Voting Dark Match - Aids Johnson vs Dat Kid - Predecessor vs Protege 2

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Aids vs Dat Kid

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    Aids Johnson vs Dat Kid @Big E Rection
    Predecessor vs Protégé 2
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    - Competitors will have 2 promos each with a 24hr limit starting from when the first promo is posted
    - When the promo period is over or both competitors have submitted max promos, an additional 24 hrs will be opened for voting.
    - This is a public vote
    - The person with the most votes will be the winner
    - Images, videos & live stream are NOT allowed
    - Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM. However, posts like things that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted
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    The small house show crowd is confused as to who's theme this is. Dat Kid walks out in his old ring gear and the crowd pops. He twirls his can in his hand until he reaches the center of the stage. He grabs the cane with both hands and slams it on the stage floor and fire pyro comes out the stage
    That's how you make an entrance!
    Dat Kid continues to the ring as some of the fans are marking out for his in ring return at this small house show. Kid slides in the ring and throws his cane to the crowd (it his an 8 year old in the head). Dat Kid gets a mic from staff.
    I don't want to be out here right now to be honest. I'm not supposed to be out here. My job since Payback has been to make this place run smooth and I've done just that. However with power, there are always people who want to snuggle up to me and try to make me do things that aren't good for this company. They want to try and make me do things that advance their own careers, whilst giving two shits about the rest of the HARD WORKING roster.​
    Hell, lets not beat around the bush, I'm talking about Aids Johnson. You see Aids likes to push my buttons and get under my skin. He did it last month after the Summerslam PPV. Over and over again, he keeps telling me, I'll never be able to beat him, that he's the greatest superstar of all time, that he MAKES the IWT. Aids Johnson thinks he's some sort of god in this business.​
    Aids Johnson let me be the 1st to tell you that I am an atheist. There are no gods in this business, there is only me. I am the greatest man to hold a mic in this business and the only reason Vicotria Parker, Senhor Perfect, and David have titles is because I refuse to compete for them while I have this job. Hell, if I wanted to I could beat both tag team champions in a handicap match....​
    Yeah you can see I brought my shovel with me today.​
    To show you exactly how greedy this man is I'm going to tell you what he wanted if he beat me in this match. He wanted me to give him an immediate IWT Title shot if he beat me in this match. This is the man who not only has Money in the Bank, but is currently in the Semifinals of the IWT tournament. Both opportunities that I gave him and he still wants more.​
    Aids once had me under his wing at one point, taught me everything I know, but ever since I got this job he has been like a leech. A weak parasite that is feeding off me and begging ON HIS KNEES for opportunities that I could be giving to new guys like Nick or guys who've improved tremendously like Jacob Colton.​
    The fact is Aids I am sick and tired of giving you opportunities. If you were half the man you CLAIM to be, you wouldnt have to knock on my office door and say "Hey Dat From Jersey Kid, You vs me and if I win I get a title shot and If I win the belt I choose when I defend it". You're terrible and you're exactly what's wrong with this business.​
    You know why you left IWT before? because you ruined it and you planned to let it die while you killed off another organization that won't be mentioned. You know who carried that company as champion? Me. My feud with Victoria Parker set the NEW standard in IWT and as much as you discredit her as a champion, saying she has "the worst reign since Senhor Perfect" she is 10 times the champion you will ever be!​
    What are you Aids? A guy who got lucky in a ladder match and the 1st IWT Champion to QUIT while holding the title. Pathetic. That's the legacy you will leave for generations and I wish you would cash in that money in the bank.​
    Dat Kid gets on his knees, a.k.a The Aids Johnson pose
    Please! Cash in and let Victoria Parker embarrass you in front of all those rookies you manipulated in to holding you in high esteem. Then they'll say "Fuck. Aids sucks and George is gone, we're screwed."​
    Dat Kid gets back up
    I could go on for hours about you, but I'm going to let you embarrass yourself by coming out and trying to step to the REAL greatest superstar of ALL TIME. I happen to know you're intoxicated right now, so why don't you hobble your little drunk ass to this ring and stop being a pussy and FIGHT ME!

    Dat Kid leans on the ring ropes and waits for Aids
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  3. *Britanica is laughing hysterically back stage*
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    The lights dim, and Aids Johnson's dark theme of the night hits.

    Aids walks out holding a briefcase, and doesnt need a microphone, as his newly made "Manager
    Dat kid is holding one in the ring that already belongs to the champ. Indentured servant doesnt begin to describe the pathetic role Dat kid is in. Aids walks to the ring, staring at dat kid, while ignoring the fans the entire time. Aids slides into the ring, hands Dat kid his briefcase before taking the microphone out of his hand.

    You know what bothers me about you? You get a little bit of power, and you have become the bitch Jonathan always wished he could be. You. The shittiest member of the IWT universe, the bitch i HANDED the gold to on a silver platter, and the least relevant member of all time, has to take shots at me. You? YOu started out in the iwt 1-8. 1-8 people. Let me reiterate, this piece of shit was 1-8, and has the gull to talk shit now that he has found a new way to get power. You COULDNT BUY A WIN, and yet after i dipped out of this company, with two titles around my waist, who won the belt? My protoge.

    One hell of a protoge you are. I come back, and you shit on me. "Aids ill let you in the mitb match but it wont matter unless you win. IF you win, ill make it a big deal, and let everyone see how you came down at the last moment, and fucked everyone over to win that briefcase." You know what i got? Jonathan fucking made a 2 sentence post about me winning. And here we are now, months later, and im in the semi finals of the biggest IWT tournament, after beating Alkaline AND CRAYO in two of the biggest, most voted on matches in IWT history. And you all still are unforgiving. Call me a drunk instead of give me credit? WHo the fuck are you.

    Who the fuck do you think you are? I made this company twice now. I am the biggest member of the Cure, a group holding 50% of the belts, and im about to retire Sackfist, before moving onto DKJames, and you insignificant wastes of space still wont give me what is due. You ignore what i do for the IWT on the regular, while wasting your time with the likes of Danny Woods and ANON, while ignoring their track record. Danny Woods needs to change his name and get rebooted, because his record isnt shit in IWT, i cant even name you ONE SINGLE WIN he has made this year. Britanica has been great as of late, but was the single worst thing to ever happen to IWT, and now is suddenly boosted into the main event? That alone shows how horrible our show is booked.

    Me? I win. I am the single best thing to happen to this company, and i dont need to mention my past, as you all know it. I am what makes this company great, my matches get 20+ votes while the top competitors and shitty members like Victoria Parker get the main event, and can barely break double digits. You want a pipebomb? THE ONLY REASON I CANT CASH IN, is that dat kid would replace my spot in the IWT tourney as if i never competed. Herein lies the problem with the IWT. We have jonathan, who thinks he deserves an enormous amount of credit for making threads (congratulations jono, you deserve so much more) While dat kid creates a build he thinks will work for the IWT, all the while ignoring the major players who keep this place active.

    Let's face it, i beat crayo in a match he clearly beat me in. We had the biggest match in IWT history, and who can tell me what happened in the match after us? Dat kid is bad for business, and has his head shoved so far up his ass it effects what used to be a great company. Face it from, you can even hold Britanica's cat fur covered shoes. You aren't on my level, so step up the fucking stairs or walk your bitch ass out the front door.
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    Thank you Aids. Thank you for doing what you always do, rambling about accomplishments that happened months ago, taking credit for things you don't do, and downplaying the things I do to make this place great. You're predictable Aids, from the terrible choice of music on the way to the ring, to the very way you talk to and not only that, you are a walking contradiction. Hell, you're a walking joke and that briefcase you hold every so dearly is the punchline.

    Yeah maybe my early record, which was actually 3-7 wasn't so great, everyone knows that and I hate repeating things from months ago, but those loses made me stronger. You think there's a man in the back that wants to face me on the level I am on now. You sure as hell put every possible roadblock in the way to make sure I didn't get this rematch because you know I can beat you. You're worse than Mayweather.

    Let me pull a page from your book and talk about myself for half an hour. Senhor Perfect is known as the Triple Threat for being the 1st Triple Crown Champion in history? However, there is only one other man who also has that same achievement. I'll give you a hint to who it is....not you.

    You want to know why you'll never be a Triple Crown Champ Aids? Because since day one you have never competed in the undercard. You politicking your way into matches isnt something new. You did it when Brit was in charge and you did it when Jonathan was in charge. You never had to fight at bottom of the barrel Aids and the truth is, some of the rookies who've only been here for a few weeks could whup your ass and you're too blinded by your own pride to see it.

    You talk about beating Crayo, congratulations you beat a promising rookie in his first match, big fucking deal.Then you have the audacity to act as if you were the reason that match was so highly viewed. We both know you don't really draw crowds, that was all Crayo. Your match against Senhor. IWT Title Wrestlemania Main Event...Based God Darth could have been in that match and it would have gotten the same popularity.

    Ever since you beat Crayo, your ego has gotten out of control, and it would be more likely for me to find a dildo in Victoria Parker's vagina than a shred of humility from you.

    See bitter old veterans like you, Gohan, Christian, and even Farooq to an extent get sour because I see potential in the new guys. New guys, like the people in your very own group. I suppose you would get mad at me if I said I like David's ability so much that I want him to take your spot in the IWT Tournament if you cash in and win the title because that's the kind of man you are. You don't let anyone else get in the spotlight, even if it's your own teammates. Let's face it, the way you are, your group name should be Aids Johnson featuring The Cure.

    You know what's funny, you're no different than Gohan. You dont compete unless the IWT title is involved or it's something that benefits you, you said it yourself. The only reason you're in this match is because I had to FORCE you into this match. You didn't come here willingly, I had to drag you out here like a 4 year old on his first day of preschool.

    Does that sound like the actions of someone who "makes" this company? Aids Johnson, this company made YOU! Before IWT, who gave a shit about Aids Johnson? IWT gave you gold, opportunity, and most importantly it gave you PURPOSE! walked out and let's face it, the only reason you came back is because this company didn't die like it expected it to, but instead it found new faces. Faces like Victoria Parker, Rodrigo, Myself, Danielson, Erik Draven, and Alkaline. I bet deep down inside that clogged sewage pipe of a heart you have, you absolutely hated that we were not only functioning without you...we were INNOVATING IWT.

    Look at where we were, a few fights in the locker rooms with some cheap title Britanica put together and now we are our own business. We are second to NONE. Not even Fight Night Wrestling, the company you left IWT for, couldn't compete with us! NOW LOOK WHO CAME CRAWLING BACK! The man who supposedly left us to die! We were better without you Aids! YOU could be the one to walk out that front door tomorrow and we would STILL BE HERE!

    You don't like the fact that I push people who deserve it? You don't like the fact that after nearly a year, Danielson has never gotten a shot at the IWT Title, finally gets what he deserves for every match that he has been in, win or lose, he has worked his ASS OFF! You don't like that fact that I put DK James in the IWT Tournament, a man who I KNOW can beat you!

    Well Aids Johnson that's the way this business goes and if you don't like it you can leave because the IWT is now under MY control and I've been playing this part waaaayy before I even got in to creative. The fact is, you have always been my bitch and it doesn't matter if you win a thousand titles, win me as your manager for all eternity, or wrestle yourself in the main event of Wrestlemania. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE. MY. BITCH!
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  6. Lets put this conversation into a more reasonable perspective. Dat first promo stated clearly "To show you exactly how greedy this man is I'm going to tell you what he wanted if he beat me in this match. He wanted me to give him an immediate IWT Title shot if he beat me in this match. This is the man who not only has Money in the Bank, but is currently in the Semifinals of the IWT tournament. Both opportunities that I gave him and he still wants more."

    While the second promo clearly goes against what he said, while he states "You know what's funny, you're no different than Gohan. You dont compete unless the IWT title is involved or it's something that benefits you, you said it yourself. The only reason you're in this match is because I had to FORCE you into this match. You didn't come here willingly, I had to drag you out here like a 4 year old on his first day of preschool."

    You know what bothers me the most about you? You talk out of your ass like it matters. I could spend all day talking about myself, and my past accomplishments, which i havent even bothered to mention here. Unfortunately, you, as so many other competitors do, grasp onto that shit like what i did 3 weeks ago somehow isnt relevant today. You could talk about your past, but everyone he is well aware of your failure...and the ones who arent sure have NO IDEA you ever competed/held my title. My title. Face it From, you arent shit without me, and everyone knows it. That title you held was the rebound from when i left this company. You were the bitch to keep things working temporarily, after i left the IWT for dead. In fact, you need to set my briefcase down, you aren't man enough to hold it. *Aids points at the mat, while dat kid places the briefcase on the ground, bitch at AIds while he does it." Thats a good manager.

    Now i have to give you credit where it's due, you push people who deserve it. I am your biggest push. You can take all your cheap shots, and idiots like Jonathan and CM punk (who ran away the minute he was handed his first loss) will enjoy your shit, but we both know you dont do shit without my permission. The cure Featuring Aids Johnson is actually a great concept, the only problem is we are a team of winners, and while i am clearly the leader, we all do our best as a team, myself included. You? You spend your time talking about people like Victoria Parker, Senhor Perfect, and others you have left to be champions while the rest of the company remains active despite them, while pretending you promote "new talent." Is that why Nick vs DKJames was the first IWT tournament match? And it was followed by me vs Alkaline, a match we all knew would be more active? You cant hold a lighter to my torch, none of your matches ever drew double digits, and its hilarious you would talk shit to me, when you are the least relevant member in IWT history.

    Dat kid, the jobber to the stars. The man who held gold when i walked out with it still in my arms. You pretend like people fear you, all the while hating on me for doing the same thing, you might as well be accepted as using an "aids complex." You want to know the difference? I Win. People hate on the cure and make false claims, justl ike you did, all the while ignoring what i do for this company. You want ot know why i left? You want to know why i came back? Watch me bury Sackfist in 3 more days, it will answer all your shitty questions. Face it, you are the fan who hates on Aids Cena, while i make this company bigger than anyone thought possible. You can play your games, and speak your words, but at the end of the day 3-7 doesnt mean shit to anyone who pays attention to the IWT. In the end? Your wins were all made because i left, and you GAVE your title to a woman who doesnt deserve to hold my towel while im cleaning the shit off my back, due to this horrible waste of a dark match.

    You contradict yourself, from. I am the man who made you, and i will be the one to destroy you. You are going to face Victoria Parker at this ppv, all the while talking about "What you see in the new stars" and "what you do for this company" all while you advance yourself for personal gain. People think i am the devil here? At least i am up front with what i plan on doing. The Cure is taking over this company? No, Dat Kid is going to put himself in the title scene instead. Face it, you should have never faced me.

    You and your bullshit make me sick, honestly. You are good with words but full of so much shit even your bromance Farooq had to leave to let shit get settled. He left you so i can provide for this company like i always have. Im going to bury sackfist, and send his bitch ass back to FNW like we all know he will. He is going to disappear, and George leaving the cure only makes noise from the disbelievers. The people who pay attention to IWT know Aids is goign to pick the pieces up and could even cash in on senhor, in order to set the record straight. You want to hate on me never being like Senhor? I dont need his shit, i dont need your shit, and none of you can make it in MY league. You say it was given to me? I paid my dues, but it certainly wasnt in the midcard.

    You make your points about me vs crayo, and me vs senhor, all the while ignoring the fact i just fucking decimated Alkaline. I won my sudden death match (A match, btw voted on 7-7 and the 2 "special refs....." No they dont have extra chromosomes, they just act like it.....voted even. " I won 14-4. Whats most impressive about that number, and you so quickly ignore, is the fact your other matches dont come even close ot my polls. Aids vs Alkaline ended up with 32 voters, which would be the most active match in IWT history. The reason thy wont tell you? It wasnt important enough.

    You see, i already told everyone the truth. I am going to be your IWT champ, and George vs AIds will set the new standard all your "heroes" wont live up to. I am going to win tonight, just like i won vs crayo, alkaline, and like you had to mention...on top of all the hate you give me for mentioning my past....senhor perfect.

    I am Aids Johnson, and i might not have killed this company, but i am 100% certain i am the one who keeps this company relevant. Let's face it, this company was on life support when i left, and Dat kid may take credit but we all know Aids Johnson is the reason this company is thriving. Aids is a cancer, and he found all of you a Cure. The Aids Cure.

    *Aids drops the mic, and cues the music as he jokes around, posingin Dat Kids face, as the show fades to black.
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  7. :damn:
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  8. thanks for the vote baby.
  9. That was sick
  10. Aids broke kayfabe to use personal insults, Dat Kid kept his insults kayfabe and it made for a better promo.

  11. Great promos from both, but I think Dat Kid was a little better. But yeah this shit was all out war :obama:
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  12. youre going to have to quote my fails there.

    Either way thanks for voting.
  13. I found it jono. But wait, isnt Senhor the only IC champ in IWT history?
  14. Absolutely!
  15. so he posted bullshit about being a triple crown winner. Dat bullshit #3.
  16. Remember when the US title existed :jeritroll:
  17. Dat Kid cuz Aids is a weenuh
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  18. Triple Crown Winner is world champion, tag and mid card.
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  19. my bad baby i forgot those irrelevant titles existed. Some of us were top tier immediately

    lol you fucking dick. I wont hate.
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  20. My actual response is that it was a fairly even match. Both sides were really good. But sadly, due to Aids being a weenuh, I voted for Kid. :jeritroll:
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