Voting Dark Match - Alkatrz vs Brandon Pain!

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Alkatrz

  2. Brandon Pain

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Alkatrz(@Tumbas) vs Brandon Pain(@RedDwarfTechy)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. Entrance (open)

    *Alkatrz storms out of the curtain, wearing a grey vest over his singlet. He marches down the ramp while screaming "It's my time." "Big Guy".
    He walks up the steps to the ring, and looks at a fan wearing a Pain shirt. He hops off the step and get's in the fans face, the fan starts laughing because he was noticed. Alkatrz then grabs the guy by the collar of his shirt, yanks him over the barricade and tears the shirt off of him. Alkatrz then slides under the bottom rope as security come out to check on the assaulted fan.

    Alkatrz grabs a mic but it takes him about a minute to regain his composure and stop laughing*

    Oh my god. I am so sorry about that. But if I looked at that garbage shirt for one more second I would of died laughing. Really. What the hell is that thing? It looks like a racoon walked into Brandon Pain's panty draw, and took a huge dump.
    But let's get to the topic on hand here. I am not here to sell, my awesome shirt...
    I am here, because I have to teach, a dumb son a bitch a lesson. Do you know his name?

    *The crowd begins to chant "Brandon Pain"*


    *The chants get louder*

    Haha. So you heard of him then. Good.
    Maybe after this, when you hear of your other, beloved IWT stars. You will think about how I decimated this little British rat tonight. Because that is what I do dammit.

    Now Brandon, I hope you are gonna tuck your balls and actually come out here and say something to my face for once you stupid European chode. Because I got something to tell you tonight brat. And you are never going to forget it.

    *The Big Guy begins to laugh as the crowd Boo's him*

    Ohhh Shut up, you should be grateful you get to see, The Big Guy. Haha
    But, you don't sound pretty grateful... And that is pissing me off.

    So Brandon Pain, you better get out here now, before I kick the *Bleep* Out of everyone in this arena right now!
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  3. Entrance (open)

    The lights start to flicker and goes off. Suddenly bright red lights light up the entrance area as the music hits.

    Pain walks out, taking his time making his way to the ring and rolls in under the ropes and gets up, doing a cocky bow at the audience.

    Pain moves to the announcer table side of the ring and is handed a microphone. Grinning ear to ear

    He looks around still not used to the crowd cheering him on.

    "I'm not gonna have the time to remember a name that sounds like a typo, so I'm just gonna call you Pea Brain, because let's face it, I don't need to remember you, after tonight, no one will."

    He takes a few steps to the turnbuckle the crowd still cheering him.

    "That takes a while to get used to you know? But this whole being liked thing, not too bad"

    He lets out a chuckle and then walks back to Alkatrz.

    "You know what Pea Brain, at SummerSlam, I beat your little cronies including that guy, uh... Artist. The leader of the pack, and let's face it you're not the leader, you're the guard dog they unleash on the ones they couldn't beat. And when The Artist is the one leading the group, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that is doomed to fail. So that was a masterstroke of career planning right there"

    He applauds Alkatrz.

    "And most people, they would have issues with that, but hey, you're cool with the 12 step program they're on that seems to involve a lot of losses and a joke as a leader but like a good guard dog you're loyal, you're strong and most people see you and I gotta say you're an imposing figure.... And then you open your mouth"

    Pain drops his head.

    "I mean you don't even have the basic comprehension skill to understand when I tell you - I AM FROM TO RON TO. And for you the geographically impaired gimboid, it's in Canada.... Moron."

    He takes a deep breath.

    "The sad thing though, is that you seem to believe you actually stand a chance. See in a different situation, like a bar fight, you'd probably win. I mean you are the BIG GUY, but in here, this little piece of heaven we call home"

    Brandon gestures to the ring.

    "It takes a bit more than just muscles, you need brains and as you prove it day in day out when it comes to that department, are just another little worm I need to squish before I fight your little band of losers. Again"

    He groans.

    "So let's get this over with..."

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  4. Cool, go for it @Tumbas promo away :yay:
  5. I would appreciate that, got fucked up and a bit busy today, but I am working on it.
  6. Pea Brain?!

    Who the fuck do you really think you are Jack? I must of had you wrong.

    See I thought you were just some kid who wanted to be tough. But no. You are a fucking idiot.
    You gotta be to call me Pea Brain.

    If it will help you remember how to spell my name, I can smack it into your face a few times. Would you like that?

    Now I don't care if you want to, or could, beat the rest of TNG. Because they are not here right now. I AM.
    So how about rather than running your mouth about crap that don't matter. You start praying, and saying your goodbyes to your family.
    Because right now, I am gonna teach you a lesson about Pain.
    Then you won't be Brandon Pain...
    You will be Chronic Pain.

    *The crowd begins to chant Chronic Pain*

    SHUT UP. I am talking.
    Now Brandon I stood here, and listened to the crap you spoke. And I wasn't impressed.
    You know I thought someone like you would be perfect to beat up. But you are a no body.
    Beating you is going to bring me nothing but fun.

    Now I will give you 5 more minutes, to prove you are worthy of being dismantled by The Big Guy.
    And after that. Your ass is mine!
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  7. "Huh? what? did Pea Brain say something? I think the wittle guy is mad, does he need his mommy?"
    Pain mocks a pout and then laughs, shaking his head.

    "Chronic Pain, now that's new, and you know what, that's pretty funny! Credit where credit's due guys, that was pretty funny"

    Brandon walks around the ring and around Alkatrz.

    "But what's really funny is how you have NOTHING to back up this gibber jabber you call words.. When you're looking at me, you're not looking at your fellow TNG members, unlike them, I know what it takes to win. So DOWN boy, be the little lap dog you are supposed to be and Back the fuck off"

    He looks around the ring.

    "See I've fought here, bled here, had my hand raised in victory right in the middle of THIS ring. You? You've been standing on MY ring on borrowed time, you can call yourself anything you want fella but at the end of the day, all anyone sees is the scared little Pea Brain"

    He leans against the ropes smiling and looking around the arena as the crowd starts to get into the match.

    "You're not impressed. BY GOLLY! What will I ever do?!"

    He has a shocked expression on his face which turns into a smirk.

    "You seem to have mistaken me for someone who gives a damn about what you think, "

    He takes a deep breath and his expression turns stoic, looking straight at Alkatrz.

    "Pea brain the fact is you and your little boyband are nothing more than fillers, nothing more than the lowly scum that I need to wipe off on the carpet because you're not even worthy of sticking to the soles of my shoes. And after tonight, that's exactly where your friends will have to pick you off from, from under my boot, your puny little brain"

    He starts to sway his head left and right moving the mic in sync.

    "Splattered - All. Over. It."

    OOC (open)
    That's me done, cheers @Tumbas for a good match :D
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  8. might as well, sister is in hospital and I don't have time to write up anything currently
  9. I hope she's okay! I really don't mind keeping the match going a couple more days if you'd like. Family comes first!
  10. I don't know my google password and I can't be fucked to move upstairs. I'll just do the forum voting sorry
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  11. don't know your google password? :awyeah:
  12. Set up to change every 90 days, changed it the other day, plus I use two-factor authentication so I'd need to go get my phone from upstairs also... efffforrrttttt
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  13. Hi Xanth

    Anyways, good match guys.
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  14. Throughout the match the momentum keeps shifting from Alkatrz and Pain, every big move leads to a near fall, every attempt at a finisher leading to a reversal. The bout goes back and forth and Alkatrz finally puts Pain down with a powerbomb that rattles the ring, Pain is out cold, Alkatrz covers as the referee slides into position "1....2....." Pain kicks out, Alkatrz fuming and the crowd begins to applaud both competitors for putting on a show.

    Pain gets up, Alkatrz launches himself from the ropes trying to hit a clothes line, Pain ducks out of the way, turning Alkatrz around PAIN AND SORROW! from out of nowhere and he falls back on to Alkatrz not having the energy to cover him properly 1....2.... Alkatrz kicks out as the crowd begins to chant 'This is Awesome'

    Pain looks annoyed slamming his fists down on the mat
    "THAT WAS 3!!"
    he screams at the referee Alkatrz slowly gets back to his feet and Pain wastes no time hitting the Pain and Sorrow again. This time using every ounce of energy he has to cover him and get the 3 count. "1...2...3!" and as the announcer is about to announce his name and his music hits Pain grabs the mic from the announcer.

    He looks angered and manic as he walks around the ring.
    He screams out as he punches the turnbuckle furiously.

    "For any of you from The New Generation back there, this is a message. Today you don't rise up. Today I end all!"
    He screams as he picks Alkatrz up to his feet and hits the Pain and Sorrow again and walks out, the crowd perplexed by his actions as his theme fills the arena.

    OOC (open)
    Cheers @Tumbas for an awesome match, looking forward to getting matched up again :D

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  15. Did I say you can play my catchphrase like that? Biotch?

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  16. lol catchphrase :p