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  1. What is going on with the stickies in this section?
    Where is the roster list, the backstage area, and whatever else was pinned?

  2. You know what... Crayo let Jonathan run this section. Let him be the mod. I am barley on anymore and come in this section maybe once a week. I don't even know whats going on.
  3. Ah, I thought it would be easier if for every PPV we have only the match threads stickied, as opposed to the match threads+rules+active roster etc. I thought it would bring more attention to the match.
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  4. Good thinking. I didn't change anything because I figured you did it for some reason.
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  5. Jonathan has been making every match a bra and panties match. My crotch has never chaffed so much.
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  6. We want Brit to fight in one of Jonathan's matches!
  7. Jonathan, I said numerous times not to unstick those. Why do you keep PMing staff to do it?
  8. Jonathan*
  9. I said that.
  10. I PM'd Seabs/Alkaline before I asked Ryan to do them the other day. Then you re-stuck them, but then when they came on they obviously saw the PM and did it. After you said the other day, I haven't.
  11. Ah, I see.

    BTW guys: I am totally fine with Jonathan running IWT. He is one of the oldest IWT posters and knows it from top to bottom. He doesn't need any "power" though. No moderation powers or positions are needed. We have staff. Nothing needs to change from what is happening now. Britanica hasn't been here for ages doing any moderating or running the section, and no offence, but the section hasn't missed her. IWT runs itself perfectly.
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  12. :willis: nice trick #Crayluminati
  13. I missed her :downer:
    But i agree with crayo for the most part, the only disadvantage is having to go through someone to do basic functions. But seabs and alkaline are active members of the iwt so its only a minor thing
  14. AWW :pipebomb:
  15. not your section. Also seabs hasnt been online/posted here in days. I think we need an active moderator, and 4 of us agree Dat Kid should be that person.

    Sorry but if Brit isnt going to be on more than once a week i cant agree to no mod.
  16. completely my section. Every section is.
  17. hold on let me go post you 3 times stating "i dont spend time here and have no interest in being a part of this section"

    Im not saying you dont own the site, but Brita is here 3-4 times a month. Time to get a new mod.
  18. Or time to use one of the 8 available users who have the permissions to do what you ask. Seems a much better solution to adding a 9th moderator.
  19. Go to IWT, thread Dat kid. The idea is to replace Brita with Dat kid.
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