Voting Dark Match- B.Dazzle vs Joey Bryant

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Who won?

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  1. B.Dazzle

  2. Joey Bryant

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    B.Dazzle(@DazzleMania) vs Joey Bryant(@DK James)

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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  2. OOC: I'll get a promo done as soon as I get home tonight.
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  3. Aids Johnson is shown in the back hanging out with his buddy Gav the Chav. They have joints rolled up, two bottles of expensive scotch and some cheap beer all setup. Aids turns around and notices the camera. "You arent the catering? Get the fuck out of my office son."
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  4. Roadster is shown backstage singing a song on his new guitar while his old 2006 Country Singer of the Year guitar got repaired and put in a glass case

    "Oh, Joey Bryant....Your mom should have gotten a reliant for that birth controool! You know @DK James was supposed to be...pushed out in the bowl! I wonder when why people love this bas-tard he has no talent what so eveeer! if his was a ladder match B.Dazzle will throw your sorry ass of that laddeeer!"

  5. *The crowd pops huge as B.Dazzle walks out from backstage. he stands on the entrance ramp with a huge smile on his face as the fans begin to chant "Dazzle". B.Dazzle nods his head in approval of the chants and walks down to the ring. B.Dazzle jumps up to the ring apron and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. B.Dazzle raises his arm and gets another huge pop from the fans. B.Dazzle climbs off and gets in the ring. He walks around the ring for a few seconds before getting a microphone. B.Dazzle walks to the center of the ring and begins to speak.*

    Dazzle: Finally......B.Dazzle has come back to I...W...T!

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: Which means that it's time for the match B.Dazzle has been eagerly waiting for the last couple of days. In the year of 2013, there were two top voted breakout stars of the year. Those two men were B.Dazzle himself and in B.Dazzle's mind, the next world champ, Joey Bryant.

    *Crowd pop for Bryant.*

    Dazzle: Dazzle knows the people love Joey Bryant, hell, even B.Dazzle loves watching Joey Bryant. He's good, he's damn good. is B.Dazzle. While Joey's been on his meteoric rise, B.Dazzle has taken his rise on a much slower pace. When Joey Bryant was wrestling for the IWT Championship, B.Dazzle was still proving himself as a breakout star. While Joey was main eventing PPV's and rallying the crowd behind him, B.Dazzle was rallying his own crowd as he was winning the I.C title and Tag Team titles. Two men, two different personalities, and two different paths, but one breakout year for the both of them. Now B.Dazzle understands that most of you would love to see this match happen for the first time at Wrestlemania, wouldn't you?

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: Well, sadly, that won't happen, so maybe another time. But still, you people are about to get a little taste of what could be a future main event. You guys have front row seats into the future. You are all about to see what happens when two future IWT champions collide so early into their careers. This match is a match made for the future, that's happening in the present. This match is only match one in what B.Dazzle knows will be continued in many chapters in the giant book that will be B.Dazzle's career. Joey, B.Dazzle knows that you can hear B.Dazzle back there while you're getting ready. This isn't a rivalry match, this isn't a blood feud, this isn't two men trying to kill each other. It's two men who want to come out here day after day, night after night, week after week, month after month, year after year, just to prove that they are going to be the best this company has ever seen. No matter whats said or done, that is what it's always going to be about. These people want it, the fans watching at home want it, and the people all around the world want it. Joey Bryant versus B.Dazzle. The battle of two great rises. The future of today versus the future of Tomorrow. The thing is Joey, and B.Dazzle will promise you this, when the dust is cleared and the bell has rung, B.Dazzle will, and he means will, be the one with his hand raised high.
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  6. *The lights turn green in the arena and the crowd pops loud for the music of Joey Bryant. He walks out, with the same look he was giving Dazzle when he accepted the channel. His eyes are dead set on Dazzle as he imitates him by doing a Rock like pose and raising an eyebrow. He walks down the ramp, now with a smirks on his face but his eyes still set on Dazzle. He rolls in the ring and walks a couple feet away from Dazzle and signals for his music to cut. The crowd pops for the both of them*

    "No, you're wrong Dazzle. Mostly about one thing. B.Dazzle vs Joey Bryant can be one of the greatest rivalries in IWT history. I don't mean like a blood rivalry, not like we hate each other or anything, right? You may hate me by the end of the match but for now, we could still turn this into a rivalry. Because like you said, the two breakout stars of 2013, but unfortunately for you man I came out on top of you. While you were winning the tag and intercontinental titles, I was busy fighting for the IWT Championship and once again, that's coming out on top of you. So it has to just be eating up inside of you, deny it if you must, but it's gotta kill you to know you were so close to getting the respect I have now but I stepped over you, and I haven't even won any titles!"

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction as Joey chuckles and begins to pace around a motionless Dazzle.*

    "Now now, like I said before, I do like you. This rivalry, every time it happens people are going to want to watch it. People will always want to see it. Because we define this new era of IWT, we're the guys that came in and all the veterans were thinking "Oh these guys won't last long, they're no threat." But we shut their mouths for good. You dominated the mid-card for months! Don't be giving Sackfist the title of Mr.Mid-Card, Dazzle deserves it! But I retired the original Mr.Mid-Card, Dazzle... just remember that. When he finally got the chance to face a main event competitor and move on to face Aids and shut down the haters, I was there to stop him! That's when people looked at me as the next big thing. Because let's be honest more people would rather see a 2 star IWT championship match than a 5 star mid-card match, because there's just more on the line. I could walk into that intercontinental picture right now and have that belt by Wrestlemania. But I got bigger things on my mind, and hey, I know you've had your fair share of confrontations with Unknown. Congrats on that, you whooped his ass all over the place. But he also defines mediocre mid-card so really that little statement you made against an irrelevant champion was irrelevant anyway."

    *He gets back to the front of Dazzle and looks him back in the eyes.*

    "Youth is no guarantee of innovation, friend, but we were guaranteed to do well once we got comfortable here. I started off as some babyface chump and you were just getting your feet wet as well but eventually through time we made our way down our own paths. And I align with Dat Kid now, unfortunately for you man you don't have veterans taking notice in your name like I got. Sure, you'll get brought up in a few main event promos here and there but it's not about that. It's about the genuine drive Dat Kid has for me to be great that makes me know even though I'm not a 2x champion like yourself, I still got plenty of accolades to back myself up. Don't get me wrong even though I've been dealing out little cheap shots here and there it's just constructive criticism from a hungry for gold ally."
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  7. *B.Dazzle looks at Joey with a smirk. Dazzle lifts the mic back to his mouth and begins to speak again.*

    Dazzle: Joey, this match could be a taste of what could go down as one of the greatest rivalries of all time. We don't hate each other, we respect each other, and that's what makes a match between the two of us so special. Matches like this only happen every so often. It's not everyday that the two next biggest stars go face to face while they are still on the rise. You are right about something though. While B.Dazzle was winning mid-card titles, you were gunning for the biggest prize in the industry. You went toe to toe with the biggest stars in this company's history and matched up with them great, but Joey, you didn't get the win. That's what matters in this company. You can be the biggest star in the world, but unless you win the big one, there will always be that one blemish on what's going to be a great career. Now, don't get it twisted. B.Dazzle has said time and time again that he believes you will be the next IWT champion, hell these people chant it all the time, but actions speak louder than words. We say you're the next big thing. We say you're the next IWT champ, but we are all still waiting for that moment to come. Listen, B.Dazzle probably knows what you might say to this. You're going to go back and say how you stepped over B.Dazzle's rise to have the biggest rise in recent memory. You're go back on about how B.Dazzle is living in anger and jealousy of what you've done so far in you're career, but so this doesn't happen, B.Dazzle can tell you that's not true. B.Dazzle is upset that you have risen past B.Dazzle into greater heights, but wouldn't anyone be? We're all competitors here, and we're all competing to be the very best. The problem with this is the word jealousy. From what B.Dazzle remembers, you said that you're rise has eaten B.Dazzle alive inside. That's not true, you know why? Because B.Dazzle is jealous of no man. He's not jealous of you, he's not jealous of Aids, he's not jealous of Victoria Parker. Nobody. That's because no matter what, B.Dazzle knows his time is going to come. It won't be today, won't be tomorrow, it won't even be next month, but it's going to happen. Mark B.Dazzle's words people. B.Dazzle will be either World Champion or IWT Champion. He doesn't know when, but nobody really does.

    *The fans begin chanting "next world champs" at both Joey and Dazzle. Dazzle acknowledges the fans by signalling that a championship will be around his waist.*

    Dazzle: You know for what B.Dazzle thought would be a man vs man battle of respect, you've been awfully defensive about everything. Man, B.Dazzle isn't here to take any of your credit away. He's not here to insult you like he would do to basically anyone else, that's not what B.Dazzle made this challenge for. He made this challenge because B.Dazzle wanted a taste of going against somebody who has seen the main event. B.Dazzle wanted to know what the main event feel is like by going against a main eventer. B.Dazzle thought that this was going to be a match of respect, but it seems like he was a little off. There is still tons of respect between each other, B.Dazzle can see that, but Mr. Midcard? The new Mr. Mid-card? No offense to Sackfist, he truly was one of the best, but there is no way in hell B.Dazzle is going to have the nickname of the new Mr. Midcard. The only nickname B.Dazzle is going to have is next main eventer.

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: You're right. Too many main eventers probably look at B.Dazzle and shrug him off. They look at B.Dazzle and see just another guy who is just trying to get in their way. Those people underestimate B.Dazzle, and quite frankly, B.Dazzle gets underestimated a lot. B.Dazzle beats a guy, that persons response is "you were better than I thought". B.Dazzle whips some candy ass, people are still going around saying "Oh, I didn't think he'd be that good." Every damn time that what seems to happen, and B.Dazzle can only hope, only hope, that you don't do the same. Nobody may see B.Dazzle as a permanent threat right now, but damn it, if B.Dazzle were to beat Joey Bryant, they'd have too.
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  8. *Joey laughs for a second before looking back at Dazzle.*

    "FINALLY... B.DAZZLE HAS COME BACK.... to reality."

    *The crowd cheers at that and Joey smirks at him.*

    "I apologize if you've taken my criticism as insults and disrespect, that's not what they are. You wanted the best of Joey Bryant? You're getting the best. And for anyone to excel in this company I simply learned even if someone in your greatest ally, even if you respect the hell out of them, they're either going to 1. Beat you once. 2. Beat you twice 3. Beat you twice and turn their back on you. I respected Aids like you wouldn't believe, I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for him but you know in that second world title match, I let my emotions slip right through my hands. Instead of telling him WHY I was going to win that world title, I told him how much I respected him as a champion, how I didn't want to take the title off of him, but we all know that's a load of bullshit. Something you'd see in a soap opera. So Dazzle when you stand there and assume I'm just dealing out cheap shots to you, you're wrong. Because let me get this out of the way if there was anyone the back apart from Dat Kid that'd I could trust with close to anything, it'd be you. Because you said it right, you and me, screw the others, we're the future of this company. We define this new breed of wrestlers that showed up mid-2013 and no one expected anything from us. But you and I alone, you with your 2 titles and 12 eliminations and I with my main event run proved everyone wrong. So yes, Dazzle, I like and respect you, but if you're going to tell me you only wanted a match so we could shake hands and play two hand touch you got another thing coming."

    *The crowd pops and Joey's smirk fades.*

    "My name is officially stuck in IWT history, there is no removing it at this point and I am 100% happy with that. If I were to leave certain people would want me back, my return would be huge. Just like Georgie's, he left but since his name was so iconic in such a little time he was able to return and make waves in this company. Same with you, hell I'd mark like I was a fan if you left and then returned, you're one of the best things IWT has going for it, except for myself of course. You want to feel what the main event feels like? It's not easy work. You got guys pressuring you at all times to seize opportunities, you're expected to participate in every match possible to continue to stay relevant and on top of all that you must keep the one goal in mind, the IWT championship. Aids has held that title for a lonnnng time, for sure. It's time someone takes that title off of him and while I'd like to say I believe in Bruce Knight and that I want to see him take it, I don't see it happening. So right when the main event pressure gets to him and he's begging for someone to take his spot, you know who's going to be standing right behind him to make sure they get the spot? You and I. And that's when it'll all be on the line, the shot at Aids at Wrestlemania, that is if I don't take his title by then."

    *Crowd cheers once again and begin the played out Joey Bryant chants once again. He smiles a bit.*

    "So next time you're whooping some candy ass and laying the smack down for the entire IWT roster just know I'll be supporting you but tonight is just not your night. Because Joey Bryant hasn't had a singles victory in a lonnng time, my friend. Sure, Frie and I were able to beat Dat Kid in a handicap match, which I completely regret now, but that happened. Before that though after Aids took me down I had a strain of bad luck and that's why I need to take you down not only as a confidence booster but to prove to everyone I'm still the guy. I may not be Aids or Georgie but I'm still the guy they want to see in the main event of Wrestlemania. I have seen how the foundations of this company are laid, and I have not the least doubt that it will stand a good while."
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  9. Dazzle: Joey, You aren't the only who has had their string of bad luck in matches. Losing the I.C to Unknown, even though he barely held for more than two weeks, killed B.Dazzle inside. It wasn't because of the I.C either, it was because B.Dazzle had talked for weeks about how he was going to get his hands on Unknown and whip that candy ass. You know what happened next, B.Dazzle was the one who got the ass whooping. B.Dazzle understands that his loss may not sound as big as the losses you suffered, but look at it through B.Dazzle's eyes and you'll understand. We've both had great wins and terrible losses. We've both gone through ups and downs so early into our careers. We are both competitors, aren't we? We both strive to be the best, and damn it, that's what we will be. That's what this match is really about. It's about two guys who won't let anybody stand in their way of glory battling it out. B.Dazzle now knows his mistakes. He should have thrown our friendship out the door for one night. Just for this match, B.Dazzle should of looked at you as an opponent and not a friend. B.Dazzle will admit it, he is planning on whipping your monkey ass all over this arena. He is planning on taking this microphone and shoving it up your ass. B.Dazzle should have admitted this in the start. Joey, this might just be another win for you. Really, no matter what you try to tell B.Dazzle, that's what everyone will look at it. For B.Dazzle and the millions *fan say along* and millions of Dazzle's fans, this is something far more. This is a test to see where B.Dazzle stands on the IWT totem pole. This proves if B.Dazzle really does have the talent to hang with the best of them. A loss to you tonight means that B.Dazzle isn't ready to be a main event talent, and B.Dazzle isn't going to let that happen. The main event is what B.Dazzle wants and main event status is what B.Dazzle will get. No friendship, no amount of respect, no allies will stop that goal from becoming just fiction. B.Dazzle's dream to be IWT champion is real and it will be accomplished. This world isn't a fictional fairy tale. It's reality. B.Dazzle has come back to reality, and reality is that B.Dazzle is going to whip your candy ass because that's what he needs to do.

    *B.Dazzle drops the mic as fans begin chanting "Dazzle".

    OOC: This will probably be my last promo.
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  10. *Joey raises his mic for one last thing.*

    "If I beat you, don't take this as a collapse. Take it as a turn around, don't change who you are because of me, keep pushing. Unknown's a little bitch, you and I both know it."

    *The crowd pops and Dazzle and Joey both smirk.*

    "You didn't deserve to lose that IC title but maybe it was destiny. Maybe that's a wake up call for you, everyone gets a wake up call in their career. For me, it was sitting on that apron while Aids celebrated defeating me in my hometown. It was Dat Kid respecting my abilities and taking me under his wing. That's when I realized I'm the best this company has to offer. Maybe a defeat will show you you're better than a petty feud with a masked coward, but you're ready for the top spot. We'll probably be meeting in the Elimination Chamber, I can bet you on that. I can easily see one of us finally taking down Aids and moving on to establish the legacy he did. It's hard to say what I want my legacy to be when I'm gone for good. I could leave now and just be known as the over with the crowd kid who tried, I could win the world title, lose it, and be a one title wonder, or win multiple world titles, establish allies and rivalries, and move on to the greatest competitor IWT has ever had. Hopefully Dazzle, we can build a rivalry and be able to do this a lot. Make a legacy, then retire champions."

    *Joey drops his mic as well and gets in a fighting stance as the bell rings.*

    OOC: My last promo as well brother, enjoyed this a lot. You're the man.
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  11. OOC: Thanks. You're also THE Man.

    @Shadow Open voting.
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  12. Voting open, good job guys.:obama:
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  13. I like both a ton. I'm giving it to Dazzle.
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  14. Losing by less than I expected.

    Also, I wrote that so you jabronis will notice this thread and vote.
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  15. By the way, who in the blue hell is Jim?
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  16. Some dude Roadster brought in to vote in his match. Don't know if his vote will count since Kaizer just won off DQ because of them. :notsure:
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  17. I didn't tell him to vote for me, so I think is should.

    But my opinion on that subject may be a little to bias.
  18. This match made me think of this match. I wish this was at Uprising. Dazzle continues to remind me of Roman Reigns more than the Rock.
  19. I know hahah I don't care either way I just wasn't sure how it would work. All I know is they're some dudes Roadster brought in to vote in IWT.
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  20. :dafuq:Did I just read?