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    *Announcer 1*
    Tonight! Danielson has a big announcement to make. There have been rumors running rampant about what is going on in his head, as well as what's in store for his future here in I.W.T.

    *Announcer 2 *
    Danielson is trending worldwide! Here are just a few of the things being tweeted at the moment
    twitter1 (open)

    twitter2 (open)

    twitter3 (open)
    twitter4 (open)

    Ring Announcer
    Ladies and Gentleman! Please give a warm welcome to DANIELSON!

    *Huge Pop*
    **Seriously, the biggest pop ever**​
    ***Bitches are now pregnant***​

    *Danielson makes his way through the crowd*
    **Grabs beer from a fat ass slob wearing an Aids shirt**
    ***Pours it on his head***
    ****Crowd laughs as Danielson enters ring and grabs mic****
    Well well well here we are again, this has to be getting old to you guys right? I mean, how many times do I have to leave due to the fact that I never get any matches? Spoiler alert: I was promised to get a title match for the past 4 months, and do you know what came of that? Jack shit. Meanwhile, I sit back and watch Victoria play dear diary every damn week, Aids pretending to be a champ, and Dat Kid being the head of creative. That's the biggest joke of them all, because Dat Kid is the most disorganized pile of dog shit in this company. He promises 4 different people the same thing, and then has them come up with their own material, and takes credit? Is it that hard to tell people when they are fighting? Cmon now people, I've tried to fight back with Anon. You know what happens? I get pushed aside for these rookies who have no idea what they are doing. The best thing that happened to me was not being able to watch the program for the last month. I come back, and did I honestly a expect a change? Nope, not at all. It's still the same old shit, with a few new sprinkles on top. I'm sorry for you rooks, but you're all doomed unless you "MIC BRO"
    Listen, I'm not going to beg or matches anymore. You can either give me some, or you can let a real asset go, the choice is yours. Isn't it a shame though? I've never been granted a match with Aids Johnson, yet we've both been here the same time? It's documented how many times i've sought after him for matches, yet still the same old B.S.
    "Next PPV BRO"
    "Okay, NVM, Uprising bro"

    Blah blah blah, the same old tired ass story. Who wants some?

    @Champ Johnson @Farooq

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  2. OOC - Nice twitter bits, lose an asset to whom though?
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  3. I'm the asset they'd lose if I don't get a match.
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  4. Oh! Gotcha now, I'm new so maybe it is your storyline, but don't you just ask for matches from creative?
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  5. Well, sort of. I've been here since day one and never had a title match besides the European title before we knew what we were doing. Also, a few tag title shots, but nothing solo. Welcome to I.W.T. if you need any help with your character be sure to ask me, because god knows that Dat Kid sucks at it :troll:
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. OOC: I marked seeing this, i must have missed the tag randomly. What is my twitter profile that an Aids medal or some shit? lol

    also taz creative prefers you make the storylines, but sometimes they want you to run it by them first. When is the right time? Who knows, but it certainly keeps the belt securely in my hands :umad:
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  8. Actually, yes I am.
  9. Still waiting for someone to step up to the plate
  10. OOC: Seriously, give me a match

  11. *Sir Lee slowly struts out onto the entrance ramp wearing a navy blue suit with a sky blue tie, navy blue jeans and black shoes to complete the ensemble*

    Sir Lee: Welcome back Danny! How are you doing? I don't think we've met before.... Well.... We were supposed to at IWT Survivor Series, but inconveniences meant you couldn't make the all important match....Bummer...Right??

    Funnily enough, you haven't really stepped foot on IWT property ever since, and the whole purpose of the match was to decide whether you and Dat Kid were allowed to continue to be a part of IWT or not. Yet, although your team won after a lack of motivation from my team as well as the not so hot management skills from GM Jonny....You disappeared shortly after, I started to think your team won that match for you in vain....Until now!

    You're back! Which is greeeatt! You're a talented individual Danielson, the support you have and many people that admire you backstage would backup that statement. And that's why I'm here....

    You see Danielson, my current target is Dazzle's championship, not the shoddy and pathetic little "Dazzled" belt he has but the glorious and prestigious IC championship that he is technically the owner of at the moment. What's a better way of proving my ability and courage than challenging a well versed and intelligent athlete like yourself. Considering you're the one who apparently needs this match, I might as well use this opportunity to the best of my ability!

    While everyone else....Even some of the best competitors the IWT has ever seen....Have hidden from you and this match....Knowing how tough it will be to beat you and how it will most likely end up being a loss on their precious little record....It doesn't bother me......I could have......5 losses.....10 losses.....20 losses.....100000 losses.... It doesn't matter, as long as I get the elitest message out there, and you're hot shit because you just returned, I will be left in a very happy and fulfilled state of mind regardless.

    So you want a match Danny....... WELL NOW YOU'VE GOT ONE!

    *Sir Lee points to himself shouting "Show me you've still got it PAL!"*
  12. Sir Lee: No answer? You're just standing there...Are you shocked someone finally accepted your challenge? Were you perhaps expecting an Aids or a Dat Kid to suddenly appear?

    No matter.... Take your time pondering this unique situation Danny? No need making rash decisions on your first day back now is there?
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  13. Oh he got you bro! Quack Quack, i gotta get ready for my own match :awyeah:
  14. No, i'm waiting for the dip shit gm's to make it offish.
  15. Ah, alright then, Jonno will busy watching his precious Sunderland FC for the next 10+ hours, so we might be waiting a while.
  16. Indeed, but yeah man i'll fight you. Good promo, Just need someone to confirm it and we can start talking details and build up, etc etc.
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  17. Sounds good
  18. Want a match
  19. yeh fuck it.
  20. Do y'all want it now? If so, I can set it up.