DAMN!cast episode 2: EFed News

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Harley Quinn, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Nice one.
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  2. I enjoy these much more than I should
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  3. MIght steal yo idea Fooq.
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  4. What do you think of Jwab in IWT? #DAMN!cast Episode 3! WOOP WOOP.
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    Wooo for being mentioned in the DAMNcast!

    And i agree IWT EC is going to be really epic! And I'm loving all the hype around it!

    Alright, I have a question for the next one.

    What IWT Pay Per View In Your eyes was one of the best ones of this year?

    (Trying to figure out more constructive questions xD) -Edits all day-
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  6. Thanks for the shout brother.
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