Daniel Bryan mic segment this week.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. 5.40 onwards.

    How people can hate his mic work is beyond me.
  2. Okay he impressed me...

    Lillian: Your winner by forfeit..Daniel Bryan..
    Daniel Bryan: YES YES YES YES YES YES

  3. http:emoji_confused:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0qmZDAKrUk

    You're welcome
  4. Found it boring as fuck tbh
  5. Any excuse to hate, even when you know it was entertaining. Shame on you!
  6. If it was entertaining I would say it was entertaining

    I re-watched it again just for you Crayo. Slow, boring delivery, decent content, and a somewhat funny ending with him making the ring announcer declare him the winner. Don't see what's so amazing about it
  7. Dolph, would you call Bret Hart 'effective' (not good) on the mic?

    There's no lead in here.... I just want to get a gauge on what you think a promo should sound like
  8. Effective is the word I'd use for guys like Bret and Bryan on the mic, but it certainly doesn't blow me away like the guys who have been clamoring over Bryan's mic work for weeks and it doesn't do much in the way of entertaining me either
  9. Yet you're a Ziggler mark? Ziggler and Bryan are very similar in promo delivery, and both of them I'd consider as superstars I'd like to hear talk. Boring delivery? Please elaborate. He wasn't that slow either.
  10. I don't make threads after Ziggler promos praising his mic work
  11. I don't think in my post I said you did. Though if you said I did, I must have.

    My point was Ziggler & Bryan are equally good in the ring (technically Bryan is probably better, and Ziggler probably edges selling) and equally as good as cutting promos. Yet you slate one and mark for the other.

    Don't worry, I understand why it went over your head.
  12. It wasn't over my head at all. I don't slight Bryan, I call it like I see it. He's an amazing ring worker who is over exposed right now and in a boring ass feud that doesn't interest me in the slightest. You call this promo amazing, I see it as average at best.

    You bringing Ziggler into the discussion is completely irrelevant
  13. I see the difference, here:

    Ziggler talks b/c he has to

    Bryan comes out and insists upon himself

    Ziggler is chasing the title,,, so has to get on the stick and say something... he has no choice

    Bryan thinks he's better than he really is..... not knocking him, cause I do like his style... its just the truth

    I have no horse in this race, so, there ya go
  14. The difference is I've never praised Ziggler's mic work and tried to force others into admitting they love it, which is what Crayo is trying to do with Bryan
  15. Good promo, but nothing amazing or ground-breaking. Just good stuff and delivery from DBD.
  16. JeebaK is this you? Where has the previous Dolph gone lmao?

    You really think I care enough to force people's opinions. If I didn't want others to have different opinions why would I create this forum? Jesus. I'm posting examples (which some people wanted) of Bryan's mic work and showing how he's improved. You once said "everything here is an opinion", so why all of a sudden is my opinion trying to force something? Hypocritical, something I didn't expect.

    Ziggler, like Bryan, has improved dramatically on the mic. Last year the last two people I'd want to see cutting promos were Dolph and Bryan. Both have now become watchable, my comparison is both of those superstars (IMO, I need to point this out to you now I guess) are incredibly similar. Both in the top 5 wrestlers in WWE, and both have improved dramatically on the mic.
  17. 'It was entertaining and you know it'
  18. :facepalm:

    Jeebak has definitely stole your account. I'll check the IP logs when I can get into ACP.
  19. You said it slick

    'Any excuse to hate, even when you know it was entertaining. Shame on you! '

    sorry for not loving DB as much as you do despite the parallels you draw in your own mind between himself and Ziggler. I truly apologize if this puts me on the level of Jebacs in your mind :facepalm: forgot no post in this thread is complete without one of those
  20. In fairness, there was a time when Danielson (yes) was boring even in the ring

    He was gifted technically, but couldn't tell a story.

    He's improved all phases and that's what WWE is all about; you have to improve, you have to adapt

    I think Crayo is supportive of workers that impress him; I've seen flaming.... and it ain't on this site, that's for sure