boo the roof off of the place.*

    B.Dazzle: Gav, what do you think about this gear?

    @Gav the Chav
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  2. *gav looks up and down at his gear then turns and points his arse at b.dazzle*

    (gav the chav) do these new trackies make my arse look fat?

    *b.dazzle shakes his head*

    Good right you little pricks listen up gav the chav is talking now you see you may ask why? Why the fuck have we joined dx? well let me tell because we fucking can thats why were the dazzling chavs where gunna fuck shit up

    *crowd cheers*

    What makes us better than the cure you may ask? Well let me tell you we're more better more stronger more dazzling more blacker... and most importantly more sexier than those bunch of fuckwits known as the cure and at survivour series we're gunna take those tag team belts off ben dover @TheOvalhead and alias @eddy335 and if you aint down with that you can shove it up your arse coz you're a stupid little ****
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  3. *Tyrone Martin watches from his couch*
    Tyrone: Hmm...that Gav guy is pretty cute.
    *Starts sub tweeting about him*
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