Voting Dark Match - Duke Nukem vs Trip

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Duke Nukem vs Trip

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    Louisiscool louissiscool vs Trip In The Headtripinthehead69

    The following contest is a Tables Match...

    - Competitors will have 3 promos each with a 24hr limit starting from when the first promo is posted
    -When the promo period is over or both competitors have submitted max promos, an additional 24 hrs will be opened for voting.
    - This will be a public vote
    - The person with the most votes will be the winner
    - Images ARE allowed, but videos & live stream is not
    - Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.


  2. OOC: I just called my character Trip in the Head, or Trip for short. AKA "The Excellence of Executions". Also, the no videos thing, are the intro "titantron" videos still ok? I thought I saw those on other matches. This is my first match so I just want to make sure I got my shit straight.

    Also, does it matter who goes first? Is there something that determines that?
  3. Titantrons are always okay & going 1st is something you sort amongst yourselves. If neither of you can come to a decision on that I'll flip a coin.

  4. OOC: All righty then. Doesn't matter much to me who goes first. What about you louissiscool?
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    OOC: you go first i dont mind.
  6. OOC: I said i'd show up uninvited
    *Duggan is at ringside with beer and popcorn*
    (Don't worry, I won't interrupt, will just watch)
  7. OOC: Cool thanks. Here goes.

    *The crowd is still restless from the Dexx Duggan (DX2006) vs Ben Dover (TheOvalhead)and Adam Hawk (Adam Aries) vs King Charles (rko2004) matches. Suddenly the lights go out and the crowd falls silent. The titantron then does what it does best as the red lights slowly come on and smoke envelops the stage*

    *A shadowy figure emerges from the smoke onto the stage as the music begins*

    Trip in the Head small.jpg
    OOC: Okay, I showed my first few promos to an artistic friend of mine and he whipped this up in an afternoon, so I thought I would post it, images being allowed and all. More of a promotional image than in ring attire I'd say. Hope its ok. :)

    *Trip steps out to the top of the ramp wearing his blood stained butcher's apron, but he has nothing else with him. After a moment he falls to his knees and laughs as a single burst of red pyrotechnics fly up from the edge of the stage when his knees land. He jumps right back up to his feet after and makes his way to the ring, zig zagging from side to side and leaning over the barricade almost drooling on the fans as he snaps at them*


    *As Trip reaches the ring he yanks off the apron and starts pulling out tables from under the ring and stacking them out, two high in a couple of places. The crowd grows thunderous with "We Want Tables!" chants. There are now at least half a dozen tables open around the outside of the ring. Trip slides one more table in the ring and leans it in a corner. He motions for a microphone and is given one reluctantly by the ringer of the bell.*

    TRIP: All right Duke-eee! As in the dookie that needs to be flushed. I can't properly perform my job here in IWT with you stinking up the place. That's just gross. And coming from me, well, I'm usually up to my elbows in blood and guts most days, know what I'm saying? I see you got your buddy out here - *Trip points at Dexx Duggan and walks to the edge of the ropes* - enjoy the show, sir. I'll be able to help you with your order after I deal.....with....-*Trip slowly points and turns his head towards the ramp as his tone drops and he says* -himmmm. SO - why don't yooooou come on out hereALREADY? I did some re-dec-oratiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing. You LIKE IT!? Good, cause ALL these tables got your name on em dookie. Let's see which one I can splatter you all over first, shall we?

    *Trip leans against the table in the corner, arms out to each side on the second rope, waiting.........*

    Announcer 1: Well it seems like this Trip in the Head guy means business tonight.
    Announcer 2: I know. We have tables everywhere outside the ring now! This night is not going to end well for one of these superstars.
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  8. OOC lol i liked the writing man and the promo, just remember always practice makes perfect, which is what these hosue matches are for. I probably need a few.
  9. OOC: Thanks, I like this whole IWT idea a lot. I wouldn't mind getting in on future storylines with people, even for jobbing. Just got to try and make it entertaining, ya know. Although, when its the readers that actually vote on the winners the endings could go either way right? Have to be prepared I guess.

    Edit: Oh man, you're one of those "Cure" guys right? Nice, compliment means more now, haha.

  10. *the whole arena goes dark*

    *22 seconds in the arena flashes white and a mushroom cloud comes from under the titantron and duke nukem drives in on a a sewege truck*

    I noticed you like to talk shit alot so i thought i would cover you in it *sprays trip in the head with the raw sewage*
    I think the only one stinking up the place is you seemingly quite literally as well *croud laugh* you are right about the tables having my name on but it just means im going to own this match like i already own this ring and all of these fans support.
    Last time we spoke you said and i quote "it will be like meat to the slaughter" with regards to our match.....if you have been 'slaughtering' meat all this long im sorry to inform you of this as it has clearly been a lifelong pursuit of yours but meat is already dead you cannot slaughter it and if your too stupid to figure that one out by yourself i think you might have a little trouble putting me through a table
    As for re decorating good im wearing a jumpsuit today as i just covered you in shit that shit represents you and your gimmick chump now fuck off back to the bakery oh sorry i meant butchers it is just i get them mixed up sometimes because they are about scary as one another. *gets off truck and throws table in ring*
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  11. OOC: OMG a sewage truck. Fuckin nice lol.
  12. OOC: couldn't have you calling me shit now could i :)
  13. Announcer 1: Holy shi-, I mean crap! Look out!
    Announcer 2: Oh he got some in my mouth! - OOC: I would love for this to be Michael Cole, lol.

    *Trip slips and slides in the sewage as he tries to gain his footing, the pressure of the raw sewage knocking him down. He wipes the sewage from his face when he finally stands up. A shit eating grin grows across his face.*

    TRIP: Who do you think you are jack ass? Stone Cold called and he wants his bit back you no talent hack. Taking that nick name a tad too literaly are we? Ugh, this is just horrible. Grrrrrrr! *Trip frantically wipes at the chunks left behind on his body by the sewage* What the fuck are you talking about anyway? Meat to the slaught?......oh riiight. Things tend to fade to black sometimes, but that's why I'm here in the IWT - you see. Beating, well, the shit out of people like you is my medicine, my goosfraba if you will. It keeps me in LINE so I can provide the services people NEED, because everyone needs a little meat in their diet. Hell, even Daniel Bryan had one of my freshly cut steaks during his "make over". Vegan my ass. But you seem to be stuck on that quote from one my black out rants eh? Well, it may be because when I - *Trip pauses and looks up* - go to my happy place, - *Trip looks back at Nukem* - you are alllllll just meat to me. You, the guy ringing the bell over there, these fans, *Fan reaction: BOOOOOO!*, just a bunch of MEAT SACKS, bwahahahaha. No different then the cows and pigs we all eat. I can put you through one these tables as easily as my cleaver cuts through the bone. And my cleaver is always sharp and ready to go. *After Duke Nukem gets in the ring Trip lobs a mass of sewage at him that hits him square in the chest* Oooops, well isn't that shitty? Take your best shot Nukem. I'm right here and all that your adoring fans want to see is one of us get put through these tables. *Crowd chants "We Want Tables!" again and again*

    Announcer 2: *pukes*
    Announcer 1: Aw come on! Can we get some mops out here!?
  14. OOC: I'm loving this right now.
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  15. OOC: Sweet! Tell your friends! :xanth:
  16. Haha that is the reason i decided to wear a jumpsuit so it didn't matter if i got any of this on me *gets off truck and heads into ring* i just thought had a thought maybe we should we-rite your entrance theme to this *pulls out guitar from under ring* "weeeeeelllll its the freak show du dum du dum dum its the freak show, get ready for nothing coz i war an apron du dum dum du dum *puts guitar down and lights cigar* that cleaver is just a halloween toy so i guess you have much chance of cutting meat as you do putting me through a table you are right but unfortunately for you that is a 0% chance.
    As for me being a stone cold rip off i think we all know you just said that to cover up the fact abdullah the butcher wants his gimmick back in general. After this match is over do not worry i have staright jacket to put you in and i will call the funny farm we can get you some of that medication you need its called a big dose of reality its the best cure for delusionanal idiots like yourself.
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  17. *Trip watches Duke pull out the guitar and play his little ditty, cringing while he does*

    TRIP: Oh that was just awful. Give me that! *Trip takes the guitar from Duke Nukem and plays the main riff from Pantera's Cowboys from Hell. The crowd gives a small pop, but mostly for the song, not Trip* There, that's how its done you insignificant whelp. *Trip grabs the cigar from Duke's mouth, throws it down in a puddle of shit water and stomps it out* Well I can see that even if the jumpsuit keeps it off from you, I would still say your full of the stuff there Dookie. And believe me, my cleaver is quite real, although I don't think I would need much more than a Halloween toy to deal with you tonight, hahaha.

    Also, who ever said you were an actual Stone Cold rip off? That would imply I somehow think you are comparable to him. Stone Cold was a GOD in this business and you sir are not even on the same playing field as the rattlesnake. And did you just compare me to a non-english speaking giant of man who has caused more pain in this business than most? I liiiike it. Of course, I'm just getting started so I have some catching up do, now don't I? But you're here to help me with that tonight aren't you? What a good place to start. *The same evil smile returns to Trips face* And a straight jacket!? Please, don't you think they've tried that before? And a dose of reality? Reality!? Reality is subjective my friend. You wouldn't last long enough to contribute to that sewage truck in my reality. Nothing......NOTHING.......can stop what I am bringing to the IWT universe. What is that you might ask yourself? Calm down, don't hurt that fragile brain of yours trying to answer that.

    *Trip lowers his hands to his sides and faces downward as his hair covers his face, the crowds anticipation growing as they wait for the answer. He paces the ring for a minute and then his head tilts back up to meet Duke Nukem with a cold stare*

    TRIP: I will bring BLOODY DESTRUCTION to the IWT universe! So sayeth the "Excellence of Executions".

    *Trip hangs his head again, drops his microphone carelessly, and waits for Duke Nukem to make his move*
  18. Excellence of execution? i thought that was bret harts thing, no its not a comparison its a carbon copy dick head and that doesn't mean you are as good as him.
    Your quite right nothing can stop what your bringing to the IWT universe....*duke nukem pauses and looks at trip with a big cheesy grin on his face* thats because you bring nothing anyway so therefore there is nothing to stop.
    *rips the teddy bear hanging from tip off him*
    You play with childrens toys? in what world is that scary who are you kidding friend there isn't a person here who believes your hype nothing you have said has told me you can out wrestle me, nothing you have told me has said you can out fight me and nothing has told me you can beat me tonight so i sugest you wind your fucking neck i and walk the fuck back down that ramp because in about 1 minute im going to that corner take my sunglasses off eat this ham sandwich and then im going to kick your stinking carcass staright back into the abbatoir you came from and incase your tiny meat filled brain doesn't know what that is it's a slaughter house.
    My foot your head perfect couple lets get this show on the road sausage lover.
  19. OOC: Voting still not open yet?
  20. OOC: im sure it is meant to be as the first promo was posted over 24 hours ago Big E Rection
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