Danny Davis sells OVW

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  1. Damn, Davis has been running OVW for a while and the amount of people that have gone through the promotion to the WWE and found success is good for them but I'm wondering who's bought the company from Davis.
  2. INB4 Demott.

    Davis has certainly earned his retirement. Thanks for the years, Danny.
  3. Yeah, Davis has deserved it for all these years of running the place.

    I only have to wonder, who's bought it? Could it just someone looking to run their own promotion or could another promotion have bought them?
  4. For horrified lolz, Demott bought it. But it has to be a company that bought it. I dunno any promotion that has the dough to buy another one without cutting into their own savings severly outside of WWE and ROH in the states right now. So most likely some company that wants to run a smaller promotions bought Davis' share.
  5. Could WWE have bought it just for the Video Library for when they were as WWE's developmental? I dunno, ROH has a chance of doing it.

    inb4 Gabe buys it up for WWN.
  6. Gabe is impossible, Gabe isn't the guy sitting on the money for the WWN. And the WWN has so much of their money locked into their Roku channel right now. It could be the WWE, but I am unsure on if they would keep OVW running, which seems to be the case here.
  7. Well, good for Danny. He's gonna enjoy his retirement, I'm sure. Also wondering who bought it.
  8. Jeff Jarrett bought it.

    No...I'm not serious.

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