Voting Dark Match - Alias Antonio vs The Artist

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall. If The Artist wins he has been promised a future shot at the WHC by the current champion.

    IWT WHC Alias Antonio(@THG? ) vs The Artist(@Tsar )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. *Alias glares at Artist and paces back and forth. He passes the World Title to the ring announcer.*

    So Roadster. This is your last chance to surmount what seem to be insurmountable odds for you. Once you lose this, it's back down to the bottom of the abysmal totem pole buddy. I can see the fire in you, I really do. I can see your willingness and alacrity to become something bigger, something better. But there's just something about you, something that drastically thwarts your chances in becoming a champion such as myself or Joey. It's the way you skew and contort reality to the way that you want it to be, and it gets to the point where you make yourself believe that you're something completely different than what you really are. You convince yourself that you're a serious menace to me or Dat Kid. And I don't mind people who think they're something better than what they are, but when your only victory comes from a no-show, it makes you look ludicrous. Maybe that's the art of you, Artist. You like to deform reality. Maybe that is your only trait.

    But regardless, I was kind enough to offer you this match tonight. You've got nothing to lose tonight, but let me tell you, this could just be the final nail in your coffin. You've been forewarned.

    I may possess of heinous qualities, but at least I'm considerate enough to give you one final chance. The ball is in your court. Just don't deform the ball into a car and fuck it up. Keep it real.

    *Alias awaits Roadster's rebuttal*
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  3. OOC: Sorry, I came home at 3AM and went to bed, woke up like 40 mins ago.

    Artist looks at Alias with a glare while he responds

    Artist: You see this isn't the final nail in the coffin, nor is it my final chance because, why? It's simple why this isn't my last match for a shot or all this other BS. This was said to me before, everything you just said was like a flashback to what Dat Kid, Joey Bryant, Chris Kazier, Marcus Anthony and so many more have said to me thinking it's going to make me run and never come back. Nothing you said has affected me...and quiet frankly it just empowered me. What you said isn't an abating experience it was an authoritative experience that can be re-payed with a simple phrase. You're not Dat Kid and to everyone who doesn't suck your dick, you're not the Next Big Thing, you sure aren't The Next Great Thing. You're just a place holder, and I know you're not a place holder for me because I know I haven't proven myself in the W/L aspect but you know I'm possibly one of the best workers in the IWT. I do respect that you recognize something in me, but respect and an acquainted relationship are to different things because I don't like you. The only likable aspect to you is the fact that you make the betting a little more predictable. I already know what your going to say, I don't need your respect and I don't need you to like me and your going to have your period in the ring again.

    Artist paces around while he continues

    Artist: Just remember, at one point or another I will be back here, I won't let anything stand in my way. I've fought for a moment to get that belt for years of my career...I didn't beat Dat Kid...I lost to you back in March...I lost to Chris Kaizer twice, I've had multiple names and personas, and people think it's cool when they call me Roadster. Well Alias, your exactly what I just'll bring up the fact that I can barley win a match, that I have 3 past names and that I didn't beat Dat Kid nor did I beat you. You're just like everyone else, nothing special. Also I have something to tell you...I'm not like the old Artist, i'm not some freak who runs around naming his friend The Big Jizz...i'm not even The Artist...I'm The Reaper.

    Artist stops in Alias' view and waits for a response.
  4. *Alias runs his hand through his hair and takes a deep breath*

    I may sound monotonous and dull according to you, but after all this time I'd thought you'd get the gist of it. You fucking suck. It's that simple. You didn't want it the easy, calm-worded way, but instead you wanted the hard way, which is fine by me.
    My words aren't meant to "affect" people, they're not even meant for empowering people, but I'm glad it did the trick for you because it's gonna take all the empowering in the world and much more for you to even stand a chance against myself. It's what you call a harsh reality, Roadster. Everyone in this crowd could attempt to suspend their disbelief and think you could win this contest, but deep down they'd know that they'd be lying to themselves because it is IMPOSSIBLE. GODDAMN IMPOSSIBLE.

    *Alias shakes his head and glares at Roadster*

    You can claim and say that "I'm not the next big thing and never will". Frankly, I agree Roadster. Because Alias Antonio is not the future, he is the present, and this WHC I hold with pride proves that I am the PRESENT . I am part of the SECOND GENERATION. I am the best this company has to offer, and it's not deforming the reality like you tend to do, it's called telling the gospel truth.

    I don't like you Roadster and I could care less what you think of me. I'm predictable? Take a look at yourself buddy. Doesn't matter if you're talking about imaginary falling empires or simply claiming you're one of the best talents in this company, everything you spew is predictable and pathetic BS. Hence you'll never get ANYWHERE in this company. Is that repetitive enough for you pal?

    Want me to say you suck, you can't win, you're a failure, you suffer from an identity crisis, you suck again, you'll never be a champion, you can't beat me or Kid and much more? Good, because I will say it till the day I die.

    Hurry the fuck up.

    *Alias awaits once again*
  5. *In one ear by Cage the Elephant starts to flow out of the arena's P.A System and Andrew emerges onto the stage. He strolls down ringside, and makes himself comfortable.*
  6. Artist laughs and he continues

    Artist: See that's your problem, don't notice that you're exactly what you hate and what you know you can're just another Dat Kid. You think what you just said is another one of your original insults? No, Dat Kid already told me that I suck and I quite frankly don't care. I've stepped up to another level...And I've already admitted I'm playing in the wrong court, but as long as I'm here I will do everything to make it MINE.

    Artist looks at Andrew as the camera shifts to him as he has no expression to show The Artist.

    Artist: The future ALWAYS succeed's the present just as the present ALWAYS succeed's the past. I'm the future whether you'd like to admit it or not...I've done everything and that's something I wouldn't mind losing, why? Because I can just do it again...the future always picks up what it leaves behind. The future on this hand dropped Dat Kid's personality and installed into you which has just become the so called present. You think it's impossible that I can beat you? Well you must think rain is impossible because IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. Maybe not now, not next time and i'm rock solid on the fact that I WILL face you again...because I'll earn it.

    Artist leans back on the ropes as he continues

    Artist: Earning is something, you did to get to where your at right now...Except for the fact that YOU were handed the opportunity at IWTMania 2. I know it, Trip knows, You know at everyone else...KNOWS IT. Now that isn't the same BS because no has the gall to tell you something that's the straight truth. You were launched into the Upper isles of the IWT without proper circumstances...JUST LIKE ME. You're not special because quite frankly the only thing that you've done that's "special" was get trusted into a match at IWTMania, which you lost.

    Artist: So you say that I suck and I can't beat Dat Kid among others? Well i urged you to it didn't I. Well if your out to get quotes from me, here's another...Nothing you say is impossible...I may not beat you tonight but i'm sure as FUCK...that I'll beat you in the future...I said the future always succeed's the present...Tonight may as well be that moment.

    Artist: Now let's do this I have two naps to take to substitute for another of your promos

    OOC: Voting?
  7. So do you guys want voting open now? I usually get @Delik to make the google form for it
  8. yeah open it, it's cool
  9. Tough Jizz. 2 votes?
  10. Inb4 alias wins.

  11. By 9.222222222 to 8.444444444, your winner... Alias Antonio!

    Full results here:
  12. Oh Look, I was right...So, I'm guessing this is gonna continue THG's Second winning streak...

    SummerSlam will make either DK or THG into the star of IWT....Not sure on what it would make Dat Kid. :russo:
  13. *After the ring bells, Alias gets up with a pompous smirk taking over his face. He takes a look at the lifeless body of Roadster, then rolls out of the ring to receive his title. He then proceeds to walk over to where Andrew was seated and raise the WHC up in the air, exchanging some words with him.*

    OOC: gg no re roadster. But nah, you've improved a lot. A lot. At one point I thought you had me. You should definitely try the midcard.
  14. That's what I was going to do before or a little after MITB. Thanks for the feedback brah.
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