Royal Rumble Daniel Bryan has been cleared again... Will he be at the Rumble?

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  1. "WWE superstar Daniel Bryan has reportedly been cleared by another doctor days before the Royal Rumble

    The Royal Rumble is one of the most hectic times of the year for WWE in terms of the rumors and speculation revolving around the 30-man over-the-top-rope battle royal match itself. There are always surprise returns and everyone is always trying to figure out just who those surprises will be. Many fans are hoping that Daniel Bryan will be one of those surprises in the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble match and things seem to be shaping up to where that might just happen.

    According to the Wrestling Observer, Bryan went to UCLA this week and underwent a series of test with a doctor at the university. The doctor then reportedly cleared him to return to the ring for all activities, which would seemingly indicate that he’s fit to enter the Rumble."
  2. I don't think he will. If he does return I think his first match will be at Wrestlemania. Or at least thats what I believe would be the smartest way to market his return and Wrestlemania special.
  3. No thanks. :cenanope:
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  4. Yeah I think he will, Vince probably not counting on Royal Rebellion due to this event being in Florida, but Bryan has to stay in till the very end with Roman and Trips if he does come in
  5. Welcome to the Hipster club, Bryan haters are more than welcome.

    Also, UCLA isn't apart of the WWE. Until WWE can't hold on anymore he won't be cleared.

  6. Why? People would just cry because he didn't win.
  7. I'm cool with him at Mania, not the Rumble.
  8. If he's truly been cleared, then I'm happy for him! But, having him in the Rumble and not having him win for 3 years straight is a bad idea.

    He's prolly better off appearing on the post-Rumble Raw episode, same as AJ Styles.
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  9. Well they should be planning on triple h winning anyway, who is a heel, so if a heel won then it's only fitting the crowd boos very fucking loud if Triple H wins, Bryan can help with that

  10. I'm aware of how the face/heel thing works.
    I'm also aware of how petulant some of Bryan's fans can be.
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  11. Still not cleared by WWE. Until then, he can shop around and find as many doctors to clear him as he wants, but it's not gonna bring him back any faster, especially when WWE's own doctor has gone on public record and said that Bryan should never wrestle again.

    Even if he did get cleared, it wouldn't be smart to book him anywhere near the Rumble match unless he was winning it. Hopefully everyone learned their lesson from that last year.
  12. I don't remember any of us crying last year when he didn't win. Pretty much every fan of his that I've spoken with had accepted that he wasn't going to win and we were pissed off simply with how quick and unceremoniously he was eliminated.
    In fact, if I remember correctly, the Reigns fans were complaining a lot more about how Reigns was booed than the Bryan fans were complaining he didn't win. Ironically if Bryan had lasted longer or had a more significant elimination, that might not have happened as severely.

    That being said, no, he shouldn't be in match itself. Although I don't like how they're obviously overbooking Reigns here, if they're sticking with Reigns, there's no reason to go down that path again. If they didn't go along with this asinine idea of Reigns defending the belt in the Rumble, then I'd say fine. But even though I'm a fan, I'd still be pulling for Lesnar regardless. In my view he is still the most interesting thing WWE has at the moment.
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  13. There's no point to see Bryan in the Royal Rumble match unless he doesn't win it. The fans will be pissed off.