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  1. *Tyson Storm begins to make his way to the ring as the sold out arena begins to boo Tyson on sight. Tyson Storm stops on the stage clearly upset with something, he begins to make his way down to ringside ignoring the boos of the audience. Tyson stops at the ring and begins to stare at the spot where Ivy pinned him, but he quickly snaps out of it and makes his way into the ring. Tyson doesn't do his standard actions such as standing on the ropes and taunting the fans, but he just stands in the middle of the ring waiting. One of the announcers hands Tyson a microphone which Tyson slowly takes. This is a very different Tyson Storm from we've seen in the past. Tyson Storm raises the microphone to speak after a brief wait*

    Tyson Storm: Last night didn't go too great. Ivy Hale, You surprised me with your crazy style. However, I'm still walking and I'm still talking, so I'm going to guess your plan didn't go completely to plan. I may have been up in the clouds due to my recent rise in IWT, But that doesn't mean I'm not ready. I immediately became a upper midcarder and main event star in my first match. Do I regret accepting the match with Ivy? No, I'm always going to be an arrogant prick that accepts matches from whoever, even if I never studied that person. Ivy was smart in that match. She probably watched my matches while I sat in Spain staring at some Spanish beauty on the other side of the pool. I underestimated Ivy, but I will never make that mistake again. She was a better talker and she was a better fighter on the day. I'm not going to say congrats, nor will I ever respect her as a person. I continue to have hatred for her, and that ain't going away anytime soon. We will meet again and I will be ready, but if I somehow continue to underestimate you, I give you permission to end me. What am I if I can't win? I love this business and I couldn't handle being a failure. However, Scott Fargo, I still remember our match. I don't care what people say, but I did beat you fair and square in the middle of that ring. I'm not going to demand, I'm not going to plead, I'm just going to challenge you. We both know you don't want people whispering "Can he beat Tyson?" "Was it really luck" No, I want these people to know it wasn't luck. I want everyone to know it wasn't luck, I want them all to know I was just better. I challenge you for that Universal Championship at IWT Anarchy. I will show everyone why I'm still the hottest new star in this company, and they will see you and the Bullad Club fall on the same night.

    *Tyson Storm begins to pace around the ring with a determined look on his face, he stops in the middle of the ring and begins to speak once again*

    Tyson Storm: I'm not going to act like I care about the Bullad Club, I couldn't give a damn about them. I only care about that Universal Championship and those Tag titles. I know I can beat Fargo, And I know me and Slate can rise and take those tag titles. We're the next big stars in IWT and everyone knows that. We didn't join forces for no reason, we joined forces to become mega stars. We don't want to be legends, no, we want to be Icons. IWT is going into a grand new era, and Slate and I will be leading IWT into this era. Look around, we have all these new IWT stars who are making the biggest impacts possible. These new stars will rise while the old stars come crumbling down to the cold hard ground. Slate, you're one of the greatest superstars in the history of this sport. You have the money, the women, the fame, and you have the greatest playboy lifestyle known to man. We will tear that tag team division apart and they won't be able to do anything about it. Every good tag team needs a name and we're no different. Plenty of names, but we need that one name that stands out. How could we ever merge Dublin and Slate's lifestyle? After hours of hard work and a lot of alcohol, Slate shouted out "Dublin The Funk" and that's how D.T.F was created. Is it a good name? Probably not, but we don't care and that's the beauty of it. This is the name our Volka and Whiskey chose so why deny it? We all know we make the best decisions of our life while drunk, and this just falls right in that spot. D.T.F.....Greatness in one name. Guys, this will be the name you all see after IWT Anarchy. Me and Slate will breeze to the finals and take our rightful spot as Tag Team Champions.

    *Tyson Storm raises his hand in celebration as the audience boo back at him. Tyson Storm gives the audience his middle finger, and takes a seat in the middle of the ring*

    Tyson Storm: I do however feel like IWT doesn't fully respect me. I feel some hatred when I walk around backstage, but why would other superstars hate me? Maybe it's because I beat one of the best IWT superstars of all time in my first match? We all know Fargo is a guaranteed Hall Of Famer, so why wouldn't they have some hate towards me? They probably believe that this new face decided to take their spot, but why do people live like that? Why not take action into your own hands? Ivy took action into her hands and she beat me. If I want something, I would go out and take that damn spot. I could have said no when the GM gave me Scott Fargo, but that would have been the weakest reply possible. Why do you think I keep getting these big matches? It's because I will come down to this ring and have a match with anyone. I would've have said yes if it was Dat Kid, Aids, Jack Forté, or even my own tag team partner Slate Bass. I don't run away from any fight and this is what separates the men from the boys. This is why I will be the next challenger for the Universal Championship, and this is why I will be remembered. I'm not that coward that runs away from a fight, I will turn up to any fight, win or lose. That doesn't mean I give damn about the people watching because I don't, I really don't need your respect, nor do I need your appreciation. We need some happy funk in this ring so let's welcome my Tag Team partner......Slate Bass.

    *Tyson Storm rises from his seated position and makes his way to one of the corners of the ring. Tyson Storm begins to wait for his Tag Team partner, Slate Bass.*
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  2. The Head Pimp in Charge, Slate Bass, makes his appearance on the stage in his usual funky fashion, with a spin.
    He walks down the ramp to a chorus of boos, ignoring all of them, while doing a little shimmy to his music.
    Once in the ring, Slate does a hop-step, extends his hand out towards Tyson Storm and they shake hands.
    Slate motions towards ringside and is handed a microphone.

    Slate: Cretins and underlings, please silence, for the Head Pimp in Charge is now gracing you with his presence. Now, I did like I said I was going to do, didn't I? I jive talked, I pimp walked, and I booty whipped in funky fashion, baby! Slate Bass showed why he's the next face to be featured all over this place. I absolutely defeated that walking sheet of solid white printing paper known as Brad Blitz, and I know that I will absolutely do it again, and again, and again if need be. My big friend over here Tyson Storm may have had one off night, but one night does not a career make, jack.

    Slate removes his fedora and places it on the ring post.

    Slate: This is why my partner and I are ready to make things a whole lot more funky around here. You see, the IWT better be D.T.F, because we're about to be Dublin' The Funk up in this place. This new generation, specifically us, is taking over, daddy-o. It is already a far-gone conclusion that there will be a new Universal Champion in Mr. Storm over there, and it is with the utmost certainty that the Tag-Team Championships will be going around the exotic and gyratin' waists of D.T.F. However, there is one thing that's been on Slate Bass' mind lately......What in the funkin' hell is a "Bullad Club"?

    Slate scratches his head, looks over at Tyson who mouths out "The hell if I know".
    Slate looks back at the camera and smirks.

    Slate: Well listen up you bull-lads. We aren't going to be taking any of your bull-crap, oh no, we're just going to dance all around you like we're called the Ballet Club because you're all En Arrière while D.T.F is En Avant, baby! If you don't understand me, look it up imbeciles.

    The crowd boos Slate, but all he does is chuckle in response.

    Slate: Love me, hate me, you can all fellate me. Like Tyson said earlier, if anybody has a problem with my mouth, then I invite you to shut it for me. But try as they might, that is the one thing no one has ever done right. As it stands right now, everyone is either D.T.F or we'll make sure you're D.O.A, baby. If you don't believe us, just watch.

    Slate grabs his fedora and gently places it on his head.
    He stares directly into the camera, with a cocky smirk on his face.

    Slate: Smooches.

    Slate places the microphone down, walks over to the ropes, holds it open and motions for Tyson Storm to head on through.
    Slate follows behind him and they both proceed to head backstage.
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