Voting Dark Match - Dexx Duggan vs Ben Dover

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Dexx Duggan vs Ben Dover

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  1. Dexx Duggan

  2. Ben Dover

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    Dexx Duggan DX2006 vs Ben Dover TheOvalhead
    The following contest is a Special Guest Referee Match...
    - Competitors will have 2 promos each with a 24hr limit starting from when the first promo is posted
    -When the promo period is over or both competitors have submitted max promos, an additional 24 hrs will be opened for voting.
    - Jesse Pinkman will receive 1 vote, @Dat Chocolate From Jersey will receive 1 vote, & the public vote will count as 1
    - The person with the most votes will be the winner
    - Images, videos, & live stream is NOT allowed
    - Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.
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  2. *The edited version of Flatlined by Modern Echo hits, Duggan comes out, enters the ring, raises fist, grabs mic*
    Dexx: Where are ya Nukem? ... ... ... C'mon mate I have you the invite, and you fail to show up. Well no matter, onto business, Ben Dover... now I've only known ya for about 3 days and your only person I know that is more annoying than Nukem right now. You come out talking about how you fuck all these porn celebrities, hang out with strippers and all your so called "success" on Brazzers. You also give a major rant on how you believe some of us are probably still Virgins. Now mate I'm not you didn't lose your virginity, I'm sure you did, you hang out with Barney Stenson. But where did you lose it though? Well I don't know if my research is true or not but my conclusion is you mate lost your Virginity in none other than Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts! Which if some of you are wondering why that's a problem, P-Town is a Gay-Lesbian paradise. I would know mate, I take some trips to some weird parts of America. So with showing you probably have a record of fucking another dude, showing that your testicle size is probably half the size of an orbee... gives you a beating that will probably be twice as worse as what gav the chav will do to you on Uprising. So come out here mate, come out here, with whatever hookers you paid millions of bucks to walk you out to the ring or whatever Cure members who actually have the balls to watch your back, c'mon, let's see how right I am...
  3. *Ben Dover is lowered from the rafters with angel wings attached to him, Barney Stinson is getting a piggy back from Ben Dover as Barney clutches on for his dear life, landing on the announcers table, as they both eventually lands on the announcers table feet first, a microphone labelled "The Cure" subsequently drops from the sky and into Dover's hands*

    Ben Dover: Why if it isn't lil' Duggie? How's your unhealthy obsession with Nukey going? Listen chump, YOU ARE BEING A FOOL, YOU ARE FACING BEN DOVER, not Puke Nukem, by making constant references to him, you will only cause your downfall in this match!

    Don't doubt my success in my porn career; yet again you're not focusing on our WRESTLING match but it's your choice; but on the subject of porn and success, to me the definition of success is achieving your objective. My aim in porn was to raise it's prestige, make it more mainstream, allow people to feel comfortable talking about it with other people. GUESS WHAT?? I DID ALL THAT!! You are a virgin and always will be.. What allows the World to continue? HAVING SEX!!! Just ask my "brutha from anutha muvaa" to da left. Too answer your question about losing my virginity, I lost it when I was 17 to my Highschool Girlfriend Alexis, I would have asked you when you lost yours but you don't seem to possesses male or even female genitalia and you're too busy fantasizing about my sex life to get any sex in your own life. What's this bullshit about me having sex with men, I'm not homophobic but I'm never going to ever get anywhere near sexual man. Simply because... I'm not attracted to men, I like sweet delicious PUSSY! And not the Pussy you're depressed grandmother owns 30 of. To negatively insinuate I am homosexual is very immature and homophobic of you; Not worthy of being a professional wrestler..

    SO REGARDING SUCCESS; I'M READY TO SUCCEED IN WRESTLING AND IN UNIVERSITY, If my first step towards "success" is beating you're deluded ass then by the end of today I'll be a happy guy.

    Gav is a wannabee scumbag who's greatest achievement was learning how to spell "mcdonalds job application" so his beating on me will be 0%.
    If your beating of me is double his; let's do the math!! 0x2 = 0%. So it looks like I will be winning this battle mate..

    I respect you non-existent but in the long run it will cost you your teeth. PREPARE TO BEND OVER TO BEN DOVER.

    *Ben Dover high fives Barney Stinson*
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  4. *Duggan looks up*
    Dexx: Didn't the WWF Over the Edge 1999 incident mean anything to you mate? I feel bad for Barney if that cable snapped. Alright, now I'm not sure if that high school story was true, but since you interested I guess i'll tell you I, RIGHTFULLY, lost mine. This happened when I was 16 back home in Sydney Australia, It was buddy's Halloween Party, we do celebrate it down there just to be clear, I didn't really dress up but then I notice this dark haired girl named Courtney in the corner listening to the music mouthing the lyrics, it was one of my favorite songs so I went over, we talked, I made my moves *raises eybrows* she had some slack, then since it was buddy hosting the party he let me in his parents room and- well y'know what happened mate, I admit, not the best story on how I lost my virginity but I'm proud to have that one mate and for the record it shows, I lost my virginity before YOU.

    With that out of the way, you wanna talk wrestling? What have you won? Right, NOTHING, then you haven' lost either, all you really have is a draw. That's it? Now my record 0-0-0, well 0-1-0 if you count my battle royal loss. But before I came here, I've been in the outback shooting dingos, diseased kangaroos, and wrestling gators will bloody hands. After that I joined an underground fight club to take my abilities to the basic human. In my time there, under a month I RAN the joint beating the LIVING SHIT out of every single man that stood in my way, I broke legs, arms, knocked teeth out, even broke someone's neck once, after that I then parted for the IWT.

    The Cure doesn't know what the hell they got you into mate, they put a guy that only has wreslted to a draw in one match against the Australian Nightmare known as the Double X Factor!

    It was wrong of you to side with those idiots, BENNY, and i'm not saying side with The Crusade I hate them too. You shouldn't even be in this company, I don't how you survived one match, but this next one you have your gonna discover how it's like going through physical therapy after going through neck surgery. Stenson *Points at Barney* Gets this on Camera like if its a Girl Fight at a bar, this is gonna be Legend- wait for it...
  5. *Duke makes his way to the anounce table ready to watch the match with a load of popcorn and a cigar*
  6. *Ben Dover nods towards Barney then they both laugh*

    Ben Dover: Listen Steve Irwin wannabe, you're obviously indulged by over-confidence, confidence may be vital towards being able to achieve success, but when you're over confident Duggie, you can only lead yourself towards epic failure. The fact you are trying to compare wrestling crocodiles to wrestling a human with vast Wrestling experience shows you aren't ready to be in the IWT, let alone PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING IN GENERAL! I don't care if you can fight people, CAN....YOU.....WRESTLE.....THEM?

    I am sensible individual, I would never endanger my life or a fellow bro, have you ever read "The Bro Code" or do you have no friends, it's a good book published by Barney Stinson, the best bro a bro can ever have.

    *Ben and Barney bump fists*

    And ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh look, the guy you have an obsession with is here.

    *Ben smiles then points towards Duke, Duke is sitting next to the announcers table cheerfully eating popcorn while laughing at Duggan*

    I hope that doesn't make you uncomfortable Duggie, it would be shame if you let your guard down when it REALLY MATTERS!! You say this will be a girl fight but actually it'll Ben Dover WRESTLING a guy who fight and wrestles like a girl. The Cure were smart setting me on to you, they knew that I was just the type of guy who could burst your little bubble, when that bubbles burst, you will see the World for what it is, a World where the strong eat the weak, and today, the ring is my restaraunt and; WAITER; I WOULD LIKE TO ORDER 1 DEXX DUGGAN BURGER!! By the end of this match, your double x's will represent your eyes, just like in those good old cartoons.


    *Ben Dover and Barney high five and shout "Legen......DARYYYYYYY!"
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  7. *Trip sneaks up behind Duke Nukem at the announce table from within the crowd and slaps him in the back of the head with an unwrapped over sized T-bone steak*

    TRIP: You're order is ready Dookie! See ya soooooon! Hahahahahaha!

    *Trip disappears back into the crowd while Duke Nukem is stunned and trying to figure out what the hell just happened, blood from the freshly cut steak dripping down his head*
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  8. Promo Score Dexx
    Originality 1-5: 2
    Kayfabe/Staying in Character 1-5: 2
    Detail 1-5: 2
    Clarity 1-5: 1
    Entertaining 1-5: 1


    Promo Score Ben
    Originality 1-5: 2
    Kayfabe/Staying in Character 1-5: 2
    Detail 1-5: 3
    Clarity 1-5: 2
    Entertaining 1-5: 2


    Ben Dover gets my vote
  9. Voting Ovalhead, i seriously am a huge fan of the Dover Gimmick, and i think you did the better job.
  10. Well fuck, I lost, good match ovalhad
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  11. OOC - Good match dude, we had a decent back and forth there, could have went either way.
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  12. Oh yeah. I voted Oval as well.

    Promo Score Competitor #1
    Originality 1-5: 2
    Kayfabe/Staying in Character 1-5: 1.5
    Detail 1-5: 2
    Clarity 1-5: 1.5
    Entertaining 1-5: 1

    Promo Score Competitor #2
    Originality 1-5: 2.5
    Kayfabe/Staying in Character 1-5: 2.5
    Detail 1-5: 3
    Clarity 1-5: 2
    Entertaining 1-5: 1

    Total #1: 8/25
    Total #2: 11/25