Promos Dark Match Challenge

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  1. "24 little 24 hours i had 20 god like experiences, 8 bags of skittles and still i wait for something, another mother throwin her face for a blowin? No....But what i was projected to do from the start, with the help of a little man known as Aids Johnson....THAT'S WIN! *He has a very confused look on his face* You see, i want 1 thing and that 1 thing is something i've been after for quite some time...the X...Division...Title! and not even a blow job can make up for pure gold touching my bustlin body! I may have enough sex in one day than most guys have in a lifetime, but haha theres one thing that hasn't touched me yet and that's championship gold! But that's far from the point i want a match here tonight! *He looks at the entrance ramp, wating for a response*