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    Vote here---->

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Aiden Ryan(@Butters! ) vs The Artist(@Tsar )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either. Suck it instead.

  2. Entrance (open)

    The lights deep down as fog begins to fill the arena.
    The audience erupts with a thunderous roar as Aiden Ryan appears on the screen.
    Water begins to rain upon him as he screams.

    The Primal Scream radiates throughout the arena causing his sadistic fans to roar with him.
    He slowly paces down the rampway with the water dripping down his chin. The environment lighting up with red lights.

    Making his way to the ring apron he grips the middle rope with his right hand and lifts himself up in a slow motioned format. He enters the ring via the middle rope and awaits for a microphone to be handed to him.

    The music dies down and Aiden stands there with microphone in his wet clutches. Aiden begins to smile in a slow yet uncomfortable manner as the camera zooms out showing the arena

    "It's a special kind of evil filling the atmosphere tonight, With everything that is about to accrue at Money In The Bank it would only be appropriate to tease you all with a glimpse of what could be or what will be as i knock off one of the money in the bank contenders and watch him plummet all the day down... Now I have to give him credit, it took alot of courage to come out and request a match with the prince of dark despair but my dear artist i must ask you... For one who claims the use of the name "The Artist" do you feel that you could paint yourself a victory tonight? Or do you envision the painting of what is yet to be the growth of something beautiful, something extraordinary, something desirable like the path of destruction I will leave at Money In The Bank.

    This is only the beginning of what is hell to come at that pay per view and those who overlook me or think that they are a fraction to the talent that I am have a very rude awakening, I will no longer sit back and allow myself to be subjected to those who walk over me to claim their glory. I will no longer subject myself to people who feel the need to belittle me because they have a certain legend managing them and I will no longer sit back and subject myself to failure.

    So allow me to teach you what modern art is while I smear your blood all over this canvas, and prove to this entire division what it means to be a real warrior."

    Aiden walks over to the ropes in a creepy manner and runs his index finger over the top rope. Slowing sitting on the middle rope he holds it open for The Artist while the camera zooms in On Aiden's eyes which are shifting from left to the right in a slow pace.​
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    The Artist walks out wearing a Dat Kid T-Shirt. He makes it to mid-ramp before tilting his head back, and spreading his arms wide as purple pyro rains down. He makes it to the ramp but instead rolls in on the other side of the ring leaving Aiden. He gets a mic.

    Artist: Sorry Aiden, I have some bad news that I must deliver...You see i'm not going to plummet....In fact I'm going to shoot out of this evil atmosphere. I know you have some mental problems and when you can't see your own potential you jump on the "Crazy Train" Just like I did, and basically every nobody did. I endorsed you, I applauded you, I saw something in you that I didn't in my self. You had the potential to be a great superstar but you took it and shoved it. Aiden, do you really think you're going to leave a path of destruction at Money in the Bank? The only destruction you're gonna cause is your tonight. You were a top prospect when you showed up earlier this year, but you kept falling and falling into a bottomless trench know as the burial of all talents. Anyone can get out but how you do so is up to the person in there. So're far from an opening in fact you're *Squints his fingers* You're this close from the flames of hell.

    Artist paces around while he continues

    Artist: You've tried everything in your little storybook to get out of a fallen warrior's trench. You seem like you're this close to seeing the light of the outside just before you accept challenges and you run your mouth and you go crazy and YOU LOSE IT AGAIN. You fucking lose it again. You may act like you're a warrior, but the scary truth is you're far from being a warrior. No matter how many times you're gonna make a pun off my name or how you're going to gruesomely smother me on this canvas. You're just another talent that literally buried themselves. A wasted talent that prides himself on being an X-Division mainstay and once again a failure at that. After tonight you're not gonna make it to Money in the'll be to busy looking for your dropped're lost fate...The Reaper would've ripped it away.

    Artist waits...
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    Aiden's mouth drops as he bounces up and down on the middle rope. Eventually he hops down and pouts his lips.
    He points to himself and mouths "Did he just call me mental?" he shakes his head.

    Lifting the microphone in a defensive manner he then bursts out in a rage.

    " Mental!? Well I think you're fat, Betty!"

    the audience erupts with laughter whilst Aiden tries to silence them with his hands in a panic manner. "Sorry... Sorry, Elementary school flashbacks!"
    He shakes his head and smiles.
    "Now, You say you endorsed me? You say you applauded me? Heh... Well then where were you when shit hit the fan. Pal? If you were so supportive of who I was and who I made myself to be why weren't you there!?" Aiden Eye's begin to twitch, while veins begin to show in his neck "Why wasn't anyone THERE!? Week after week those walk by while my innocence slowly perished and when I snap everyone has a problem with it, Well come Money In The Bank there will be no redemption for those who have crossed me."

    His hands begin to shake in an angry format, you can sense the blood rush flowing through his body and the adrenaline kicking in.

    "There will be no mercy for those who sat back and laughed while my world broke around me and each and everytime one of you goes to climb that ladder and reach for that contract, I will be there staring down into your soul and whilst you look into my dark, bloodfilled angered eyes you will see my face fade to white and realize that you are then in a hospital, in critical condition wondering why you even dared to attempt to take what is rightfully mine, that contract... will soon be the crown that this prince has been waiting for... for a very... long.... time."

    Aiden drops the microphone and begins breathing in a heavily angered manner.
    Almost as if he is on the verge of losing his temper.

    OOC (open)
    Last Promo, Thank you so much for this fun match! I had fun! Edited: Reason: Due to a part not being highlighted!
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  5. Artist let's out an arrogant chuckle before continuing.

    Artist: Where was I when I endorsed you? I was letting you fight your battles and fight your wars just how I did mine. I wasn't your tag partner...I wasn't your bodyguard I was a supporter...A person who thought you can prove yourself but really after all the failed attempts...I'm just another doubter. A doubter that isn't scared of your petty threats...the threats that will be put to rest here tonight. Another thing that will be put to rest is your expectation of winning what's mine...You may have "No Mercy" right now but come Money in the Bank you'll be begging for mercy. You act so vicious "Full of Talk" that you'll forget your reality and you'll learn your boundaries which are simply...TO GO AWAY.

    Artist stares Aiden with a stern look on his face while he continues.

    Artist: I know what you're're just an angry "little" man that can't accept the fact that he's not cut out for this. You may have angered eyes, but what you don't have is the talent and potential to be a future world champion, hell not even your beloved X-Division champion for that matter. Wasting your time is the worst form of failure and that outlines your career...a waste of time...a complete FAILURE. You're looking for friends and people to hold your hand in hardships...I'm not a shoulder to cry on. What I am is the man that will show you the reality and the reality is that your falling deeper and deeper into a pit of pity and anguish that not even the highest form of endorsement can bring you out of. This match wasn't me trying to win it was me trying to give you a wake up call, Aiden. Wake up and feel the waters of reality of splash into your face. You're not a special person, you're wasting your time and your career. Either get up and show everyone that you are a shining prospect or go in the back and work the titantrons. Wake Up.

    Artist drops the mic.

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