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    Go here to vote >>>

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. The Music begins to play as the fans stand up and look over the barricade in curiosity
    Aiden Pops out from the curtain to receive a massive ovation from the audience.
    Looking down the rampway, the camera slowly zooms in on his face.
    Brushing his fringe back he sprints down the rampway and slides into the ring.

    The Camera zooms out as MITB pictures begin to show from the match he participated in.

    He receives a microphone and kicks his left foot out, doing a pout.
    "No briefcase."
    He mouths as he then raises the microphone to his mouth.

    "Thus here we are after a heated match at Money In The Bank it's now down to see who really should've been in the final three, now I'm not going to sit here and give you all some tear jerkin' story as to why I deserved to be in the final three as my actions spoke louder then words ever did. Last night I proved to the entire world that I was not to be looked over and that my message was firmly clear. granted I didn't go as far as I felt I should of but that does not handicap me in anyway as my day in the sun is coming, I know what I deserve and it's not to be standing here with some flash in the pan questioning my character. "

    "There is only so many times you can throw the crazy card at someone before it becomes the only insult those can throw in your face. How can so many wrestlers here pride themselves off originality if all you can do is throw up the past at that person over and over again. You can only be so lucky to get away with it the first time but can you be lucky to get away with it the next match? Harriet Vargas was lucky enough to get past but look where she is now? She had to get taken out of this arena by medical personal,
    And that's exactly what's going to happen to my opponent if he doesn't step up his game correctly.

    People look at me and they instantly judge me as that crazy guy, and you all couldn't be more wrong. I am not unstable, I am not crazy and I damn well not a push over to that statement. The more you throw it the more you fall right into what I've been preaching about this entire time, you can only manipulate a word so far before people see it for what it really is... Bullshit. "

    "So, My fellow opponent as i stated before, Step it up or leave with an ambulance
    . "

    Aiden Leans back on the ropes resting his right foot behind him on the bottom rope.

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  3. Entrance (open)
    * The Lights Dim *

    * @FailFaceFTW walks out wearing a suit and freezes at the top of the ramp. He then waves his arm to the side to introduce Justin Magnus. Magnus walks out wearing a jet black hoodie and navy blue jeans, carrying a microphone. He walks up to FailFace's side and freezes, says a few comments, and both men walk towards the ring. Both men enter the ring, and Magnus hands FailFace the microphone. Magnus then brings a closed fist to eye level with himself, and swipes his other hand under it. He then receives the microphone back from FailFace and brings it to his lips to begin talking... *

    "No briefcase..."

    * Magnus smirks... *

    "You know, I really could care less about what could've happened at MITB. And I'm not gonna give the people that paid for their tickets tonight the same old story of what I proved at MITB. I'm gonna give them what they paid for..."

    "A fight."

    * Magnus looks at Aiden... *

    "You see Aiden, this match isn't about me calling you crazy for a couple minutes... No, I've got better things to do than that. However, I can take the time to knock you off the pedestal of greatness that you so much put yourself on."

    "You say that your actions speak louder than your words, and yet you take the time to glorify how you proved yourself. If there is anything more I hate than a hypocrite, I want you to slap me in the face and correct me. Because Aiden, your hypocrisy and lying will be your own downfall, and I won't even have the hammer halfway to the nail..."

    "Enjoy your own voice while you can hear it Aiden."
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  4. Aiden Mocks Justin with hand gestures.

    "oooOoooH a fight!"

    He laughs lifting the microphone up to his mouth.

    "But Oh the contrary, Good sir. I believe i have every right to gloat, I have returned to in ring competition without missing a single step. if not I have returned better then I was before. This entire company prides itself on dominant behavior, we all have ourselves and ourselves only to rely on and if we do not give ourselves the confident boost we need then what are we to achieve? There is nothing hypocritical about being successful, there is nothing wrong with gloating unless you have a reason to. "

    "It comes to a surprise that I was never the talk in your mouth come money in the bank, why is that? I'll tell you why that is. Because you could hold nothing above me other then my success, you could hold nothing to beat me with. You're doing the exact same thing you did at money in the bank, claiming you want to fight and coming unprepared... infact you're doing the exact same thing the winner of the money in the bank match is doing, but the only difference between our X division champion and yourself is that he actually went through with his words, where you just keep talking about it."

    You're not just going to get a slap in the face."

    Aiden walks towards Justin Magnus, standing directly face to face to him.

    "You're going to get the thrashing of you life."
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  5. OOC: So I sprained my ankle last night and I just woke up. Writing it now.
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  6. "You see Aiden, everyone in this world has a reason to gloat about something. However, actions speak louder than words and even you have said that. Why speak about something if your actions already did the talking..? Unless they didn't..."

    "While you do the same exact thing that Nick did at MITB, bitching about bitching, I'm actually focused on giving these people a match. I didn't come unprepared Aiden, I knew this match was coming. And I'll be sure to have a good laugh about it later."

    "Come at me Aiden. Fools rush in."

    * Magnus drops his microphone. *
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  7. So voting guys, or more promos?
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  10. Sorry, you can open voting. I was gonna do more promos but my internet cut out, @FailFaceFTW Sorry about that!
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  11. Your winner with an average of 7.714285714 to 7.047619048... Aiden Ryan!!

    Full results here >>>
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  12. In Mid Match.

    Aiden Ryan And Justin Magnus are both down after a vicious fall from the top ropes. The fans become split into which talent to cheer for.
    "Ever since Aiden Ryan has made his in-ring return, it seems everyone wants to break that face of his."
    "And rightfully so, Did you see what that psychopath did to me two weeks ago?!"
    "From my understanding, Michael. You deserved it."
    "I did not deserve any of such."

    Both men have reached their footing as the commentators bicker over Aiden Ryan's characteristics.
    With a nasty kick to the midsection Aiden Ryan then irishwhips Justin Magnus into the ropes and delvers a dropkick to a bounced back Justin, reaching back up to his footing Aiden bounces himself off the ring ropes only to receive a resilient clothesline from Justin. Justin then lifts Aiden back up by his arm and lifts him up over his shoulders.
    "Justin Magnus has been on a roll this entire match."
    Justin Magnus then with Aiden Ryan in his arms runs over and rams Aiden's lower back into the top turnbuckle, Dropping down Aiden Ryan hugs the bottom rope as Justin tries to pull Aiden away from there. "Come on, Magnus! Get him outta the corner! ONE!.. TWO!..." The referee begins to count as Aiden wraps his footing around the right ankle of Magnus and trips him causing his face to hit the middle turnbuckle, rolling out of harm's way Aiden then measureless Magnus up.
    "Come on, Magnus!" Aiden screams as Justin turns around only to have Aiden hook his head into a headlock and run up the ropes to attempt his DDT, Justin Magnus uses his strength to counter it and flips Aiden back up over his shoulder like a ragdoll.
    "No!" Aiden begins to squirm unsuccessfully as Magnus then drops Aiden Ryan into his finisher The Emerald Fusion
    The fans begin to jump up in excitement as Magnus then covers Aiden with one arm.
    "One... Two..."
    Aiden's foot then reaches the ropes as fans begin to pull their hair in disbelief.
    "This is awesome."
    The chants begin to thunder as Justin looks at the referee who is telling him that it was two.
    Justin then goes to grab Aiden who swiftly pulls him into a package.
    "One.. Two.."
    Justin Powers out as Aiden then runs to the ropes bouncing off them once more to which Justin then delvers a spear which almost cuts Aiden in half.
    "One... Two..."
    The count gets closer as Aiden powers out of this pin as well.
    Justin begins to feel frustrated as he then grabs Aiden by his head and begins screaming at him to give in.
    With a quick sprint of resiliency Aiden grabs Justin's right arm and locks his legs around him placing him in a triangle submission to which one side of the fans jump out chanting "Yes", whaling their arms up in the air while the other side of the fans begin chanting "No" shaking their head.
    Aiden screams as Justin's hand begins to come up.
    "GIVE UP!"
    Aiden continuously screams as Justin's hand comes down and taps slowly.

    The Bell sounds as Aiden Ryan let's go and tries to grab his footing.
    "Here's your winner, Aid-en R-yan!"
    The annoucer states as the arena begins to clap and roar with respect.
    "Aiden Ryan may have come short at Money In The Bank but one thing is for sure, Aiden Ryan will not go down without a fight. He truly is a prince."
    Aiden Ryan Falls back on the ropes as The Referee raises his hand in victory.
    "Do you need any medical attention, Ryan?" The referee asks as Aiden pulls himself up and shakes his head.

    The music fades out as Aiden goes to leave the ring only to have his wrist grabbed by...

    Show Spoiler

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