DA WAYZ of Mike Boston (FKA King Charles)

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  1. JR: What the-
    *Crowd is waiting for someone to come out*
    King: Jr who's music is this?
    *The man formerly known as King Charles St. James III comes out, wearing this wacky white coat, white jeans, sunglasses, and is skipping*
    King: What the, what happen to his King gimmick?
    *He points at the crowd, gives out high fives, gets in the ring, whispers into the ring announcer's ear*
    Announcer: Uh... ladies and gentlemen please welcome, Mike Boston!
    JR: WHAT.
    *Music cuts off, crowd is cheering*
    Mike: ... ... ... ... Allo Dears! Ladies and Gentlemen, if you don't know me, my name is MIKE BOSTON! *Dances a little* Woo!
    King: Hehe! This is funny.
    Mike: Now... who else remembers when I was wearing a crown a few weeks back? *Boos* Yeah, me neither. Now I am here becuase- wait why am I here? *Thinks* Sorry lads, my mind is speaking to me in a foreign language hang on. *Sets mic down, lays upside down against the ring corner*
    JR: King, what the hell is he doing?
    *Grabs mic*
    Mike: Yeah... uh huh... yeah... there was that thing were the boogeyman spoke to me, the 4-way a few nights back... uh... yeah... I think something hit me on the head to tell me to come here, maybe it was the Panda in my dream last night, he said, "Charlie, yeah you Charlie! Lets face it, your no King, follow me and i'll teach you DA WAYZ"
    King: Huh?
    Mike: Yeah! it's coming back! *stands back up* I got it! This Panda bear taught me DA WAYZ, he taught me how to dance! *Does a little dance* He taught me the eat bamboo! *Takes out a stick of bamboo, eats part of it*
    JR: Awwww
    Mike: Then we sat down on top of this temple and he said, Char- no Mikey, you must go, you must head back to that place, solve the mystery to why dolphins can't fly, to solve the mystery why mail is not delivered on Sundays, to solve the mystery why we listen to talking Panda bears in our dreams, and put 20 pounds on your waist, then come back, and I will reward you with the KEY TO THE GATE.
    King: He's kidding right?
    Mike: I will not dissapoint my Panda Master! I will solve the mysteries, I will put 20 pounds on my waste, whatever that means, and I will get my key!
    Mike: Now how did it work around here, my master never said how this works... I better contact him. *Starts meditating*
    King: He's not kidding... this is fun to watch!

    OOC: Yeah, new gimmick, anyone wanna come out and take on Boston? No veterans please...
  2. BA HAHAHAHAHA Bro, I-I-I can't... Oh my god...
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  3. Note to self, give King Ch- Mike Boston a wellness test
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  4. Gav the Chav vs Mike Boston. Book it, Kid.
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  5. *Forrest comes out in Disgust and stands on the stage with his walking stick*
    What Kind of man have you turned into? You've changed from a....Pretender to whatever Throne inside of whichever country you come from to....What the hell are you even doing? I Mean...EVEN GAV THE CHAV HAS BETTER DANCE MOVES THEN YOU. Now, You're the only person do have gotten me to speak about Gavin in a postive way and it dissapoints me to see you turn into this. Listen to me, Charles....Snap out of whatever Mental State you're in....or I'll Make you snap out of it.
  6. *Mike opens his eyes, stands up*
    Mike: HOW DARE YOU TALK TO MY MASTER IN THAT KIND OF WAY!!!! The 8th rule my master taught me while running up the temple steps, if anybody speaks of The Master Panda's name in vein! They will pay the ultimate sacrifice by TEN THOUSAND FISTS, sooo *Does a moon walk, spins around, points* I challenge you to a game of who can eat the most cyanide pills! ... ... ... ... ... no no wait, thats the 34th ritual of kaatacrist...
    King: Kaatacrist?
    Mike: Oh right! I challenge you to A MATCH! Yes! It was the 20th ritual of havenraw! Thats how you deal with people like you! I apologize, The Panda taught me many rituals while I was doing push ups and singing the ABCs...