Storyline Dark Match - Aiden Ryan and Brandon Pain Vs The Influence

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    The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Aiden Ryan (@Butters! ) and Brandon Pain (@RedDwarfTechy ) vs The Influence (@Tsar and @Trip in the Head )

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last as long as we want,
    and I figured 2 per person would be good.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours when we decide we are done.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

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  2. Aiden Ryan walks out with the arena bursting into a thunderous roar from the audience. He looks around the arena with a smirk drawn upon his face, his face paint drawn as if his tears are red and black... he slowly makes his way down the rampway and jumps upon the apron

    Entering the ring he picks up a microphone they had left for him in the corner and walks over to the center of the ring while the arena cheers.

    "You know, that stipulation that you brought up really had me feeling concerned, Michael. But what is there to be concerned about? I mean regardless of winning or losing here tonight i will walk out with at least something to do. Be that continue rising my buddy up to fame or destroying your wittle stable within it. That stipulation that you have is going to do more harm then good on your side and i... i can not believe that you of all people, Trip would go ahead and agree to teaming with someone who only wishes to use me as a tool within his stable. I was shocked when i found out that you were going to be Michael's Partner... We were brothers and you went ahead and did that knowingly enough that i would be hurt about it. It's kind of ironic though isn't it? you brought me into a loyal group of men, but now look. now that, that stable is over... i'm nothing to you. I'm just a spick of dust in your eyes, aren't i? AREN"T I!?"

    "And more importantly a championship gets brought in, and suddenly because no one else likes it i am not eligible. My WORTH is based on ALL of those people, Michael? Do you realize how childish that fucking sounds. "Sorry, you didn't defend me." Give me one reason why i should have? If anything i should of brought a new championship in, for i was the leader of this division at one damn point. Was i given a reward for it? Was i given a TITLE SHOT!?"

    The Arena Stays silent as Aiden looks up at the rampway with tears of anger falling down his face. Jumping to conclusions before knowing the facts of why.

    "You know i'm getting kind of sick of people that i care for doing this to me, as if they have some sort of justified reason behind it. I did so much work for you , Bro and to have you do this to me is just.... a real bitch slap to the face. Maybe one day you and all the people back there will see how loyal i am to what you brought me into, but until then i don't want to be known as your former stable pal. I want to be the one who gets your shoulders on this canvas. Maybe then you will see that teaming with Michael was one of the worst decisions you could of made. No, Scratch that IT IS the worst decision you made. For what reason do you have to team up with this guy? For what reason is it that you are doing this to me? It's a new year you should be focused on getting us back together as the dominate force we once all were, then letting us go our separate ways. Look at Marcus for example, he returns... not for The Order Of The Night, but for his own ego... and look where he ended up? On the floor before his match and lost his return match to Rita Kendal. And where's Nick? Seriously where is he? I am the only one who has been representing how dark we truly were as a stable... and FOR WHAT!? so you can do this!? So come out here and give me one reason why i shouldn't slap my former superior right in his face. because at this point in my career I HAVE HAD IT!"

    Aiden Ryan's Face turns sour, his eyes begin to turn darker then normal. he feels betrayed, torn, but mostly confused...

    OOC: Let's have one awesome match, Gentleman! ​
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  3. Show Spoiler
    OOC: just got home, writing up my promo in 30!

  4. As the music hits Pain comes through the curtains and the crowd gives him a moderate pop, he walks to the ring and is handed the microphone as he reaches the squared circle, rolling in under the bottom rope and high fiving Aiden before he climbs the turnbuckle and takes in the sight, stepping down as he faces the ramp and smirks at Aiden, pulling his hair back as he brings the microphone up to his mouth to speak.

    "Michael, Michael, Michael..."
    He says in a low voice shaking his head
    "When will you ever learn?"
    He walks over to the turnbuckle and leans back
    "Now granted, I haven't been back for that long but damn.. you already have a new stable?"
    He shakes his head with a chuckle echoing through the arena
    "The last time I was in this ring with you"
    He looks down as he points to the mat
    "You were out cold and the ref counted - 1,2,3"
    His fingers pop up as he counts, mimicking the 3 count
    "Heck he could have counted to 10 and I would have still gotten the win."
    A cocky smirk painted across his face
    "And you think you can demand stipulations? That this match is going to end any differently? Are you hoping that riding the coattails of Trip will get you some recognition you think you deserve?"
    He shakes his head taking a breath
    "The reason you aren't recognized isn't because of some tinfoil hat theory you have in your squirly head. Funnily enough, it's a very simple reason. You're just not that good. So when you come out here and undoubtedly try to insult myself and Aiden just remember, every insult you throw out at me, you're throwing out at a guy who got the better of you. Who will always get the better of you."

    He lowers the mic as he starts to pace the ring walking around the ring.
    "Now this is where it gets a little depressing for me, because Trip, I was a fan of yours man, you guys reigned supreme with The Order, you were running this joint! You guys were the best around!"
    He shrugs a bit
    "You ran it to the ground, but hey! you were running it!"
    He walks over to the ropes and leans over it, looking straight down the ramp.
    "And now you're an errand boy? someone to carry his bags? Oh how the mighty have fallen... tsk tsk tsk"
    he bows his head as if he was paying respects
    "And you know what's funny trip, the only reason he's got you tied up in this stable, milking his moment of bravery for everything it's worth is because you're better than him. Well.."
    He takes a moment
    "You WERE better than him. Because there's only one term that describes you right now Trip and that is a washout. And you might think I'm trying to insult you, and you wont be entirely wrong, but I still have hope, I have misplaced faith in your ability to see what Michael is up to. And by the end of this match, when me and Aiden here, when we are standing with our hands raised over what's left of your career... I am sure you will see the light, and realize, understand. That your time has come and gone, and the world has passed you by leaving only a husk of the man you once saw in the mirror"

    OOC (open)
    Good luck Fellas! @Tsar @Trip in the Head
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  5. OOC: Nice guys. I'm waiting to discus something with him before we reply. Hopefully he'll be on later.
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  6. The lights in the arena go dark as the titan tron starts to show the image of the earth from space. (hit play please)

    A spotlight pierces the darkness as the teams name - "The Influence" - is seen in the video. The spotlight reveals Trip in the head and Micheal at the top of the ramp as the crowd boos. Trip in the Head holding his right wrist tight with his left hand, slowly rotating the right one as he held it. Micheal stands next to him with the FTW belt over his shoulder. The two make there way to the ring after the long note ends. Trip in the Head leads as he stares at the ring through his mask. Micheal follows closely behind Trip pointing and talking smack the whole way down the ramp. Trip jumps up onto the apron edge as Micheal makes his way up the stairs. Trip enters through the ropes quickly as Micheal reaches the top of the stairs in their corner. He moves quickly towards Aiden and Brandon before Micheal speaks up and stops him just before he ducks through the ropes. Trip takes a couple of steps back before he routinely slides his thumb under the bottom of the mask and lifts it over his head, revealing the scars and eye patch he now bears. Plus a few extra wounds from his recent encounter with Dat Kid.
    A mic is rolled into the ring and Trip in the Head picks it up.

    TRIP: *stares at both his competitors for a moment with his one good eye* A husk of the man I once was? You think I don't KNOW that? Look at ME! *Trip motions to his scarred face* But this is who I am now.

    *Trip paces for a few steps before continuing* The Influence is more than some stable you blind simpletons. It's a state of mind. And once you are under The Influence - much like either of you will be when I pin you tonight - you'll never want to quit. *Trip looks to Aiden* Whether you end up joining us or not tonight Aiden - know that I hold our time in The Order high in my memories. Those were good times my friend, but those memories would not even exist anymore were it not for Micheal. I am glad to see you have done well for yourself in my absence. I knew you were going places when I saved you from those doctors, *Trip motions at Brandon Pain* but teaming with this garbage is beneath you Aiden. And you're telling me teaming with Micheal is the worst decision I ever made? Ha. Tell me this - how do you repay the man who saved your life? The man who pulled you back from the brink as you were teetering on the precipice of oblivion? *Trip stares at Aiden hard for a few seconds* You give him yours.

    *Trip turns to Pain before continuing*

    And know who you are talking to? Whats the last thing I did before that shitty IWT team I picked out lost at Summerslam and shamed me into this hell I now live in? I beat the one and only Dat Kid - that's right. And you call me a washout? I should wash out your mouth with soap for spouting such heinous bullshit. *Trip takes something out his coat pocket and opens a small flap* Here, at least take a Tic Tac. *Brandon Pain just stares at Trip* No? Suit yourself. *Trip tosses the Tic Tac package at Pain's chest and it bounces off harmlessly* Maybe later then. Now where was I? Ah yes, we were comparing notes on our careers weren't we? Tell me Brandon, what's notable about your own career other then the fact that you are in the ring with me right now? Tagging along with the IWT's "breakout star of the year" hoping to survive off the crumbs he drops in his wake perhaps? Well so far that trail of crumbs has lead you right to my doorstep. Welcome to my home - this ring - where you are all

    .....under The Influence. ​
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  7. Michaels steps forward, unbuckling his FTW Championship, and putting it over his strap as he holds up the microphone and begins to talk.

    Michael: I have a lot to say but I'll have to retain some of it, but the only person that matters on the other team is the man I am here to fight. Aiden, the reason you should care is because just like everyone else, you hated MY creation but when you see that it's a "World Championship" you want to get your hands on it. I decided that the only way the IWT will recognize me is if I surround myself with people that are loyal to me and allow me to be loyal to them. This belt *he pats the belt slowly* is the symbol of loyalty in my eyes, and the symbol of greatness in The Influence. I refuse to risk the internal destruction of The Influence to greedy bastards, and over hyped pieces of trash, like you Aiden *the crowd begins to boo*. The Influence isn't a stable, it's much more than that, it's sanctuary for those who have been dealt the wrong hand. And you are 100% right, Aiden. You should have been given your shot at the gold but you didn't, so I did what I believed is right, and that's allow you to join our sanctuary, The Influence.

    Michael smirks slightly, and walks closer to Aiden.

    Michael: I'm doing you more of a good than you, the suits and the rest of the roster would like to admit. I'm not only saving you from the never ending spiral of the mid-card but I'm saving you from that bitch standing side by side with you. Aiden, drop your colors and raise the white flag...the ones who understand you are awaiting.

    Michael: But the ones who await you at the end of the tunnel are the same ones awaiting at the execution block for Brandon. Whether you think I'm riding Trip's coattails or not, there's one solid fact. Trip and I are bounded by blood, not family blood but by the blood that soaked me as I carried him away from a wreckage that would have ended his life. I've nurtured Trip back from crippling injuries, grueling defeats and false hopes. I've become a man of hope for this man, and I'll stop at nothing to keep 'the man that owes his life to me' ready for a battle. Whether it be against petty insults or hand-to-hand offense, he will be ready.

    Michael: As I stand here awaiting the opening bell, I hold dear to me that Brandon Pain will pay for what he has said against my brother in blood. The Influence will grow stronger and stronger and after tonight Aiden Ryan will be the first to see that The Influence is one-step closer and the FTW World Title is just another stepping stone away.

    Michael puts the microphone on the corner next to him, and awaits their response.
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  8. "My Life? MY LIFE!?!?"

    Aiden Ryan yells into the microphone the arena begins to lean over the barricade in intriguement and gasping begins to brew. The Veins popping from his neck, his eyes directly staring daggers through Trip's.

    "Are you kidding me, Trip? I gave you everything that i could possible give and you have the hid to stand there and call me a friend, after you feel i didn't repay you my life? Here's a question for you, When did you give me the chance to repay you? Hmm? When Big Zeke was stalking me? When Parker Ryan MANIPULATED ME!? DRUGGED ME!? ABUSED ME!? WHERE WERE YOU!?!?! You were never a leader, You were never a friend, and you are certainly no different from the doctor's you saved me from. The Order Of The Night perished and i still after months of it being over reached out to you. I trusted you, Trip... but you like many other people have fallen in the category that you claimed you saved me from. A Fascist. You would rather get rid of the one person who didn't give up on me to have me in a stable to where you NEED me..."

    Aiden Stares up at Trip who is clearly taller then him, the heavy breathing in the microphone creating tension for the arena.

    "The irony though, right?"

    He begins to softly speak into the microphone.

    "you claim that Brandon is hanging off the slammy i earned, but the only reason you two want me in that stable is because you know i am that dominant force you two are looking for and you will stop at nothing to make sure i am put within your barrios..."

    Aiden Ryan Glances over at Michael.

    "I will not be stepping anywhere within your regions, The influence doesn't need someone like Aiden Ryan, I do not need saving anymore, I am a man of great abilities. and i know who is loyal to me, and who will be there for me. The influence's last resort is me and you want to know why that is? Because they know if they rip me, Aiden Ryan away from, Brandon Pain, him. the man who just returned to internet wrestling championship, that Aiden Ryan would be prone to snapping... you want that risk taker because you and your stable couldn't jump for a stick even if you tried... I am not some tool that can get you out of sticky situations, and i will not be used like one... you will see what happens when the the influence stands in the way of our ambitions."

    Aiden Ryan Slowly backs away from the two men and leans back on the ropes ready for battle.

    OOC: @RedDwarfTechy Tag, You're it!​
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  9. Brandon watches the exchange, obviously agitated by the words of their opponents, pulling his hair back as he brought the microphone up to his mouth, the smirk long gone as a very serious Pain looks at The Influence.

    "The thing is, Trip..."

    He walks straight up to him, standing right in front of him without flinching as he looks straight into his one good eye.

    "You are blinded...You yourself is under the influence, you are delusional, blinded. Not because of your accident, not because of an eye patch or a mask you choose to walk around in, but by this man..."
    He points to Michael
    "This man who has filled your head with a false sense of loyalty that has blinded you, has made you just another errand boy, just like he did with the other members of New Generation, which FYI"

    He gestures an air quote.
    " "Wasn't just a stable" Either, It was a belief system to right the wrongs, about getting what you deserve... sound familiar Trip?"

    He walks toward Michael.

    "You calling me a bitch? You? Really?"

    He shakes his head as he walks around wagging his finger as he paces around the ring

    "No no no, that's not how it works"

    He walks back towards the middle of the ring to stand in front of The Influence.

    "Having a friend's back doesn't make me a bitch, crying and whinging every time you lose a match, makes you a bitch. Recycling the same shit and calling it new names, in an attempt at trying to salvage a career that is circling the drain expecting a different result. Well that makes you insane by definition but in your case Michael, we'll all make an exception because it makes you a bitch as well"

    He looks straight at Michael after he turns his head.

    "And tonight, in this very ring, in front of all these people and your trusty sidekick. I will make you MY bitch"

    He drops the mic looking straight at Michael without even blinking.​

    OOC: (open)
    Forgive any typos/formatting errors, I am basically falling asleep at the computer XD Had a lot of fun guys and cheers for the match! @Trip in the Head you're it!
  10. *Trip has just been listening contently with a smile on his scarred face as Aiden and Brandon's reactions amuse him*

    TRIP: Heh heh heh, you must have some guilt issues I wasn't aware of Aiden. I was actually referring to the fact that I have given my life to the man who saved it. I never asked for your life back then. I didn't need it. And you didn't need me - obviously. Seemed you wanted me though huh? And where was I? More like where was the Order. Britannica: Gone. Marcus: Gone, but recently returned I see. About time. Then I was given the GM position which pulled me away from my calling. *Trip stares back at Aiden Ryan for a moment before continuing with conviction in his voice* Kicking asses like both of yours all over this squared circle. And as far as you joining us tonight Aiden - I could care less. All I'm concerned with is backing up Micheal. I have no knowledge of his agenda - nor do I care. He points out the targets and I destroy them. You're just unlucky enough to be in my path.

    *Trip turns to Brandon Pain*

    TRIP: Like I never expected anyone to bring up TNG when I found myself teamed with Micheal. Do we look like TNG to you? Am I here one week and gone the next? Yeah sure, Christian may have just won the WHC recently upon another return, but just watch - he'll be gone again as soon as he loses that title. Mark my words. And Anonymous? Don't get me started on that drug riddled has been. Here one minute, gone the next. Who's the one constant from TNG? Micheal - that's right. As much as he gets disrespected by pieces of shit like you in IWT he shows up week after week after week. You just waltzed back through those IWT doors recently yourself and you have the GALL to talk like you have ANY idea whats going on around here? You can take your misconceived concepts of what the Influence really is and use them to guide your way through the dark if you wish. But that will only lead you down the same path your little buddy here Aiden is on - my path. The path to destruction. The path to despair. The path...........less traveled. *Trip pauses for a moment after that statement* And now you both need to pay the toll.

    *Trip slowly lowers his mic while staring at Aiden Ryan and Brandon Pain and eventually drops it before slowly starting to take steps towards the opposing team. But Micheal speaks up as he starts to address Aiden and Brandon once more.*

    OOC: @Tsar - go ahead. 2 promos each good guys?​
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  11. Michael laughs hysterically in front of Brandon Pain.

    Michael: Brandon, belief system? You have no idea what you're talking about. Our plan was to rid the IWT of Dat Kid and when my man, Trip did it for us we had no purpose and we slowly dissolved into nothing. Nothing that was revived by Trip and I when we learned that teams are only facades, and relying on one another is just a non-sense move. Loyalty can't be false, because when someone saves your life, you automatically have a sense of loyalty within that person. I didn't say, do or move anything for Trip to undertake my loyalty, he did it on his own. We just decided that when we band together the only other place we can go is up, and currently we are at the bottom. You two are in the way of our growth. We don't appreciate growth stunts, and what we don't appreciate is either eaten or destroyed...Brandon, you will be destroyed. Aiden, your never ending quest for loyalty ends when The Influence is with you. You may feel rejected, but the damn truth is everyone in the back loves you. They voted for you and support you, but us...we're nothing in their eyes. We can win, lose or draw and it won't make the slightest of differences, but when YOU win, lose or draw, the attention grows.

    Michael scans the crowd as they grow confused.

    Michael: I did what I found was right for me, and that was establish my own legacy with this, World Title, I won't let anyone who has halted my legacy to lay a hand on this World Title. I'm the heart and soul of the IWT, and I will continue to be until I cannot no longer. I've showed up day after day and I stood up when I was down on the ground, and I help the ones on the ground grow to the top. And YOU *He points to Aiden* were one of those that I helped. You were a nobody, and that faithful day when you defeated me I remember you approaching me backstage. You thanked me for what I had done, and you had thanked me because you KNEW no one in the back would do the same. Why won't you repay me and join me because... The Influence is only for the good, and is good for only those who accept it.

    OOC; Sorry if it's too short, and for the grammar mistakes. I was having difficulty writing this, and was paying 0 attention to grammar.
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  12. Yup I r done! Had a lot of fun working this one :D
  13. I'm fine with voting begin opened, this match was a joy and i thank all three of you very much :)
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  14. I messed up and didn't make who voted visible. Redid it. Voting clock reset.
  15. And I meant Survivor Series not Summer Slam in my promo, thanks for pointing that out @Gav the Champ! . Whoops. I was thinking SS in my head. Used the wrong one.
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  16. I wish at least one of the champs could vote in the match. :zayn:

    Also - @u_cant_c_me - I see you voted "Yes" in the thread poll but I do not see any scores from you in the results. Are you sure you voted?
  17. My bad never mind about my vote sorry
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  18. Alright, I was hoping for a few more votes but here are the results.....

    You're winners with an average of 7.888888889 to 7.685185185.......

    Aiden Ryan and Brandon Pain! Is anyone really surprised?

    All yours @Butters!
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