Voting Dark Match - DKFJ vs Gav the Chav!

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Gav the Chav

  2. Dat Kid From Jersey

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. ooc i'll go first if ya want :)
  3. Not posting til 5, at work
  4. *gav walks out to no music and stands at the top of the ramp holding*

    (gav the chav) here we are again people yet another day Yet another IWT legend for gav to get his dirty little paws on this time its gavs former boss dat kid actually no dat OAP from jersey

    First gav must give credit where credits due way back in july dat kid was the one that gave gav the opportunity to come to the IWT dat kid gave gav a way out of the vicious circle he was stuck in he stopped gav from the monster he was turning into if it weren't for dat kid there would simply be no gav the chav so gav respects dat kid for that

    *gav begins walking towards the ring*

    But gav does a have an issue with him all week he's being spouting shit saying he's some sort of god or something his ego has become so inflated its fucking unreal he thinks he's fucking brilliant just coz he ain't lost since mania well on paper that looks brilliant but how many matches has he actually had gav can only recall 2 since he's been around thats fucking shocking he may as well be a part timer gav thinks he should just pack his bags and get the fuck outta here lets be honest it pointless you being here if your hardly gunna compete yes you were once great yes you've held just about every title in this company but that was that was in the old era that was back when even frank the jock won a world title these days the title has prestige now that aids johnson holds the title maybe gav will one day take the title from him who knows but thats in the future right now your my priority so come on dat kid show yourself!
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  5. 0:00 mad bitches come rushing out to the stage and ramp and they toss flower pedals around the stage. 0:15 They all begin clapping to the beat of the song. 0:25 Dat Kid arrives to the stage on a horse driven chariot wearing toga robes, with both arms out at his side, ivory mic cane in hand, he looks up at the ceiling with his eyes closed until he reaches the ring. Kid climbs the turnbuckle and raises the cane, flower pedals fall from the top of the arena.

    Crowd: You're a faggot! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*

    Dat Kid jumps into the ring and removes his robe to reveal his new ring attire (white tights with gold lettering that says Dat Kid on the back). Dat Kid looks over at Gav for a couple of seconds before slowly raising the microphone cane to speak.

    Well…here I am.

    Dat Kid smiles smugly at Gav.

    I've been keeping an eye on you Gav for quite some time, watching your career as the months passed and I have got to say…you have got to be the stupidest person to ever enter an IWT ring, so tonight as I make my return to singles competition, if you can even call it competition, it's going to be an honor throw you down the ladder you've been so desperately've been trying climb.

    I mean garbage like you doesn't even deserve to be in the business of professional wrestling. But here's what you do, you come out here, with your silly ass songs and you pander to these people. You come out here with your slutty dying old hag of a mother and do these paternity tests out in public so you can get people to notice you. With all your petty groveling, what has all your work gotten you? Nothing, zero, zip…nada, because no one wants to see a pathetic, no talent piece of shit, punk bitch with daddy issues.

    That's the difference between me and you. See, people like me we're meant to be at the head of the fray, winning titles, while people like you, Dexx Duggan, & Based God Darth, are meant to make fools out of yourselves so we can all giggle. The "clowns" of IWT per say.

    Unlike, my career which has never stopped evolving. I am at a point in my career where I no longer need a title to say I am the best. The MAN has become more important than a strap laced in fools gold. Fools gold, that you and the rest of the idiots in the back we'll chase after. You want to bring up how Aids is champion and I'm not, like I said, doesn't mean a damn thing because the night before Aids won the title, his ass was flat on the mat while I towered above him like the god I am.

    The only thing "prestigious" about the IWT is the god irradiating perfection upon your nonabsorbent being.
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  6. *gav looks at dat kid and shakes his head in disgust*

    (gav the chav) you know what dat kid when gav was a young chav his mother always taught him to respect his elders so thats what gav does he comes out here he gives credit where credits due he shows you the respect you deserve unlike the rest of the roster and what do you go do? You go throw it in my face who the fuck do you think you are?

    So you think nobody cares about gav the chav? You know what dat kid you sound bitter you think you're so great you think highly of yourself you think your better than gav the chav you know what maybe you are who knows but if your so great if you think your god then why did fsw fail? Come on tell me face it dat kid your a failure i bet thats why your so bitter? You hate the fact that really the IWT universe don't care about you they don't treat you with the respect you think you deserve in fact they shit on you constantly they label you as a jobber not this god you claim to be you're the most deluded person i've ever met in IWT you claim that your gunna take me down of this ladder i'm climbing but the real person crashing down to earth is you
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  7. You know what's funny. You guys keep throwing FSW in my face like it phases me. However, it's guys like you who were sniffing my asshole to get on the roster because you didn't want to deal with Jonathan. "IWT won't be the same with out you Kid, please let me know when FSW is starting" "Oh please, no one knows how to book over in IWT" Like children. If FSW was not a failure. FSW was never meant to be competition for IWT, if that was the case IWT would be out of business and you'd be working for me again. If anything, FSW made a point, and that point being was that things needed to change in IWT. More than half the roster went over to FSW for a reason, because at the time, this place ran on my blood.

    It wasn't until I left & night of champions was the worst PPV of all time, where people started to realize that without me, there is no IWT. That's when said people wanted to step up, get involved, and that's all thanks to me, whether you're too stupid to realize it or not.

    You think I'm bitter? I'm GOD! You're supposed to respect me, it's called worship for a reason. Don't get all upset because I don't return the favor. I'm not gonna sugar coat things, I'm gonna call it like I see it Gavin. Shit is shit, and that's exactly what you are. You want me to stand here and lie to you and lie to these people, who's the delusional one now? You want me to pretend like you have my respect, you haven't done a god damn thing to earn my respect. You haven't done a god damn thing to earn this match in fact. If this wasn't an open challenge I would have turned you down, because you're swinging out of your league. The moment you came through those currents we all knew you were as much as no one wants to admit it.

    Jobbers don't win the IWT Championship. Jobbers don't beat IWT Champions the night before they win the belt. Jobbers don't win two title matches in one night.

    Dat Kid walks over to Gav

    Jobbers frolic with other non-title contenders. Jobbers struggle to be in a main event match. Jobbers make fools at themselves out of desperation.

    Gav, I know deep down, you hate every moment of your life, knowing that you can never be taken seriously. It eats you up, but you'll come out here with a big smile on your face and sing and dance like an imbecile. You'll come out here and have a false sense of pride about what you do, thinking that it actually makes a difference. You think you matter? Plenty of people, just like you have entered this ring and they have all left it, leaving nothing behind.

    My career is on the line against Frank and if by some chance Frank wins, I will leave behind a legacy. My name is etched in this business forever and people will know my name after I'm long gone. Can the same be said for you?

    I don't think so
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  8. Fan: Flying faggot! *clap! clap! clap clap clap!*
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  9. (gav the chav)you see what i mean these people don't give a flying fuck about you they don't see you as this god you think they see you as they see you as this flying faggot that is the legacy you'll leave behind

    So you think i'm shit then well remember the cure? of course you do they were awesome weren't they way back in september i told every single person i would be responsible for taking them down guess what? I did it i sent them crashing down to a point of non existantance if i was as shit as you claim i am then couldn't possibly pull that of could i? And this was my reward the tag team title

    So you think the fsw was a success are you taking the piss? Like really yes i'll be honest i jumped ship like everybody else i saw it as an opportunity to kick more arse but it wasn't how gav imagined it in fact it was fucking shit when you left IWT i thought jonathan would struggle i thought IWT would crash and burn but how wrong was i? IWT is in much better shape without you in fact its fucking great without you i never thought i'd say this but jonathan is a lot better GM than you i alwayrs thought he was the weak link turns out you are hahaha you silly ****

    *gav drops thd mic and waits to see if @Dat Kid From Jersey responds*
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  10. Dat Kid walks over to Gav's mic and kicks it outside of the ring

    I never thought I'd see the day where Gav The Chav would call me weak. I am literally heartbroken. My anus is quivering at the emotional distortion your comments have caused me. I just-I can't…

    Dat Kid walks over to the corner and shelters his head in his arm.

    Crowd: Pus-sy! Pus-sy! Pus-sy!

    You shut your god damn mouths you infidels! All of you! All of you are going to hell. You're all gonna believe this blasphemy coming from this dirty ass nobody! There is no salvation for you! None of you! I hope you and all of your children, rot in a pit of fire!

    Dat Kid turns to Gav

    As for you, you think I'm the weak link, you think IWT is in good hands under Jonathan. That's just the kind of contentment I expect from a low level swine like yourself! You're happy not being champion, you're happy not being at the top, as long as you get your shits and giggles from these people who can be amused by just about anything. You think they matter?! These people, don't change a single fucking thing in this business. They have no power here, just like you have no power.

    You like to have this little fantasy about you beating Aids for the IWT championship? Let me tell you why that's a bunch of bullshit.
    1. Nobody gives a shit about Gav the Chav and his piss poor matches against the Joe-whathisfaces of the company.

    2. The man you just put on a pedestal, Jonathan, he wouldn't give you an IWT Championship match if your life depended on it. He would watch you die, sip his tea, and laugh about it the next morning before giving you a title shot. It took him more than a month to give DK James a title shot after he beat IWT veterans in the tournament. He proved he was the best in company at that moment, but he had to take a back seat to Victoria Parker, so what makes you think a silly little piece of shit will ever hold that championship.

    3. You don't have the support of God. You see, whether you realize it or not, my word carries weight. If I say, Gav the Chav doesn't deserve a shot, you better understand that you will NEVER get a title shot in your entire career. If you don't believe me, look no further than Suicide. The moment I said he was championship material, he won the World Heavyweight Championship and it was all thanks to me!

    Gav, you want to lie to yourself and lie to these people, so be it. There will be nothing more true than the battered carcass of one Gav the Chav, that will make all of these fools realize that you're all are in God's house! Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid places his cane on the side of steel steps
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  11. *gav starts talking to dat kid without realising he doesn't have a mic so nobody knows what he's saying 10 mins later gav realises this and goes to retrieve his mic outside the ring then continues talking*

    (gav the chav) for fuck sake i feel like a proper silly **** now anyway so you think these people don't matter? I thought you'd know better without these people there would be no gav the chav without these people there would be no dat kid from jersey why? Because there would be IWT i'd probably be running the streets of middlesbrough whereas you fuck knows what you'll be doing probably taking it up the arse from a guy known as @Crayo or something like that anyway i'm done talking to you gav thinks its time to fight!
  12. This right here = GOAT :pipebomb: IMO
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  13. Voted Gav the Chav because he actually votes. Good match for both either way.
  14. Voted Dat Kid, still one of my favorite heels here. Liked Gav's stuff as usual though.
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  15. OOC: Disclaimer - the following is intended to happen after the winner is announced, doesn't matter who the winner is as they will both be targeted. I'm bored and I have the time now.

    *As the ref raises the victor's hand (OOC: and they have said their piece if they wish to) a wolf howling is heard over the PA system. Dat Kid and Gav look at each other in surprise, each expecting the other to know what is going on. Suddenly Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony run into the ring from the crowd. A melee breaks out with Trip in the Head focusing on Dat Kid and Marcus going after Gav the Chav. The two competitors who just had this dark match are exhausted from beating on each other and are in no shape to deal with fresh opponents in a surprise situation such as this, but they give it their best and start to gain the upper hand. As the 4 superstars continue to battle @Britanica ❤ appears at the top of the ramp and acts as a distraction to Dat Kid and Gav the Chav. Trip and Marcus do not let the distraction go to waste, attacking the distracted superstars and getting the upper hand back*

    TRIP: *standing over Dat Kid who is laid out in the ring* YOU! You strung me along with DX like a girl keeping a guy on backup. *Kicks Dat Kid in the ribs* I WILL have my revenge. *Kicks Dat Kid again* I WILL "box with god" and then you will know the name TRIP IN THE HEAD is synonymous with PAIN! *Trip lifts Dat Kid to his feet, kicks him in the gut, lifts him up over his head like a razor's edge, then lets go and catches Dat Kid on the way down in a neck breaker. Trip's patented finishing move. On the other side of the ring Marcus works over Gav the Chav @TheArabHammer *
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  16. *Marcus has gav in the corner pounding his head with elbows and punches. He rolls out of the ring to get a steel chair and places it on gav's face. He climbs to the top rope and does a leg drop onto gav's face. Marcus has a mic thrown to him*

    Marcus: The darkness looms over all. No one will be safe. No one will be spared. *looks down at a bloody gav* gav, you wrote your own destiny. The second you took apart that cat, it didn't just give us just cause for what happened here tonight.You signed for your own funeral in blood. Take solace in the fact we let you live to fight another day. *Marcus is standing over gav now looking at his broken body* Because next time we won't be as courteous and we WILL take what we want.
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    -Britanica grabs a mic from back stage and comes out clapping

    -The crowd begins to boo and drowns out the clap.

    The amount of hate is intoxicating, but is it really hate? I mean after all, there are two greater emotions that everything stems from... love and... fear. People tend to discourage the acts they can't comprehend, ignore the irrational and stick to what the books say... They simply fear what they don't understand. Allow me to enlighten you all. This is the dawn of a new era. Where pain takes new meaning, gold will switch hands. The poor become the rich, the rich become the powerless. Good deeds will be a blur in the microscopic rear-view mirror of truth. No one if left standing. No one is left untouched. You will all taste the blood wine we drink for nourishment. You will learn to bow to the moon... For darkness is upon us. And I can promise you all... Not many will like it... Most will object it... But you will all come to learn the ways. And once we have you all... Nothing will stop us. No. No one is safe even then after. Be prepared IWT. The future... Starts.... NOW!

    -Britanica starts laughing as the lights go out and everything is blackened by darkness

    -A few moments later the light come on and Dat Kid & Gav are both knocked out in the ring while Trip & Marcus are standing at the stage with Britanica.

    Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. Two fell off and bumped their heads. Mama called the doctor, and the doctor said.. No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

    -Everyone looks confused as Britanica drops the mic and a wolf accompanies the three back stage.

    -The medical team rushes past them to get to the ring.
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  18. Even your votes are irrelevant :jeritroll:
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  19. Fan: *jumps the barricade and points at Gav* Yo momma!
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