Damien Sandow what is going on?

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  1. Damien Sandow what is going on? seriously has this guy pissed off Vince to get treated in this way? hes been jobbed out so many times I feel bad for the guy. He lost his cash in to Cena and thats when everything went down the toilet for him. I dont understand he is a great talent and WWE are just treating him like shit. Damien should of been champion by now
  2. one dimensional character and below average ring worker.
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  3. Taking away his gimmick was bizarre. I'd have liked to see a short feud with Cena but Sandow is no more than a mid-carder.
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  4. Really don't get the love for him. His matches are yawnfests. Gimmick is not really for the main event.
  5. Why in the world should he be champion? He was in WWE with a failed tag team/singles run as Idol Stevens, and he's currently failing his run as Damien Sandow. There's a reason for that, the guy can't do much inside the ring, and his gimmick isn't really THAT entertaining. He's probably going to hit the chopping block soon.
  6. Hes a good ring worker, and when he debuted he had a good gimmick. WWE have stripped him of everything the robe, the mic time, the moves he used to do
  7. You do realize he debuted in 2005 originally, then they tried to bring him back up after releasing him in 2006. Clearly it hasn't worked.
  8. Idk from what i've heard he's a pretty hard worker behind the scenes and i mean his character is written to job for the last like 5 months now so there's not much ring work been shown lately which is easy to forget about.
    Just bury him already so he can sign with another company and do something or he can stop wrestling and I can mark for someone else full time. They clearly have other plans at the moment, it's a waste of his contract.
  9. I'm all aboard the "Sandow should be a jobber" train. The guy doesn't have a ME gimmick, but he's great at putting at arrive, get cheap heat, put on solid matches, job, kids cheer, leave.

    The problem is that the 'get cheap heat' portion is essential, and they took that away. He was so unique, and now... what is he? He doesn't have his robe anymore, he doesn't do cartwheels, he doesn't have that Sandow smile or his hilarious catchphrases... hell he never has the mic! That's just criminal. The dude was one of the most entertaining parts of Raw.

    Randy has voices inside his head...
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  10. Indeed, Sandow jobbing is asinine for me. Even if he wasn't the best ring worker, his gimmick was great and he played it perfectly. Could be IC/US champ/midcard staple easily, but taking away every single bit of "uniqueness" from the guy is simply stupid, as is not letting him cut promos.
  11. IC Champ is all I ask for.. just one before Sandow or I die...
  12. Yeah I wouldn't mind seeing him hold the US or IC Championship.
  13. I know the whole 'intellectually snobby' shtick screams cheap heat/midcard jobber as much as anything does, but Sandow made the character entertaining and there's still ways to incorporate that sort of persona into feuds that would be entertaining. Shame though they've stripped him of having any kind of character by taking away his robe and catchphrases and now simply have him sporting a cut-off t-shirt, looking as generic as ever. At this rate, I guess winning the MITB briefcase and failing a cash-in on John Cena will turn out to be the high point of his career.

  14. :sandow:
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  15. :sandow: Seeing him hold the IC championship would be nice, but he's just doing so bad lately in my opinion.
  16. Give the man mic time every week, let him gain momentum, then win the IC title, then have a run of 5 months.
    Sandow was gold on the mic, he made me laugh my ass off every damn time, poor guy, he deserves more. And he isn't that bad in the ring, atleast better than Cena
  17. 1-43 in wins and losses this year. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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  18. lol something will happen idk what, but something.
  19. I didnt know this information. But really he had a good gimmick going with wearing the robe, speaking on the mic before his matches. WWE have fucked him over
  20. He needs another partner as he is perfect in a tag team situation imo. Maybe Swags after his feud with Cesaro as he's another better in a team than alone.
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