Daniel Bryanson has arrived

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  1. Bryanson: You know, I haven't been here for a long time. But, ALREADY, I am disrespected. IWT has signed the HOTTEST property in the free agent market, and I'm not on SUMMERSLAM?! I'm not even in the stupid Proving Grounds Battle Royal! But, you know, I shouldn't be surprised. Every where I go, I am NEVER used right. I have always underrated, underused, AND I have FAR too nice for FAR too long. I'm taking what I want and what I want is some respect!​

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  2. *gav the chav walks in*

    (gav the chav) its an absolute fucking disgrace init bruv i mean you have one of the best fucking talents the indies have produced in daniel bryanson and the hardest mother fucker in iwt in gav the chav not involved in the pre show yet they have a fucking alien hunter some aussie prick who needs a slap and that other **** called nick who thinks he's the big man who the fuck runs this place? Oh hold one thats right 2 thick ****s from jersey and sunderland who don't have a fucking clue what there doing stupid ****s
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