Voting Dark Match - Adam Hawk vs King Charles

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    Adam Hawk Adam Aries vs King Charles rko2004
    The following contest is a Special Guest Referee Match...
    - Competitors will have 2 promos each with a 24hr limit starting from when the first promo is posted​
    -When the promo period is over or both competitors have submitted max promos, an additional 24 hrs will be opened for voting.​
    - CrayJ Lee will receive 1 vote, Dat Chocolate From Jersey will receive 1 vote, & the public vote will count as 1​
    - The person with the most votes will be the winner​
    - Images, videos, & live stream is NOT allowed​
    - Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.

  2. Use my template you jackass, this shit is unprofessional.
  3. Colors, big font, tags, rules and that's all you need. The Dat Kid template is much more superior to that crap you had me using before
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  4. OOC: Fuck sake, Wrote and promo and closed it by mistake. Will write mine tomorrow.
  5. OOC: Same here, it's late where I am, been packing for a trip im taking (will have the time to do this) and Im so fuckin tired, lets pick this up first thing tomorrow
  6. rko2004 you go first.

    Btw Adam Hawk is now Adam Aries.
  7. That new voting system is fucked.
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  8. I thought the voting system was for a few matches.
  9. This might be to try it out, but if it is in dark matches, what do you think happens for the PPV's?
  10. Its a try out match, He spoke to me about it before the match.
  11. *Adam Aries walks out on stage, He takes a look over the exploding arena and walks down to the ring in usual fashion, He jumps over the top and taunts like always, He is handed a mic*​
    You know, I know a lot of people who have came here, They all come here with a big ego and a his hand out telling you he is getting a title shot, I faced a man like that, He went by the name of "god" he came in here like the asshole he was and told you he was the best, They are all the same, They talk and talk but when push comes to shove they all just fail, They fail and become nothing here. I beat that man "god" to a bleeding pulp and he is yet to be seen here again, Thats why I challenged Mr. "King" over here to a match, I want to prove to everyone that he is just one on the many list of people who cant prove themselves. He came out here and disrespect me, he disrespected Aids, David, Jenn, Jacob, Rhodes and just about everyone in the bank by coming out here and assuming we are below him, Acting like we are not worthy of him. He hasnt proved anyone to no one and I find it idiotic how he can even believe a word he is saying.​
    *Adam leaves the ring and goes into the crowd*​
    Why dont we ask my lovely fans!​
    *Crowd pops*​
    Do you believe a word he is saying?​
    Fan: HELL NO! He is just an idiot!​
    How about you?​
    Fan: He needs to prove himself to us and to you!​
    *Crowd starts a NO! NO! NO! chant*​
    *Adam gets back in the ring*​
    You see you havent proved to anyone why you can even be here, I worked my ass off for years to be called The Greatest Man That Ever Lived and I say it because I am IT. You can come out here and talk all you want but it wont convince me, You can convince these fans, You can convince the guys in the back but you will never convince me. A great man once said, To be the man, You gotta beat the man. You havent beat anyone.​

    OOC: Short opener.​
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  12. OOC: sorry, I just got to my vacation house, had barely any Internet on the way.
    *King Charles' theme hits, many Boos after Aries' promo*
    *Ferrel comes out and throws Roses, King Charles is walking behind him with 4 guards, he stop halfway down the ramp and raises his hands, spark fountains go off on the stage, he continues walking, takes off his robe and crown, gets a mic and gets in the ring*
    King: Is this really who came and called me out earlier... You all worship this SLIME of a human *cheers*
    Well you are unwashed pedants for worshipping a man like him! He doesn't show royalty! He does bring order, he brings nothing but absolute chaos!!! *Boos*
    This is the exact problem that made me leave y own country, the people worshiped only those who would bring chaos, not lack of order, no peace at all! *Boos*
    So which leads me to none other thank keeping my rule, I must defeat the weak and take the power, Grasp it by the throat and take its life like a King should do!!! Sir Aries! I must inform you im no failure, I'M NO FAILURE, I AM A KING AND WHEN THIS IS DONE YOU WILL BOW DOWN!!!
    *Many Boos*
  13. OOC: Like the new timing system,as for the voting system it seems odd but interesting.
  14. Wrote a long fucking promo and lost it #FML
  15. I agree, your life sucks, lol how'd that happen twice?
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  16. OOC: Where is the new voting system? Has the special ref account been made? When you make the special ref account, can you make it admin so when I log into it to vote I know the feel of being an admin? So many questions, so little answers!!!
  17. I was typing it, Went away for a bit and closed it thinking it was nothing.
  18. So is the voting open yet? Not sure how to do it?:hmm:
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  19. So when did voting open and when does it close?
  20. Safe bet would be 7 and it's open 4 a day
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