Daniel Bryan ready for massive push?

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  1. Source: Wrestling News World

    I'm completely in the dark about how credible the site is, but would you like or dislike this? I'd personally hate it as Sheamus isn't going to lose to Daniel, so having your WWE champion #1 contender lose to Sheamus is retarded. So unless he wins both, it'd be a waste.
  2. From all my sources, there hasn't been talk about him challenging for both titles, so unless this website knows like Vince himself then it's 99% fake.


    From what I've been told, he's no longer feuding for the WHC because ADR is the new guy on SmackDown, and Bryan has been moved to RAW because of how over he is, and as a result challenging for the WWE title.
  3. "From what I've been told", you mean, from what dirt sheets you've been reading? Lmao :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  4. So does that mean the title will be merged?
  5. What. A. Baws.:boss:

    Wrestling News World is as credible as my doberman not crapping every damn hour.:burns:
  6. Not sure how much we can trust in this. Management most likely like Bryan since he creates so much business for them but enough to make him pull double duty for both championships? I doubt it. But if it was true then they made the only reasonable choice since Bryan is the only superstars with the credibility (both real and kayfabe) to pull it off. Dolph had it back in the fall but that has been lost.
  7. I'd love to see it, but I don't really think it'll happen. I think Bryan will be more of a Raw guy from now on.
  8. Needs to kick some fucking heads in instead of skipping and saying yes if you're doing this. He needs to be more serious.

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  9. Agreed, they need to play on his awesome wrestler side, but keep the yes's.
  10. No offense, but how is this news? He lost the WHC a little over 1 month ago and he's challenging for the WWE title

    It's not as if he's been de-pushed. 'Challenging' for both belts? Please, unless he's winning both, HHH/Taker IV would turn more ears
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  11. what i hate about Daniel Bryan is that his beard and his music entrance!!!!!! but he is fantastic and his new gimmick is awesome.


    what i hate about Daniel Bryan is that his beard and his music entrance!!!!!! but he is fantastic and his new gimmick is awesome.
  12. I think that DB is going to lose on OTL from CM Punk it wolud be better that it was Randy orton vs Punk
  13. Daniel Bryan is a man! William Regal's man's man gimmick ain't got nothing on him.
  14. That Miami crowd single-handedly pushed Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan's simply a star now.
  15. The Miami crowd didn't push him his talent did, that's like saying Chicago was solely responsible for Punk's success post MITB.
  16. You have to be talented to even step foot in the WWE with the exception of a few. Everyone there is talented in their own way in the WWE. The crowd gave Daniel Bryan a push, yes, they did. There wouldn't be YES chants or the YES T-Shirts if it wasn't for the Miami crowd. The talent's a different story, if Daniel Bryan didn't make the WWE any money he wouldn't be a big star. You have to make them money to become a big star, for example, John Cena.
  17. There wouldn't have been the hot Raw crowd without the wrestlemania squash, you're really claiming that one crowd are solely responsible? That's an idiotic claim as the Raw crowd wouldn't have been half as active without Bryan being one of the best wrestlers in the world. Bryan got himself over to be in a position to make them money, not solely the crowd at Miami, you're selling his performance short if you're saying the only reason he's getting a push is because of the Miami crowd.
  18. Daniel has always had a portion of cheers anyway, always had a few yes chants ever since people realised its his signature. Smarks will always cheer him, always.

    The squash just made the smarks louder, more insistent. Sheep fans, aka followers, realised this yes trend was happening as there's a ton of smarks in Miami doing it, so they now do it. Now it's a trend. All Daniel's success is due to his talent.
  19. Like Crayo and Drunk said. Bryan got over on his talent. The squash is a factor but Bryans talent and charisma is the main factors. He is the internet generations Bret Hart. Getting over on skills and things that happen in the ring. Bret would still be big but not nearly as big as he is if it wasn't for the Montreal Screwjob. WM28 was Bryans Montreal.