D Wade's son is a ballin ass 5th grader

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. He would whoop my ass 1 on 1
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  2. Borderline creepy. Kid is dope, and his dad is a god here.
  3. People showcasing a 5th grader. The kid should grow up and be looked at then, i dont know?

    I think it's fucked up to showcase kids, who do you pay?

  4. He's not really being showcased at all. It was a basketball camp and someone happened to record it. His games aren't on ESPN like when LeBron was in high school
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  5. I can see a great future for him in the NBA roster
  6. Good point. I just dont get too high on all that, my favorite was noel devine.

    Dude was barry sanders in hs, decent in college, doubt he'll be a great pro (too small)

    But those vids from when we were in hs and he was in middle school lol.
  7. my bad thats him at WVU. here is hs.
  8. I would still woop his ass, but he looks good.
  9. I saw your troll posts on HF, they were epic. Here? You're garbage.
  10. Learn what trolling is you bigot.
  11. >Zaire=Ultimate Warrior
    It's gonna happen again :gusta:
  12. Also he's wade's son. I remember MJ's son getting pub just because, and if I recall he was mediocore at best.

    Enough with that negative shit, that kid has one sick ass crossover. My ankels hurt from watching that. I ended up watching a lot of that guys videos. Did you catch DeAndre Ayton? 6'10 8th grader? My lord that's potential
  13. I have been searching the internet for some of that old AND 1 stuff. The street ball stuff was cool to watch. I could probably find it if I looked hard enough but do you guys know of a site I can watch a ton of and 1 stuff.

    Obvious answer: YouTube, but i'm talking maybe a specific page I can queue up.