Voting Dark Match- Dat Kid vs Chris Kaizer

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Who won?

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  1. Dat Kid

  2. Chris Kaizer

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Dat Kid(@Dat Kid) vs Chris Kaizer(@Black_Jesus)

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    - If Dat Kid beats Chris Kaizer then Jwab/David vs The Dazzling Chavs will be for the tag titles at the Rumble.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. Dat Kid driven into the arena on a parade float, with his followers swarmed on it. He sits on a throne at the top of the throne. Two women kneel by his side. His followers throw flower pedals off of the float as they eave to the crowd. Dat Kid stands up and the concubines remove his toga to reveal Dat Kid's usual ring tights. He wears a T-Shirt thats says "Whores don't win titles" and it has a picture of Victoria Parker on it. Kid walks down the ramp, avoiding eye contact with people and glides on the ring apron, then hopes over the top rope. Kid stands in the center of the ring and raises his cane to his face to speak.

    The man I'd like to introduce tonight is the man who will undoubtedly defeat Gav's choice without breaking a sweat. Congregation of Dat Church From Jersey, I'd like you silence as service is about to begin. Place one hand on your heart and your other hand as high as you can, close your eyes and feel God's love as he introduces his pick in tonight's match. God's choice for tonight's match, is me! OOC:*mcmahon voice* It was me Gavin! It was me alllllll along Gavin!

    IC: Because unlike the spiteful man the Gav is, I don't have to manipulate other people to fight my battles. If God wants something done, I will simply dip my hand down into the world and SMASH those who oppose my will! And as protocol for tonight, I am offering the man who gav chose tonight the opportunity to forfeit this match and avoid having their perception of reality shattered by going one on one with the overwhelming force that is Dat God From Jersey.

    So if the man Gav chose would come out here and formally forfeit to me, we can use the next 3 hours to sing songs of praise to me.
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  3. Kaizer's music begins to play as the crowd boos. After a while, the song stops.

    Kaizer walks out dressed as Dat Kid. He struts around the top of the ramp. He notices the float and sits on the throne.

    Damn, this is comfy. How much did it cost at Ikea?

    Kaizer sits there with a huge smile on his face.

    Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, besides 5 and under, fuck you guys. IWT! GAV THE CHAV! B.DAZZLE! PRESENT TO YOU THE NEWEST MEMBER OF THE DAZZLING CHAVS!

    The crowd boo as Kaizer stands up and raises his hands above heads proudly. He sits back down.

    Now, mister Dat God from Chris Christie's bitch state, thinks he will easily go over me tonight. He wants me to forfeit my match, and sing songs for the next 3 hours. Well, Dat Kid, since you aren't Sammy Davis Jr., please don't. Oh, nice shirt by the way. Really describes your self and VP. In fact....

    Kaizer stands up and reveals a new t-shirt that says "Losers. They all come from Jersey." and picture of Dat Kid.

    Like it? It's on sale now for 15.00 $ on the Dat kid, I know that you are mentally challenged. You are helping the druggies by hiring them to be your followers which is good for you, but realize this, when was the last time you actually won a match? When was the last time you actually won a title? Huh? Because you walk around here like you are some big shot that actually wins matches. YOU COULDN'T EVEN BEAT A CRAZY CAT LADY! I am challenging for a title. You..well...uh..are in the Royal Rumble, so you have that going for you at least. You say you smash the people who oppose your will. The only thing you smash is your dignity, take what's left of it, and go back to Jersey.

    Kaizer sits back down as the crowd boo
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  4. Dat Kid looks confused. He puts down the cane and goes to IWT security, waving him over to ringside. He starts to have a conversation with him.

    A fan hoped the barricade...he has a mic too...right over there...yeah him...he's in the IWT? opponent?

    Dat Kid looks back at Kaizer then goes back to talking to security


    Dat Kid picks up his cane.

    I'm sorry I was a little confused. I didn't know you were a competitor in the IWT. Congratulations on your title opportunity. It's nice to see Jonathan's brought back the Cruiserweight Championship. However I think you're a little confused because I'm supposed to face Gav's choice opponent and that obviously can't be you. I mean look at you. You come out here dressed in ridiculous robes, sitting on a throne, wearing derogatory t-shirts, with some crappy theme song, prancing around like some sort of God. You look like some guy who got left in the arena when Comic Con ended.

    Well then again, this is Gav we're talking about, so it is possible for an idiot like you to be placed in that mockery of a team. In fact, you're perfect.

    ....which also means you chose not to forfeit tonight, big mistake. You want to know the last time I won a match? The last time I won a match, I was dragging Gav the Chav's sorry carcass from post to post, ripping apart his flesh with my bare hands, and leaving him humiliated in a puddle of his own blood. If you're a part of that same group, what makes you think you have a chance at even getting the opportunity of laying a hand on a superior being such as myself.

    So why don't you get your filthy gaping anus off of my throne, before I toss you off there and down straight into hell, just like I did with Gav.
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  5. Chris Kaizer laughs at Dat Kid

    Well, I was right, you are challenged in the head. My "filthy gaping anus" isn't going to got off of your throne, you didn't tell me how much it cost, it's really comfy. Now, as you sit up there being you, I will sit up here, laughing at how delusional you are. You may of beaten Gav, but you won't be able to beat me. You may think that you tore his flesh apart, but you won't do that tonight, or ever again. Because tonight, I stop the Cure from even getting a shot at the title. I stop you from winning, if that has happened more than once...

    Kaizer stands up

    This robe, that theme, this shirt, is mocking you. Which isn't hard at all. All I have to do is believe I am some sort of god that people follow. I must also be a jobber. Acting like a god? That's all you do, and just like the people who preach for gods and goddesses, all you sprout out is BULLSHIT! You continue to believe you are something, when you aren't. All you are is a stepping stone for people's careers. Just like mine, and after I beat you tonight, and then go on to beat David in the X-Division match, you will damn sure know who I am, because I would have destroyed The Cur-

    A staff member comes over and says there is a third member

    Really? Oh! That guy right. Sorry, I totally forgot about an irrelevant member of the Cure. Now, Dat Kid, I won't forfeit, neither will you. There is one thing that I do that you don't....

    Kaizer spits on the float.

    I win.

    Kaizer sits back down on the throne
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  6. Dat Kid steps out on to the apron.

    Who are you? Who are you, to come in the presence of GOD! And question my actions!

    Dat Kid closes his eyes and raises his hand towards Kaizer, shaking his head as the ground.

    This is the devil doing his work again. I see the sin in you boy, in the vile ooze that protrudes from your mouth with each heinous word that is spoken. I am going to save you.

    Dat Kid steps off the apron and on to the floor.

    I am going to save you be sacrificing you here tonight and I think I'm finally understanding it. Gav didn't send you down here to win. A joke like you, do you honestly believe that you even had a chance at beating me? A no name like yourself, is gonna beat a grand slam champion.

    Dat Kid laughs

    You fool! You were set up! Gav sent you out here, so that I could save you! Just like I saved him! The beating I gave Gav was something that he had never experienced before and you can tell. Ever since that day Gav doesn't compete the same anymore, he doesn't play guitar the same anymore, he doesn't even breathe the same anymore. His whole false world was shattered and reality filled in the empty space in his mind. The reality that I am the one and only true god on Earth. He's realized that and he delivered you to me, so that I could do the same to you.

    Dat Kid starts walking toward Kaizer

    So that I could show you the sinfulness of your ways. You claim to be mocking me. Believe me, I love comedy, but if you think what you did even faintly resembles me, you're off by a mile. You can wear the clothes, take the theme, and sit on the throne, but you don't even come close to mocking god. You see, there is something in me that is unlike any other competitor here. I have an unrelenting pull on these people, they watch my every move, my every word, sucked in by the pure fascination of a being that is perfect in everything that he does. How could you possibly mock that?

    Dat Kid stops at the foot of the float and looks at the spit.

    Kaizer! Too ordinary men like you, a match is winning and losing, but to only powerful being in the IWT that is the man you see here right now, a match means winning and winning! You see because even when I lose I win! I've lost 9 times last year, but I'm the only competitor to hold 4 titles in that same year. I lost against DK and Frie, but proved that as a tag team they're failures, barely being able to beat one man! You see, I always win and tonight you will too because tonight you win the honor of being a rag as clean the spit off my float with your blood!

    Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid starts walking up the float slowly, holding the cane as if he's about to Kaizer.

    Commentator 1: What is he doing with that cane?!
    Commentator 2: This bell has not been legally started! Kaizer never entered the ring. Whatever Dat Kid is about to do is completely legal!
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  7. Kaizer stands up and smiles

    You really think you are a god, don't ya? I always thought it was an act, a fake you. Now I see, it isn't. You actually think you are a god, you think you can save people. Guess what, you can't. Gav sent me here and picked me because he knew I would win. He know that I wouldn't take a guy like you seriously and be threatened by you. I came here for one reason, to make sure that the Dazzling Chavs don't have to defend their champions. Stop The Cure's chances of winning the belts. You did lose 9 times last year, that's 8 more times than me. You may of won 4 belts in one year, but tonight, I will beat you just like Frie and Joey Bryant.

    Kaizer gets face to face with Dat Kid

    Jesus did wept, for the people that have to hear you talk. For me, for Gav, for B.Dazzle, for the rest of the IWT roster, all day, you come out and think you are a God, instead of you saving me...let me save you. Let me save you from being a dumbass. Let me save David and Jwab. I will save you tonight, and David the Rumble, and Jwab...when the time is right. Dat Kid, the more and more you talk, the more and more you and Victoria Parker become the perfect couple.

    Kaizer backs up a bit

    Dat Kid, I am amazed, you have the balls to come up on this float. Face to face with me, and threaten to hit me with your cane. Is that your pimp cane? Huh? Ya know what Dat Kid, do it, hit me! Do it!

    Kaizer drops the mic and puts his arms out.
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  8. That's really tough. You both were great like usual and I almost decided just not to vote but after reading them a second time, Dat Kid barely got it for me. TNH you know I love your stuff bro hahah, no doubt about it I want to see you with gold soon but gotta go with Kid. His last promo was the deciding factor for me, but this was one of the closest I've voted for in a while.
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  9. Frie: I wonder how many meters away they're standing from each other.
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  10. Tim Tebow: I think Kaizer is standing about 2 1/4 meters away from Dat Kid.
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  11. Frie: Bah Gawd, Kaizer! Gawd Dammit! I thought I knew you!
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  12. Tebow: Come on dude, don't use God's name in vain.
  13. Frie: You just had a match with God, though.
  14. Tebow: DUDE! COME ON! STOP!
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  15. Frie: God made you lose your starting position.
  16. Tebow: No, the Devil, Rex Ryan did.
  17. Frie: It was Peyton, Tim!
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  19. Eli: Peyton, did ya steal mah glass, Peyton?
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  20. @Shadow change the prefix to voting