Voting Dark Match - Aids vs Dick vs Gav vs Nick!

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Aids Johnson

  2. Trip in the Head

  3. Gav the Chav

  4. Nickelodeon

  5. Queen Chrysalis

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    The following dark match is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


    -Promos will last for 48 hours-

  2. OOC: Gav I'm using my champions advantage to trump yours, you can go first :awyeah:
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  3. ooc @Jonathan is it 24 or 48 hours?

    And ok aids i'm gunna rip you a new arsehole
  4. Aids Chav'son fears no one.
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  5. 48
  6. Add @Farooq to the thread as well please.
  7. The house show lights flicker, as the lights tint black and blue waving over the arena, the smoke covers the titantron and Aids' music hits.

    Aids Johnson walks out to a giant cheer from this house crowd, without his IWT title in his hands. He moves back and forth from the stage, throwing his hat, towel, and wristband out, before promptly running down to the ring, sliding inside of it. Aids walks around the ring, as the crowd cheers loudly, having expected Aids to come out last....Aids laughs, before holding up his microphone and giving the crowd some love.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you're champion and favorite "member" in IWT, Aids Johnson! *crowd pop* And people wondered what would happen when I was handed the ball for a 3rd time. Well, here I am, another night, another Main Event quality match. Not only do we get to see a chav get nickelodeon while dick tripin, Dr Disease himself is here to put on a clinic for the debilitating chav's and degenerate's of this company.

    Aids Johnson rolls his sleeves up, turns his wrist over, and give's it a good slap, before pointing his finger at the back. "Bring it on ladies!" Aids yells as he leans back into the corner turnbuckle.
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  8. *the dazzing chavs music hit as luke starr and @B.Dazzle both accompany gav the chav to the ring gav trades his tag team belt for a mic and enters the ring*

    (gav the chav) finally..,. Yes finally gav the chav get to go one on one with the not so great one aids johnson now normally i'd normally say something like 'aids johnson is a cheeky little ****' or i'm gunna drop you you stupid little ****' but not this oh no because gav would be lying you see what it is right unlike 98% of the roster i actually like aids johnson i really do gav thinks he's a great champion but sadly he has something i want the IWT belt thats right aids i'm gunna take that title off you not joey bryant not that crazy bitch victoria parker or any of those little pricks on the roster will they fuck take that title of you but i will yes thats right aids and just like the cure you ain't getting it back

    But thats in the future lets talk about now right now i'm facing you aids and 2 rejects from DX nick and... What the fuck? What part of sunderland did you crawl out of? Coz theres no way your from this planet. dick tripin is it? Well i don't give a fuck who you are? Where your from? How big your shlong is? Or whatever because i'm better than you i'm one half of the tag team champions what the fuck have the both of yas done? Apart from being @Dat Kid From Jersey bitch seriously what the fuck have the 2 of you done? In fact why don't yas both get your arses down here
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  9. The lights dim, and black and gray spotlights begin to flash all over the place. In the crowd, Nick stands with his arms wide open. He looks up to the ceiling, and stares down at the ring. He puts his arms down to his side and slowly makes his way through the sea of people. He hops the barricade and stares back into the crowd. The people are confused why he looks so different and what's with the theme song. He smirks and rolls into the ring.

    "Play times over sit down and shut up."

    Boos echo throughout the arena as nick glares at the people.

    "You see... I've fooled you allllll. Hahahahaha yes I have... You see there are two things I'm good at... winning, and lying. My entire life is a liee haha..."

    "I was no boy who lived on the streets, fighting for everything.. I lived that lie so I could get sympathy from everyone. They had to sign me... and they did."

    "I've had these demons inside me for a long time and they couldn't last... I couldn't live this lie anymore. They had to come out and I need someone to take this rage out on! Someone to make an example of... Aids Johnson I'm gonna start from the top and make an example of you, my former partner, and the chav..."

    Nick laughs and cracks his knuckles.

    OOC: Trying to test this out, need a gimmick
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  10. OOC I like it so far, it's what dark matches are for. Gav even upgrading his promos. :boss1:

    This is going to be a decently fun deal. Let's go 3 promo's each, depending on time for our 5th opponent :haha:
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  11. Farooq comes out with a black limousine. His veichle parks next to the ramp, with Farooq appearing out of the sun roof as he holds up Aids's title up high. He lights up a cigar, as he climbs out of the roof smoking his cigar. He throws the title onto his shoulder as he walks down the ramp. He's wearing black dress shoes, black pants, a white dress shirt and a pinstrip black vest. He walks up to the fans as they extend their hands to touch him. He slaps their hands away and laughs at them as points towards the back. "Go back to the kitchen!" He yells to the women as they all begin to boo him. He slides into the ring, holding the IWT championship up high as he takes the microphone away from the announcer, giving her a slap on the ass as he winks at her.

    "Betcha guys didn't expect me, huh?" Farooq says with a laugh as he takes a puff of the cigar. "Now I'm not here for some Gav, Nick or two inch not our General Manager, I'm talking about Trip. I'm here to fight against someone who is named after a first aid kit, Aids Johnson!" He said as the crowd chanted, "You quit! You quit!" Farooq laughed, leaning towards the ropes as he looked at one of the members in the crowd who was chanting, he was in a wheelchair. "Why don't you walk over here and say that to my face? Come on, boy, here walk on." Farooq said as he whistles, the crowd booing more.

    Farooq laughed, taking a doggy treat and throwing it at the fan as he turned over to Aids. He raised the championship up, laughing at the IWT champion and smirking. "You and everyone else may wonder why I'm's simple. I was offered millions of dollars by Dixie Carter of TNA to come here and advertise for them. My next match is against AJ Styles, and after I take the TNA championship from him, we'll have our little one on one match, okay?" Farooq said with a laugh as he went over to Nick. "You okay? This isn't The Exorcist, okay? Don't go throwing up on me or start floating around please. If you need some help, I heard they have extra rooms in Victoria's special happy place you can stay at." Farooq said as he walked over to Gav.

    Farooq took out his phone, wrapping his arm around Gav as he took a selfie of them both and showed the photo to Gav. "Like that huh? Gimme your number for I can send it to you. This is a photo of two great people, two that are going to go out tonight and....get it on. And yes, I mean the lights to the local hotels around here." Farooq said as the crowd stayed quiet. "Oh...shit I hope you don't think I mean you Gav, I meant her." Farooq said as he pointed to the announcer who was in the background. "You are a....solid....uh...don't get me wrong, I'm sure girls like her are perfect for you." Farooq said as he pointed to a heavy set woman with messed up teeth, "But I mean, I'm at a high class level kid. Look at the way you dress for starters, I mean for fuck sakes, do you go shopping at a Thrift Store? Even David Hasselhoff dresses better than you kid. Look I understand that you are from Europe, which means you don't even know what a toothbrush is, but you have to take care of yourself in fact..." Farooq said as he reached into his pocket, taking out a money clip with 100 dollars in it as he handed it to Gav. "Here, take it please and stop embarrassing yourself." Farooq said as he laughed loudly, "Oh I'm fucking gold man."
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  12. *Marcus Anthony sits in the back with a 6 pack*
    This oughta be good. Prime ass kickin time.
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  13. *B.Dazzle runs from ringside to the back. Find's marcus, takes three beers, and runs back down to the arena. He gives one to Gav, one to Luke, and keeps one for himself.*
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    "Don't... Don't talk about me like that! This can be like an exorcism if you really want Farooq... and I can pry that title right from the grip of your cold dead body..."

    "You say there's room in Victoria's place... you have no idea. I lived in asylums! My parents sent me to asylum after asylum and I broke out! They think I'm crazy - they think im insane but they're really the crazy ones! People that call me crazy are actually the crazy ones because i am CLEARLY not crazy!"

    "I'm a man of violence, Farooq. I will do to you what I want to do to every soulless, fake, weak celebrity of Hollywood. They can fake the parts of the killer but I am the real deal. I am the killer and I will torture you, Farooq. I will break you, bone by bone - and I'm not just talking about you Farooq. I'm talking about Aids, Gavin, my partner and everyone else in the back! I'm going to break your bones, tear your limbs, cut your skin - and enjoy every minute of it."

    Nick smiles for a moment and looks to his opponents.

    "You see, there is one thing that eats me to my core and that's being ignored. Nobody is expecting me to win this and nobody wants me to. But it's because I am the best on the face of the earth but nobody knows, because they won't open their eyes! They take what theyre being fed and believe it all! I refuse to be ignored! I'm going to do what ever it takes because I will NOT be ignored. You hear me? I WILL NOT BE IGNORED! I WILL NEVER BE IGNORED, EVER AGAIN."
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  15. "Ohhh, OHHHHH!!!" Farooq said into the microphone, "OHHHH PLEASE GIMME ATTENTION! OHHH MOMMY AND DADDY PLEASE LOVE MEEEE!!" Farooq said as he bursted out into laughter. "Everybody, like for one prayer for Nick! Let's all make a Facebook page for it. Let's all treat this like Brian Griffin, hey Nick if you really want attention you should fake your death. Then everybody will say your the best, because they way you're going now kid, you're gonna be the new scene kid of IWT. By the way, for your birthday would you like a giftcard to Hot Topic too?" Farooq said as he wiped his eyes, tears coming out as he was laughing to hard. For the record, if you kill me you do know that you'll get fired from IWT right? So I mean....yeah please don't go Chris Benoit on us." Farooq said as he looked to the camera and grinned. "You mad bro?"
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  16. "Y-y-you're... You're saying I want attention? ME? I think the only reason you're back here is because you couldn't cut it in Hollywood. You weren't good enough so you returned to the place you were doomed to be a midcarder... At least here you were somewhat decent. There you couldn't even make it! You're just not good enough for Hollywood which is actually quite bad for your already lackluster resume... You said you'd be star but you really were just a joke. That's the difference between you and me. You set lofty goals for yourself and can't come close and I set a goal with the same difficulty and I get the job DONE. My goal now? To destroy all of you, break you, cut you, tear you because I LOVE IT"

    "It's ironic that you're crying right now because you're bound to be crying later after I bust your face open! I'm not here to be irrelevant or under appreciated... now that my true colors have shown I'm going to make a statement. Nobody knows who this "new me" is. I'm going to SHOW THE WORLD what I'm all about. I'm about winning because I'm a natural born winner... I'm gonna get the job done because that's what I do. I am the best, perfectly sane wrestler in the world... and after I destroy all of you in the ring you'll see that I CANT... be... ignored."
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  17. OOC: Haven't read any yet, but ima get started soon. Quick note - thank you @Jonathan for trying to keep up with the name, but since DX split I just went back to the original Trip in the Head gimmick. Deranged (killer?) butcher....without...a butcher shop. :notsure:Shit. I'll deal. I know its confusing as shit, but just FYI, this will be TRIP not dick. :facepalm1:

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  18. "Wait wait let me guess who the new you is!" Farooq said as he tapped his chin. "Uh...okay......tearing people....ripping people....uhhh...." Farooq said as he suddenly snapped his fingers, "You're a Uncle Phil! Damn I'm good at this guessing game."
  19. Destroy who, me? Brother, this female to male experiment next to me might have walked out here holding my title, but there is only one name this company brings with it no matter where i goes, and at this moment, that name is Aids Johnson I just spent the last 4 months of my life on the greatest journey the IWT has seen. I went from someone who rejected this company and realized what i did wrong, to a man up against all odds in the money in the bank match, to the top tier of the IWT title tourney. I spent time getting my family taken from me after I won the IWT tournament, something that is still without any answers, as I sit with all the money in the world, living my dream, unable to really enjoy it.

    I am a man with my world taken from me, and Farooq thinks holding onto my belt like alfred will keep batman down. Well, things have been terrible, and now even while I watch the enraged Joker poke at me through the walls of a cell, taunting me, I lie awake wondering what will come of my family if i continue to live my dream. A man, who has the dream of being god, taken to reality by the definition of instanity. Will I rise above? The questions are unlimited.

    There are so many things going on around me, but my focus remains on one thing. Am i as relevant without a villain to make me complete?
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  20. OOC: Had to like for the usage of relevant :lol1: