Da Open Challenge...by Black Jesus

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  1. *Black Jesus floats down from the rafters while smoking a blunt*​
    Black Jesus: It has been 11 dayz since I debuted here up in IWT. Now, I be here ta issue a open challenge ta mah playas here up in IWT. Black Jizzy is tha dopest moda fucka up in da room. If mah playas has tha balls (so no Cray J) come up here n' accept mah challenge fo' realz. Every Muthafucka biaaatch! I'ma drop pipebombs...like legit pipebombs. Da kind I drop on da biiiatches whoz ass screw me over on dem sticky-icky-icky deals muthafucka! I be tha verbal Obizzay. Droppin bombs on dem biiiatches whoz ass rappin' shit...this went off topic. Biatches n' hoes​
    *Black Jesus floats back up to the sky*​

  2. *fred walks out
    im coming for you nigga
    *chucks bible at jesus
  3. Black Jesus: [​IMG]
  4. ooc: Jonathan will this ever happen