Darius LaVonte

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    Character Name:
    Darius LaVonte

    Height/Weight: 6'4, 240lbs

    Residence: Compton, California

    Character Base/Appearance:

    Show Spoiler

    In-Ring Attire: A pair of Jordan's; blue, faded jeans; sometimes wrestles with a white tank top on, if not then no upper-body clothing.

    Entrance Attire: The same as his in-ring attire, but is also known to wear a bandana across his head.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Actions: Darius walks out pretty confidently, as he throws up the west-side hand gesture. He walks down the ramp with a stern look on his face and slowly gets in the ring while staring down whoever he is sharing the ring with.

    Wrestling Style: Mostly a brawler, although he is also known to have powerhouse traits too.

    Finishing Move: Hit 'Em Up - Electric Chair into the Roaring Elbow

    Signature Moves: Ghetto Gospel - Alley Oop Facebuster
    California Love - Sitout Powerbomb

    Dragon Sleeper
    Boston Crab
    Triangle Hold
    Arm Lock

    Left and right jabs
    Chops to the chest
    Gut Kicks

    Diving Crossbody
    Avalanche Butterfly Suplex
    Avalanche German Suplex
    Back Superplex
    Body Splash

    German Suplex
    Butterfly Suplex
    Hip Toss
    Belly To Back Suplex
    Belly To Belly Suplex
    Full Nelson Slam
    STO Backbreaker

    Taunts (Optional):
    Several gang signs and gang taunts
    Trying to offend and throw off his opponents while in the ring.

    Ring Psych (Strategies/Mannerisms in ring):
    Face paced, but hard hitting. Very determined to do his very best and succeed in must win situations, although he can be quite laid back at times​