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  1. :smug:Okay,so here's what happened and why It took me so long to get back. I got all the stuff done that needed to be done-that I could do with 1 arm-lol. My brother whom had come down to bail me out of a bad situation-took him about 4 hours to get to where I was to bail me out-a man I was dating-that didn't turn out to be a very nice guy who I was staying with on the weekends-and after a really bad night that wasn't very good and knowing it was just time for me to get out,knowing it wasn't going to change-I called my brother to come and get me,he was the only one I trusted.
    So he remained in town for awhile to make sure I would be okay and that I was safe and it had been quite some time since we had really spent any time together and needed to have a few heart to heart-big brother to little sister talks so I was spending the last day with him before he returned home-he left just a few minutes ago in fact.
    But, I was wanting to treat myself to something after all the crap I'd just gone through-so I was going to go out and buy Punk's new DVD-I went to 4 different places-none of them had it-meanwhile, I thought to myself"well okay I'll just treat myself to a wrestling video anyway to add to my collection-no big deal" YES IT WAS-AND I'LL EXPLAIN WHY-lol.
    You know how you have a conscience that tells you what to do and what not to do? well-guess whom was my conscience?lol, I was in a treasure trove of all kinds of wrestling dvds and such that I was literally drooling over to have and had my pick of any one of them I wanted-and as I'm looking and thinking-some old familiar quotes enter my head-and he knows right whom those quotes belong to-lol.
    PUNK I COULD STRANGLE YOU!LOL(kidding figure of speech-lol), everytime I would look at one of those dvds and read the back and think-I would hear"DO NOT DISRESPECT ME!I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD!" SOUND FAMILIAR?LOL. I know I'm suppose to be loyal and all that-and I am doing that-I'm going to get my hands on that dvd if it's the last thing I ever do!in fact, I have left my name and phone number with these places to call me and let me know the minute it comes in-I don't want to buy it off e-bay cause it takes too long before you even receive the dang thing!But I got this feeling of that if I were to buy another dvd that wasn't his-it was the same as being disloyal and all I could say to my brother was"oh I can't do this-he'll have my head on a silver platter when he finds out-and I'm a very bad liar" my brother thought it was hilarious,but he understood, come to find out all 3 of my brothers use to watch wrestling when they were teenagers and young men in the 70's-which I never knew and when I asked my bro why he never told me that before he said because I never asked-lol,but it doesn't surprise him that I like wrestling too-it did at first for a brief second-but then after he thought about it-he confessed to me he and my 2 other brothers' well kept secret-lol.
    But because of a certain someone whom I wil not name-I didn't spend any money today on myself!lol, I walked out empty handed-lol, and when I've gone through a rough time-spending money usually makes me feel better-even the smallest amount-you wouldn't let me have no fun dang it! But I did at least go because I had every intention of getting my hands on that dvd and wanted to tear the store apart when I found out they didn't have it because I was so bummed-lol. I hope to have it by no later than Tuesday when the store people said they get their new dvd and video shipments in and if I don't hear from them by daytime-I will be calling to check.
    Next time when it comes to something like that-I'm telling you to "shut up and let me have some fun-lol".
  2. I admire your commitment and if I didn't have netflix I would be in the same situation. That Punk dvd is hopefully going to be the best WWE dvd in a long time, since Punk is molding it in to how he wants it. I'll be right with you when it comes out
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