News Daniel Bryan Pulled From European Tour?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. Daniel Bryan has apparently been pulled from the rest of the current WWE European tour. The most recent advertising for the rest of the tour has Bryan removed from the remaining shows.

    We noted earlier this week that Dave Meltzer mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that Bryan has been working hurt. Bryan has been competing mostly in six-man matches, and has only worked two singles matches since winning the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania 31 earlier this month. He hasn't wrestled on RAW the past two weeks.

    Bryan did work last night's SmackDown taping in London, teaming with John Cena. We hope to have more shortly.

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  2. Sucks to hear that. Hope it all ends well for him.
  3. I hope to God he's not seriously injured....hopefully something minor.
  4. Really sucks for him.All these years of carrying useless sacks of shit to great matches are doing a number on him.
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  5. That really sucks. Hopefully it's nothing serious if he's really hurt.
  6. WWE has confirmed this now.

    Right now Vince and Hunter are probably sitting him down and telling him "Enough with the hippy therapy, go get the real surgery and get healthy dammit"
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  7. Has he really been doing just hippy therapy?
  8. He apparently declined surgery for his Tommy Jon (or what it is called) in his arm, which is what is reported to be flaring up again in favor of some new age therapy.
  9. I'm guessing we won't be seeing a match between him and Brock Lesnar anytime soon (not that I really expected to given the recent turn of events with Brock, Rollins, and The Authority, but still.)
  10. Sucks for Daniel Bryan, definitely seemed like he had been competing hurt since he had gotten back.. I was rewatching WM the other day and he wasn't as involved as he should've been, that's pretty much where I picked up on it tbh.
  11. Is that what the problem is? I have had trouble finding any information on it. But if he needs ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction he should just do it. I haven't ever heard of a case where electing to skip Tommy John surgery hasn't eventually led to the athlete just going ahead with the surgery eventually. The silliest thing is that he's not a baseball pitcher so Tommy John recovery would only take about 6 months.

    I used to be more open about the new age stuff until I became a scientist. The people who skip the surgeries generally just waste all the time spent with the new age healing when they inevitably get the surgery.
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  12. Shame hopefully he is aright, hope this does not affect his IC reign
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  13. Well if it's truly an injury that will eventually lead to surgery no matter what you do, like a hernia, for example. Might as well get it over with when its found.
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  14. According to Alvarez, the reasons for pulling Bryan from the rest of the tour have to do with a concussion he suffered at the hands of Sheamus rather than his previous elbow and neck problems:

  15. Good. hopefully this means Sheamus' planned push is decelerated and DZ goes over at ER!
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  16. Ah, good news! I'm so glad it's not the neck/elbow problems.
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  17. Thank god it wasn't an elbow problem, just his brain getting scrambled!
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  18. It can't be anything too serious in Bryan's case, I would think...
    At this point, him being put on the shelf for like a week or two is a much lesser evil than him being put on the shelf for 6-12 months for neck/elbow issues. But hey, dafuq do I know.
    I'd like to think everything's okay and he'll be back pretty soon. #TeamOptimism