Promos Dark Match- Danny Cortez vs Nick

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Who do you think won?

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  1. Danny

  2. Nick

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @King Taz vs @Nickelodeon

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.
    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. Thanks Shadow you Da man #shadowforgm2014

    Yo @King Taz, you wanna start?
  3. Crowd React very surprised with a few enthusiasts and all plants begin to dance to his music. The stage has two inflatable palm trees are either side, attached to the floor as they blow from the fan. Cortez walks through the curtain, with his surfboard in hand as he flops his body to his theme, he waves to the fans as he heads to the ring which has been resigned to have a wooden ring design banner, some tiki torches in the back corners, a hammock and a few coconut glasses on a wooden pine table, Danny enters the ring by sliding his surfboard in the ring and slides in, he then continues to flop to the beat of his theme before it dies down and he gets a microphone from the ring assistant.

    Danny Cortez: IWT begins a new year and with a new year means new opportunities shoobies. Nick, being a dank guy that he is, even though he may have wiped out and is a little outta his mind, he said "Dude....Dude....DUDE! HOLD UP! Chillax with the Yap Yap Bruddah!. The Big surf competition is approaching Shoobies! I heard Cuz talk and my mind I was all "DUDE! DUDE! DUDE! I Know!, then he was all "I'm returning to the beach, it better not be no freakshow, I don't want no flaundering"

    Crowd are silently quiet, unaware of what Danny is saying

    Danny Cortez: So I said to Nick, the Brody himself, I said "Scoobert! Cuz, I look forward to you coming back for a Barnie, the waves I have caught have made me a lean mean sufering machine, which must do some good for wrasslin'. If you want to meet for a narley shindig, Ocean Man is awaiting for you to get out of the Hack Shack and meet me in the ring. With the Grundles here....

    Crowd are still fairly silent

    Danny Cortez: and the Babellinis. I told Nick to ride the Big Mama to the shores and prove he isn't a cherubee......
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  4. The static returns as Cortez is mid sentence. The arena goes into darkness. The titantron begins to show the fuzz a TV would normally show. The static finally stops, and a camera can be heard being adjusted. After a few moments of ruffling, the camera is set down, but pitch black is still the only thug seen. A small, faint light coming from a match can be seen. The light begins to move and goes over a candle, illuminating the room. It reveals Nick's face, nodding his head, looking directly into the camera.

    "I... have no fucking idea what you just said. If you're going to attempt to address me at least speak English. Listen, I don't care about you wave-riding I don't care about surfing because none of that matters. This isn't the ocean - this isn't the beach - this is the IWT! I'm not going to be ignored because I'm going to dominate the biggest wrestling company in the world - and you're just in my way."

    Nick spits and looks back into the camera.

    "Years of being ignored, forgotten, and I've had enough. I'm not in it for myself anymore, no. I'm here to save the people. Ive helped Victoria Parker begin her journey to freedom and I've helped all those stuck in this prison run free where they belong. And like me, they're done being ignored. Dat Kid thinks his Datcolytes are intimidating but my men and women are stronger than them individually combined. And as for you Danny Cortez, I'm here to save you. Join me. This is your initiation. We will beat you, batter you, bruise you because you are inferior. You need to know you are inferior to me, and you're already beginning to think it. I'm intimidating you right now - i can tell."

    "So Cortez, be afraid, be confused, it is all a part of the process. I'm not crazy, I'm not insane, and I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to save you. So Cortez, be warned. Either you're with us or against us. Im comi- no, WE'RE coming."

    He blows the candle out
  5. Cortez looks at the titantron then down to his surfboard for a moment, thinking seriously for a moment

    Danny Cortez: That dude sure looks chillaxed, he's all like "Dude, no sweat bruddah, The narley waves here get my adrenaline pumping, I ride unleahed, some serious dipping for a dolphin like me" and my reaction Shoobies is that rad duder is going to lacerate and get here in no time, fly pass landlords and cruise on the lines as he approaches the shore. That brosef right there will take to the surf, he ain't no janitor. The infusion's a-coming homeflies, so lay out your cruisers because we're gonna have a big ol' barnie. I'm shaking like I do when I pass a legend of the water, some who hangtides and ices, and that there Cuz is gonna be shredding it up with the ocean man and grundles alike! I appreciate the time you've given me Bruddah, and these Barbies and Brahs here wanna see you live as you cruise!

    Crowd are silently quiet, excluding some plants cheering
  6. About 10 people wearing the outfits they wore in the asylum begin to file out onto the stage. They form into a line with a large gap in the middle. They all get on their knees and await their savior.

    Nick walks down to the ring with a smile on his face. He makes his way to the apron, leaps onto it, hops over the rope and falls, only to get right up right after. He rips the mic from Cortez's grip and stares him in the eyes. As he is doing this, his disciples begin making their way down the ramp, emotionless. They all surround the ring.

    "Ask and you shall receive. I'm here, in the flesh. I've escaped the the mental institution. I've been called a loose cannon. My stability - which is perfectly normal - has been in question for years. Which makes no sense to me, but it's no matter. It was my initial plan to come out here and make you the first to convert to my new group, changing society for the better forever. But I've realized something. You aren't good enough. You're worthless. You come out here and have no idea what's going on - and nobody knows what you're saying. You're weak, you're dumb, and you aren't worthy of being a disciple. So my disciples and I had a conversation, and we decided that instead of allowing you to pass your initiation, we'll just beat you to a bloody pulp."

    Nick laughs and pushes Cortez into the corner, who just laughs along with him. Nick's expression suddenly changes.

    "You're laughing at me? You think im some sort of joke? HUH? You think everything is a fucking joke! I WILL KILL YOU! You're just like this society, never taking me seriously when I am the biggest threat to mankind in history! You need to be the example. I'm not waiting until the match - I'll beat you now."

    Nick pulls out the razor blade he's used before from his pocket and slowly begins to move toward Cortez, but his disciples run into the ring and begin holding back, an eventually throw him into the opposite corner. Out of rage, nick throws the blade to the ground and begins shaking the ropes.

  7. Cortez looks at Nick smiling, he reaches down out the ring to grab a mic from the stage hand

    Danny Cortez: Narley Bruddah! You brought a razor to shave your legs, you know leg hair slows your wood on the lines or when you go backdoor on a rad tunnel. Loving the energy bruddah, my hand is shaking with awesomeness!

    Danny holds his hand up as it shakes

    Danny Cortez: Are you feeling the awesomeness Cuz?

    Danny looks down to Nicks hand

    Danny Cortez: No Brah, you gotta hold it like this

    Danny stands side by side with Nick, and holds his hand up as Nick gives him an evil stare, Danny shakes Nick's wrist to shake Nick's hand

    Danny Cortez: There ya go! YOUR FEELING THE ELECTRICITY! The Electricity that you get when...when a beach bunny spots you on a rad ripper, or when you spark a cherubee on a big mama. You Cuz, Brah, dude, Bruddah, we're so Cowabunga, right here, surrounded by peepers and landlords, this is our moment and your providing much energy, it's totally naked brah! We gonna show those nacho noas in the back that Ocean man and his nifty sidekick, and brah, it's perfect for you, puddles are gonna shred in IWT just like you said, Ocean Man and Puddles!, Forget the barnie, we're chillaxing and I've found myself a duder
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  8. OOC: I though Danny was Danielson and I got excited :downer:

    Anyway, big props for you two doing a promo battle on new years eve. Looking forward to the read
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  9. Nick begins breathing heavily, he shoves Cortez away.

    "I didn't bring this to shave my legs! I brought this to make you suffer! You're an idiot! You won't make it any where in the IWT! I tried to save your career and you laughed at me... Just like everyone... Else. YOU THINK IM SOME SORT OF JOKE!?"

    Nick's followers slowly begin to part. Nick picks up Cortez's board and examines it.

    "I will make you feel my pain you moron... This is your pride and joy... I will do to you what they did to me. I will crush your hope and your dreams. I will break your bones and tear your limbs... anything to wipe that stupid smile off your face. You know what happens to people who take me as a joke?"

    Nick looks back to Cortez, drops the mic, and smashes the board over his head. He then begins stomping on his head and throws his shirt off. He screams and makes his followers pick Cortez up. They hold him up and Nick begins yelling at him and slapping him. He then hits Cortez with a roundhouse kick, knocking him to the floor. Nick then puts him in a sleeper hold, and picks up the razor. He begins cutting Cortez's forehead as he passes out from the submission. Nick releases the hold, grabs the mic, and crawls to the corner.

    "This is what happens when you ignore me. I will not stand for being ignored ever again. My presence will be felt. This is a warning - a message. I'm talking to every member of the IWT locker room. You either join me, or against me. Lines are being drawn. Now get a damn ref out here and start this match."
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  10. OOC: @Shadow or somebody begin the voting ppr favor? We decided to just give ourselves a 3
    Promo limit
  11. Alright, added. Marked for your theme btw, I'm gonna read the promos after I'm done with this episode, good luck to both of y'all.:)
  12. Thanks man, and yeah, my gimmick will eventually evolve into being like the Switchblades, so I thought it fit. I loved Callihan and Ambrose down there, worked so well together, one of the few Indy things I actually like.
  13. Big love for my buddy Shadox aka Cherry Pie running shit while jono makes himself look bad before the slammys.

    Marked for danielson, and then marked about as hard for Taz. Nick your shit was great but even that shitty surfer joke character still is just written so well. Had to go Taz.
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  14. Crowd: Shave your legs! Shave your legs! Shave your legs!
  15. The power trio made me the Director of Operations for the time being, Johnathan has been promoted to Steiner's bag carrier.
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  16. ok arent steiner and hogan just people using a 2nd account? And isnt that shit frowned upon anymore?
  17. Nope, those are my buds from xbox live
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Thought Danny was Danny. False advertising. :gtfo: Shadow
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  20. GTAV bro?
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