Voting Dark Match- Dat Kid vs Britanica

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Who won?

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  1. Dat Kid

  2. Britanica

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @Dat Kid vs @Britanica ♡

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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  2. A bright light comes from the floor of the stage as Datcolytes and concubines come crawling out of the hole. The concubines toss flower pedals around the arena and the Datcolytes bow down, facing the light. Dat Kid slowly rises from the light with cane raised in the air. Kid walks down to the ring.

    The congregation of Dat Church From Jersey may be seated. Some time ago I was brutally attacked by two misguided fools by the name of Trip and Marc Anthony, who I was told earlier today is not the guy who married Jennifer Lopez. Now I could easily destroy these two men within seconds, but that would not solve the problem. If we have learned anything about groups who plan to "take over" you've got to go right for the guy or in this case, whore who is pulling the strings. You see as easy as I can take these men out, this whore would only recruit more lost souls to her demonic crimes against Dat Church From Jersey.

    Britanica, the woman who would rather open her legs, than open the door to salvation in the name of Jersey Christ. Along with Frank The Jock she was one of the people who stopped at nothing to keep me away from the people and spreading the word of God, but eventually much like her counterpart she was dethroned. Much like every woman in the IWT, she became a crazy bitch, who's personal vendetta is to destroy the house of God! I say NO MORE! You have manipulated the wills of inferior men and schemed in the shadows for far too long!

    God's eyes are on your girl and you will no longer hide from me. You hear the garbage that spews from you and your followers mouths, worshipping wolves. How can you teach people to worship filthy, flea ridden, beasts?! Teaching them the ways of animalistic behavior! Sniffing their anuses! You disgust me Britanica!

    Tonight the false prophet will be sacrificed in the name of the lord and savior of all you undeserving husks!
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  3. *Light go out and a large full moon appears on the screen*

    *No music is heard, just the sounds of wolves quieting the crowd and the light come on to a a dim flicker*
    *Britanica makes her way down the ramp accompanied by a black wolf with piercing eyes*
    *She enters the ring as the wolf sits by the announcer tables - the lights and howling stop and she grabs a mic*

    "If I am not mistaken, you refereed to yourself as... God!? *Britanica laughs obnoxiously* All mighty and all powerful? Yet you carry around a wooden stick to keep you up right *she kicks the cane from Dat Kid's hand* you pathetic old fool. You have the balls to come out here so foolishly and talk down to me yet it would appear it is all merely a contradiction as you are obviously neutered. You mock me and my people for walking with wolves and seeking justice in order. I choose to walk along side for better purpose, you shove your propaganda in the faces of these fans cracking jokes for cheap pops...*Britanica spits at the feet of Dat kid* coward! You are not God... you are not even a sub-level god... HELL! You are hardly a man! You are a cheap, disfigured joke of a former wrestler who no one ever took seriously.. And rightfully so. *Britanica walks with in inches of Dat Kids face* You call me crazy, yet the definition of crazy is much like insane, doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different outcome. I would say it is you who is insane... Match after match expecting to get over or win, but even in victory you lose."

    *Britanica steps back and calls the black wolf into the ring as it circles Dat Kid and her around the ropes*
    *The crowd boos*

    " You compare me to other women as if you ever had the opportunity to be with one. You are just in envy of that beautiful creature who left you at the alter. You know why she left you... Jabri? You are weak. You preach this so called good news as if you are a savior of some kind. What kinda of so called "god" mocks strength? You mock this beautiful creature. His strength and intelligence both out weighs yours. He gives commands with his eyes and no one dares to betray him. He can walk down an alley and be feared by groups. His coat is darker than night. It is a shame the same can't be said for you, hell, your whiter than I! You stand here, barely able to hold your own weight up. Look at you! *Britanica points and laughs* You are shaking! And not even from fear, that is just your weak old tired body telling you enough is enough."

    *Britanica hops off the corner rope as the wolf leave the ring*

    "Feed me the ammo to bury you. There wont be a second coming."​
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  4. Dat Kid wipes the spit off of his face. OOC: And tries to act like he didn't get a boner from it

    This is exactly what I expect from someone like you! You filthy mutt! You come here with your hostile inhibitions, spitting and kicking like a child! You are no different from the beasts you walk with, but I imagine that's something you take pride in. You take pride in acting like a deranged animal and then you have the nerve to call me "barely man", you're not even human you psycho!

    Dat Kid snatches his cane off the ground

    You want to call me weak because I hold a cane in my hand. This cane isn't because I'm weak or injured. I hold this cane because I carry the sins of the world and trust me, these people have been sinning! Don't project your weaknesses on me. I'm a younger than you. I am stronger than you! Coming out here calling me weak. Why don't you go play jump rope with your saggy titties.

    Dat Kid's congregation looks shocked at Kid's words. Dat Kid looks at his congregation and calms down.

    Look at what you made me do. Just being out here with you made me revert to my humanity. That is not a mistake I will make again. You came here to make a mockery of what everyone in the IWT, including yourself, believes Whether you want to admit it or not, you worship me and it angers you that you do because you are too feral to comprehend your instinctual obligation to OBEY ME! You do not understand what power is. You came out here with dogs, I came out here with the strength of slaves who will tear your beasts by their limbs and make you feast on their carcasses.

    Dat Kid pokes Britanica in the shoulder with his cane.

    Then where is your false god?
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  5. *Britanica pushes Dat Kid's cane away and laughs*

    "Don't be jealous my pet. You are just scared to dive into your carnal nature as a beast and accept death as the weakest part of humanity. I am not sure what that was, dripping on your face... but it certainly was not my spit. Drool perhaps? Give into your flesh. Feed it. You are nothing more then a mere mortal who craves power... Power you will never have."

    *Britanica snatches Dat Kid's cane and throws it into the crowd hitting an old woman*

    "I sure have never heard of carrying sins in a man-made object.. Wouldn't that serve as a form of worshiping false idols? But what do I know... I am not God. Apparently, you are though. So let's just see how "godly" you really are..."

    *The black wolf begins pulling out what appears to be a large cross from under the ring*
    *Brintanica pulls it in the ring and places it in one corner and the wolf backs Dat Kid towards it*

    "You see... If I were to hang you on this cross... And leave you here to die... I highly doubt you will come back. In fact... I am certain of it. Shall I prove my point? *Britanica takes a step at Dat Kid as he looks at the cross and pushes it towards the wolf almost knocking him out of the ring - the wolf becomes angry* ... I didn't think so... But it would appear you do have a death wish on your hands... Invoking an already hostile animal? That doesn't seem very wise. Then again you called me feral... And one thing everyone knows they should never do... is corner a feral cat!

    *Britanica looks at Dat Kid with great anger*

    "I obey the laws of nature. I don't obey a foolish human professing to be "god". I don't walk with my held held high preaching how I am better then others, I eat with the wolves. I share their pain and they share mine. You call these people your slaves? Well isn't that quite ironic? Don't you think? But I won't go there, I wouldn't want to make a preacher-man cry."
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  6. Dat Kid turns around and throws the cross out of the ring. He snaps his fingers and the Datcolytes snap the cross in half.

    Just because I hold the weight of the sins of the world does not mean I will die for them. What kind of a fool do you think I am? Dying for other people's sins. Only an idiot would do something as ridiculous lil that. NO, these people will die for their own sins and will only be saved by pledging eternal servitude to ME! Only in beastly beliefs like your own would sacrifice GOD! This is why you fail, this is why you are weak, this is why you are the FORMER owner of the IWT, and you stand here as a deranged lunatic who eats on their knees,,,, And I bet eating isn't the only thing you do with those wolves, you blasphemous wench!

    Crowd: You fucked Balto! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

    And God said "Thou shall not misinterpret the meaning of doggy style!"

    Datcolytes: Praise be to Kid!

    I'm not afraid a Kid damn cat! Animals are animals no matter if they're a wolf, a cat, a snake,

    Dat Kid gets in the face of Brit.

    ...or a little bitch. And just like the animals you worship Eliza Thornberry, you will have the same fate as all of them. To be served on the dining table in Dat Church From Jersey! However, I am a merciful God, even to lunatics like yourself. I will offer you the chance to save yourself. I will give you the opportunity to become one of my concubines, like many of the saved women you see here at ringside. They have all embraced God's love for themselves and they have become servants to it. You can either become my concubine and throw flower pedals at my boots or I can you can feel my boots crush every bone in that fragile little face of yours, then I can take Old Yeller backstage and put him down with the rest of your santanic cult.

    Jesus wept.
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  7. *Britanica seems to be in shock... Almost in tears*
    *She approaches Dat Kid and kneels before him and begins to bow ----
    *Then suddenly upper cuts him in his crotch as he falls over slowly, Britanica stands back up, laughing*

    "I... Am a lone wolf. I travel light and keep few company. I may eat on all fours with the wolves, but I don't suck up on two knees to get approval from anyone. I am sure you know this one... You see theirs leaders and there's followers, but I'd rather be a dick than a swallower."

    *Britanican calls the wolf to her side and commands him to piss on Dat Kid's feet*

    "Now you can tread lightly on paved streets of gold, your almighty disgrace."

    *She drops the mic on his head and rolls out of the ring*
    *The crowd begins chanting "You just swallowed! *clap clap* *clap clap clap**
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  8. OOC: Nice R.Kelly ending
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  9. OOC: My wolf wants to turn your feet into a toilet seat!!!
  10. OCC: @Shadow its done you can start voting up whenever you want.
  11. Im not going to misinterpret that on the off chance that you've added a wolf to that collection of animals you have
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  12. I wish! :please:
  13. Just get a dog like a normal person
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  14. Then I wouldn't be very normal, now would I? :true:
  15. You say it like you're normal now :pity2:
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  16. :mog:

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  17. Brit, do you have conversations with all these smilies you post?
  18. :hmm::dafuq::mog::boss1::annoyed::gtfo::why::haha::awyeah:

  19. OOC: *Crowd beings chanting " WHERE IS SHADOW!? *clap clap*clap clap clap*" *
  20. Mas-tur-bating! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
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