Voting Dark Match - Ed and Al vs Reagan and Justin!

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Who's your winners?

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  1. Ed and Al

  2. Reagan and Justin

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. * The lights dim *

    * Justin Magnus comes out with @FailFaceFTW , both wearing suits. Magnus enters the ring while @FailFaceFTW goes around to grab a microphone. He tosses it to Magnus and stays outside *

    Justin Magnus: So I see we have our first lambs to the slaughter here don't we. A 90's porn star and a drug addict, great competition eh? They even think they'll be tag team champions by July 7th, even people with as little talent as The Order could destroy this team. I guess the paper champions left a metaphorical paper trail for us to follow, and here I'd thought we'd have actual competition. Some people with class and dignity that would actually give me an actual challenge that would keep me busy. But no, I definitely walked into this arena giving an open challenge to the "tag team" division expecting somewhat of an actual match. But this isn't about what I think, this is about what's going to happen.

    Personally, I have no idea where to even begin with these two clowns. But hell, I'm on short time because I've got things to do after this match besides sit around like a coked out wannabe superstar. And speaking of coked out wannabe superstars, lets just start with Eduardo shall we? A drug addict and a wannabe superstar who recently was called upon by The Order to join their alliance and capture more gold. Well, I think The Order might be on the good stuff too if they think he's the one to get the job done, but they do wear some discount store hoodies with paper letters, so that might be not as far fetched as once thought. But lets face it, when he comes out here, he'll probably be so high that he won't even be able to stand without grasping a turnbuckle thinking he's gonna fall off the Empire State Building. So if he does that, what makes him think he can beat me in a match without passing out 3 seconds into a Figure Four. And by the way, does IWT have any rules against drug usage?

    But lets not harp on the poor drug addict the entire time, lets get to the guy still livin' in the 90's. Apparently his weed stash is apparently the reason these two teamed up, once again questioning if IWT has a rule against drug usage. And I guess the weed gives him ADHD, he jumps around like a jackrabbit on crack. His finisher is an elbow drop, although he looks like he doesn't weigh anything more than 120 pounds. If he's expected to actually beat people with that, maybe weed does cause brain damage. And last but not least, his metaphors and references to the 90's. I mean, the outfit, the theme, and the weed weren't enough, but now he's talking like he's a drug addict Hulk Hogan?

    Hell, Eduardo said it himself, the only chemistry these two have is the multitude of drugs they make in their basements. I mean, one's the stereotypical drug addict that keeps falling into his vices, and the other one is a typical 90's hippie living in the new age. But I guess the best thing about these guys is that they're like Harold and Kumar movies, they're just weed and a bunch of jokes. So I guess your guys' promos earlier were just a moment, and you know what I say about moments. Moments last a minute, legacies last forever, and I am a walking legacy.
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  3. *Reagan gets the Microphone from Magnus*

    Reagan:this is what we have to face?......Eduardo and....

    *Reagan Looks down and shakes his head*

    Reagan: Al Poppin'....

    *A Massive Pop and most of the Crowd begins to Jump*

    Reagan: wow.....this is what IWT has come to....a guy who likes to Jump about has teamed with a guy who likes Pain....i will give them their dues...Eduardo has got a W in his colom but the bad thing is.....he went against the most Pathetic,idiotic person on the Roster...Aiden Ryan....

    *Cheers as Reagan has a confused look on his face*

    Reagan:........did i ask you people to cheer?

    *Boos as Reagan smiles*

    Reagan: normally i would come up with more perfect Insults to tell you all but most of you don't even listen because you don't know when Perfection is in the ring because you idiots seem to think that Perfection are Al and people even think BRUCE KNIGHT! is Perfection

    *The Crowd Cheers as loud as they can as Reagan shakes his head and looks at Magnus with a "this is a Normal IWT Crowd" look as Mr.Failface has a dissapointed look on his face and Reagan looks back at the Crowd*

    Reagan: but the actual Perfection is in this ring in form of one of the most Technical Wrestlers in IWT yours truly Reagan Cole

    *Reagan bows as the Crowd Boos*

    Reagan:.....the Future of IWT Justin Magnus!

    *Even More Boos*

    Reagan: and of course the 1 Time Europien Champion and the one of the All-time Best Wrestlers of IWT.......MR.FAILFACEFTW!

    *the Loudest Boos as Reagan Shakes his head*

    Reagan: anyway as my Brilliant Partner has quoted these two people are complete opposites that deserve to be opposites because as somebody once said "i'm Straight-Edge and that means i'm better than you" but clearly you haven't seen this guy yet,google it if you still have money for a phone but i am actually going to let you slobs speak so come on down...

    *Reagan leans agaist the ropes*
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  4. Al Poppin' comes out wearing some star framed glasses with a dark red lens, a striped jacket (blue, green and purple jacket with tassels flowing down his back), a white headband, matching purple tights and about a dozen glow bracelets on each arm as he jumps around on stage tossing them out to the fans as Eduardo joins him, distant. Al offers some bracelets to Eduardo, who ignores him and Al Poppin' resumes the theatrics, as he jumps his way down to the ring, and slides in with Eduardo following him, but not before grabbing a mic

    Al Poppin': Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to thank Mr.Magnus (cough TNA)...and Reagan Cole for introducing us, I'm new and if I had known I was going to get not 1 but 2 ring announcers, I would have come a lot sooner. But I feel the need...not the need for speed, Eduardo had that a few minutes ago, not me, I feel the need to return the favor, so allow me to introduce you guys..Al Poppin moistens his lips and strikes a few poses. Allow me introduce to you, the tag team, the dream team, We have two men who came out here, the crickets went wild for these boys, not so popular with the human fans, but they have a real talent with insects. Crickets, Spiders, Ladybugs, Beetles, Grasshoppers, Ants, put your antennas together for Reagan Cole..... Al Poppin then walks over to a turnbuckle and climbs up buffing out his chest as he screams out AND...JUSTIN...MAAGNUSSS-AH! Al Poppin' then dismounts as he tosses the remaining bracelets into the fans.

    Al Poppin': I think we are even stevens on the introduction, however what I noticed from your little speeches don't really know much about Al P-O-Double P-I-N-Forget the freaking G, Al Poppin', you the fans don't know about me, because I'm the new kid, and in wrestling it means, I have to pay my dues, so....(Al pulls out his wallet from the back of his tights and pulls out a wad of ones, he licks his thumb and shuffles through 7 bills and pulls them out.) Here we are, 7 dollars, now that we have that settled, now that this former-jobber is now an official member of the mid-card division, we can get onto the matter at hand. You boys seem like a great pair of guys, but you have me all wrong, that is one of our many differences, he's a big fan of hard rock, where as I jam out to ABBA non-stop behind closed curtains, he loves pills, I love ribbons, Eduardo is very well endowed, I am no bigger than a gummy bear (Crowd Pop), we have many differences, if we were a sandwich, I'd be the jelly, he'd be the thumb-tacks. You both came out here and judged Eduardo for his lifestyle, that's fine, you accuse me of having the same lifestyle, eh, no biggie, you say that the Handsome Devil Bruce Knight isn't perfect, I guess he has got to work, again and again until he gets it right..(The Crowd slightly boo Al for the Hannah Montana reference), you can come out here and say I am a drug addict Hulk Hogan, say I weigh whatever, call me a jackrabbit, but if you ever say I have ADHD...I know what that means, Anal Damaging Hamster Dementia, that is where I draw the line in the sand.....................You know what, I'm not going to swear, I'll let those sins fall on-eth to my-eth partner. Al Poppin passes the microphone to Eduardo
  5. OOC - You bitch Ric making me come out to that theme

    Eduardo stands in the ring, as he slightly stumbles in the ring. Looking at the pair of his opponents with pure hatred in his eyes. As an evil smirk comes onto his face as he closes his eyes

    "Look at the pair of you and look at us, you both are actual wrestlers, I'm a freaking happy train wreck and this moron that follows me around like a puppy is an embarrassment to the word professional wrestling, so how humiliating will it be for the pair of you to lose to a man who is almost out of HIS FUCKING MIND! and..."

    Eduardo opens his eyes and looks at Al, his face is tight as he struggles to find the words to describe him

    " who obviously has been fondled by his "uncle" on more than one occasion, you both will never be taken seriously as competition again. You both came out here and said the same thing, you're in the ring with a drug abuser, Yet I have been denied the greatest drug of all, Justin wants someone to con-chair-to? I'm standing right here you cowardly ass shit head. You want to pair yourself up with a 1 time European champion, I have heard some names, but who the fuck is FailFace? Some random bitch who won the title be defeating the biggest opponent in his life, The superstar who held the title before he did, Vacant? If that's your poison bitch and Reagan Bitch, then I think the stuff I sniff and snort is a fucking benefit compared to that idiot moron managing you in this tag team match. I may need to overdose on some opium to give you two a fighting chance. Ring the bell zebra and lets have this slugfest"
  6. * @FailFaceFTW grabs his Kendo Stick out from under the ring and looks to enter the ring, but Magnus calms him and waves him down. Magnus seems to mouth "I got this" *

    Justin Magnus: Well, I think I just saw and heard exactly what I wanted to see and hear. If anything, you just destroyed yourself, because you backed up exactly what I said. You just came out here Al and made a couple jokes about us and your tag team partner definitely doesn't seem amused at all. In fact, I think he might has well of cut my promo for me. Al, you're just a moron who's a disgrace to the name of professional wrestling.

    You are exactly what I called you, a Harold and Kumar movie, all weed and jokes. You are a great example of what I hate about what the wrestling business has become. People used to like wrestlers, not the idiotic term superstar. A superstar is a showbiz term, and it sounds like something that should be associated with reality TV. Fans are now liking superstars like you that what all you do is tell jokes and talk in terrible metaphors. You can't grapple, you can't strike, you can't wrestle PERIOD. If this company was all about wrestling, your contract would be sitting in little miniscule pieces at the bottom of a trash can. But it's not, and you know why? Because fans "love" your comedic act and your attempt at being someone who can wrestle by being able to elbow drop a mat successfully. And calling ADHD "Anal Damaging Hamster Dementia"? The definition of dementia is " a chronic or persistent disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning". Along with that, your hamster sized brain, and " who obviously has been fondled by his "uncle" on more than one occasion" fits that you do have your definition of ADHD. I guess it shows by trying to play an idiotic drug addict Hulk Hogan to be funny. It's ridiculous, and even the crowd boos your cringing attempt at comedy sometimes. If you wanted to be a comedian, don't start in the wrestling business. Hell, you couldn't even be a good comedian, so why not try and suck off a producer to get a spot on the latest episode of Honey Boo Boo. It's worked for a lot of people.

    And for you Eduardo? You're just as big of a joke as your partner. Saying I won't con-chair-to you? I'd be glad to do it, but I want a conscious opponent to promo against. And who's @FailFaceFTW and he was just handed the title? Wow, you are green as grass aren't you. Made his debut at IWTMania 1 and defeated 2 other superstars to become the first ever IWT European Champion. Winning a title? Something you couldn't even do with a partner, especially the one next to you. And also, for someone who hates his partner as much as you do, he can sure tell your penis size can't he. Getting a hard-on at the thought of partnering with someone who was fondled by his "uncle"? I guess that's where the first 2 parts of ADHD in your partner's definition come from, both you and his "uncle". But let me give you some advice kid, ditch the freak show.

    Promoing is what I believe to be the worst part of being a wrestler, but in order to bash skulls in, you have to get through it. But if anything, I do wanna apologize for calling you both drug abusers. Everyone lives their life the way they want to live. But trying to use drugs to appeal to an audience full of children isn't really good for them is it?

    * Magnus rolls out the ring and grabs a chair. He rolls back in, opens the chair, and sits in it *
  7. Al scratches his head confused

    Al Poppin': Magnus, Magnus, Mag...Nuts, you so mad, I don't think you understand what I said, I'm the clean one, in mine and Eduardo's buddy cop movie, he does the drugs, I don't, he gets the ladies, I talk to them the morning after. Al takes a few steps forward to Magnus, bending his knees as he still stands on his feet to come eye level with Justin. I know why you are angry, it's ok Justin. I'm a Belieber too! (Crowd heavily boo Al for his comments) Your a closet Belieber Magnus, and when the time is right, you can sing baby with the rest of us. Al scratches his chin, looking at Magnus while thinking, believing he is some sort of psychologist..."Oh, it isn't that, no fear someon...something?..yes you fear troll dol, Monkeys?...No, Al takes a few steps back as he covers his gasp with his hand and taps Eduardo on the chest a few times. You fear the elbow drop of death. And rightly so my Never Say Never compadre, it is an impressive move, a move only masters can master, becoming mamasterers themselves. Justin, get ready to see a mamasterer at work, because when that bell rings, I am going to bring you to the mat with the worst ever attempt at a headlock takeover, once I have you on the mat, I'm gonna drop that elbow on you and POOF..Al releases some glitter he had in his hand that he grabbed mid speech and looks at it as it falls to the floor. You will be gone. That is what you get when you mess with P-O-Double P - I - N - FORGET THE FREAKING G, AL POPPPIN'. Al stands for a moment expecting a huge reaction but receives an incredibly mild reaction from the fans. But when the Green Knight is coupled with his sidekick, goth..emo..Eduardo Lad, there is no combination, not Riggs and Murtaugh, not Doc Brown and Marty McFly, and certainly not a Belieber and some guy who has 2 freaking last names!. I mean hello Mr Johnson Moore, Good day to you Sir Anderson Martinez, Howdy doody Doctor Robinson Green and konichiwa Washington Patterson! Al finishes with a japanese bow to his opponents as he earns a pop from the crowd.
  8. Eduardo begins to tilt his head as if he is developing an aneuerysm as he holds his temple

    "Would you please, please stop talking"

    Eduardo earns a boo from the audience which he ignores entirely

    "Justin Magnus, all you seem to do is treat others as outcasts, enjoying substances and whatever the shit he just did when we came out here makes us freaks? It makes him a freak, but I like being an outcast, Fuck friends, fuck enemies, The only reason this clown is in this ring, is because despite his many flaws, his many, many flaws....the team of you and Reagan whatever his last name is, is no competition, you both are like a common crack whore, your too easy, but your in my ring, and you whores are going to go home sore, it's going to be rough and it's going to hurt, when the bell rings, you'll come face to face with the Dark Prince of Pain, and I'm the kind of guy who enjoys a little rough play, but all whores know, you give me a little pain, I give it back tenfold, so no matter what you do, with your little bitch there holding your wooden dildo or you, you want to be a wrestler, yet you choose a pornstar name to fight under and the biggest flop I've ever laid eyes on in your corner. Do me a favor Justin, 4 simple words, Fuck The Hell Off...You pompous ass, self righteous piece of shit.

    Eduardo looks out at the crowd who have become slightly silent after his last remark, but still earns a smark pop

    "I was never good at math" - He says as he shrugs at the audience
  9. * Magnus gets out of the chair and consoles with @FailFaceFTW . A bit of audio is caught "... yea, the dude's out of his damn mind" *

    Justin Magnus: Well, it just gets better doesn't it? My name is a pornstar name and and I'm a closet Belieber? But first we've got the deal that on top of Al proving how crazy he actually is, now you wanna talk the talk Eduardo? Telling me that your gonna treat me like a whore? And then going out to insinuate that me and partner are gay lovers and make fun of it?

    I don't think you get you just contradicted yourself there, probably the drugs. Or maybe you're jealous you can't get the rich boy. Besides that point, I don't treat everyone as outcasts, I treat them as below me until they earn a little bit of decency in my mind. But someone like you will never get that decency. And you know why that is? Because not only do you take drugs and flaunt them, but you talk to talk, but can't walk the walk. Until you prove to me that you can, get your dirty syringes out of my face.

    And Al, you just don't know when to stop do you? Calling me a closet Belieber and saying I fear your 120 pound "elbow of death"? You don't partake in the usage of weed, a mistake I made in recent promos. To be honest, with what you're saying, you're acting like you're a closet weed smoker. To say that you have a stash but you don't use it? Probably a lie. It's typical that dealers still use the product, but not as much as the recipients. And in your case, I guess you only smoke before your matches and promos. If not, you are surely acting like you're higher than the Empire State Buidling with your comments.

    I fear nothing, not losing, not my career ending, and not some 120 pounder dropping an elbow on me. That's like anyone besides Hulk Hogan using the finger poke of doom as a finisher. But then again, you are trying to act like him, so maybe that's what you're aiming for, I have no idea. And making fun of my height? Have you watched WWE TV recently and seen Daniel Bryan? He's the best thing they have right now, and I'm the best thing this company has right now. The only difference is, I don't pander to mindless excuses for "fans".

    I'm done cutting promos against the 90's porn star and the stereotypical drug addict, take it away Reagan. Don't screw it up, because you know what'll happen.
  10. Al Poppin: Hold on Powell Woods, I just want to thank your buddy Magnus, I will be a huge star, even bigger than the empire state building and I wish you luck as you do double duty, pornstar/wrestler
  11. Eduardo stares blankly at Al for talking again and then back to the team

    "Liar, a liar at heart, you are living proof that the fool believes he is right in his own eyes, the wise man listens, I am not sure if it's the fact your ears are fucked up or you just cannot grasp the english vocabulary, or whether you hear voices in your head, saying things that haven't been said, or if your on something like me, but you have just fallen as a fool with your statement. I never insulted your height, neither did my partner, the fact you brought it up may mean you have a napoleon complex, perhaps one of many complexes. I want you to do me a massive favor, could you take that wooden dildo your buddy has there and smack yourself over the fucking head, get some IQ points and WAKE THE FUCK UP SLEEPING BEAUTY, If I wanted a match against some weirdo I would have challenged Al to a match, cut your fucking shit. I don't give a damn what issues you have with your height, I don't give a damn how you treat people, what I do give a damn about is dropping your ass in this ring and hearing the 3 slaps on the mat, I won't just walk the walk caveman, I'll walk all over your carcus in this match, fuck Al might as well be a spectator in this bout, because all I want to do right now is to know what your blood tastes like."
  12. * Magnus looks over at @FailFaceFTW and seems to mouth "these guys are just not gonna let me leave" *

    Justin Magnus: I'm gonna make this short and simple, because if I have to turn around and talk one more time, your skull is getting sandwiched between 2 chairs. Not really in the business of causing more brain damage towards someone that probably already has some, but I guess I'll have to start. So you're telling me that your partner bending at the knees to come to eye level with me was not an attempt at an insult? And then you want me to get beat with a wooden dildo and then call me a weirdo? And then you call me an idiot after you just made a statement to insult me which was totally incorrect? Are you trying to underestimate me and think I wouldn't catch that? But my intelligence has nothing to do with me beating your ass. So time to pay up druggie, the loan sharks have come to collect.

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  14. There is no rule about that
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  17. *Reagan has his Hand to his Ear*

    Reagan: that's weird....i thought i heard Chris Kaiser Sleeping during you guys promo....Not a Big Surpise really...because you Eduardo and Al are the Most Boring and the most Stupid "Wrestlers" i have ever seen

    *Reagan uses both of his hands for the Quotation Marks*

    Reagan: hey i might just lay in middle of this ring and fall asleep aswell because you Slobs are pretty much saying the Same things over and over again,that's why i haven't been saying much because my First Exellent Promo have pretty much said it all because did you guys really come up with Insults against us or were most of the Jokes on those stupid Bracelets of yours

    *Reagan Slides out of the Ring and Snatches one of the Bracelets and goes to check where the Jokes but on Purpose Rips the Bracelet*

    Reagan: Oops

    *Reagan Slides into the Ring and throws one half at Al Poppin' then throws the Other Half at the Announcer*

    Reagan:Don't think we forgot about you.....anyway i think the biggest problem we have with you is the fact that you slobs are talking about Wooden Dildos and Justin Bieber...what?....that's slightly concerning but that's why.....

    *Reagan turns to the Fans and Points at Al and Ed*

    Reagan: these people do not deserve to be in a WRESTLING company,these people deserve to be in a Clinic!.....then again you people are not the only ones which gimmick is Crazy and 90's Porn Star......Aiden Ryan & The Artist....

    *Mixed Reaction,Cheers for Aiden Ryan and Boos for the Artist*

    Reagan:and i'm a Whore? me,the one of the Best People in IWT getting called a Whore by...a Person who calls himself the Dark Prince of Pain?

    *Reagan shakes his head*

    Reagan:...well if you are the Dark Prince of Pain...there must be a Dark King of Pain is there not? and i think everybody knows who that are trying to Steal some of the Spotlight off Mr.FailFace!

    *Reagan points at Mr.Failface*

    Reagan: Pathetic....obviously you are a idiotic Jealous Crazy Son of a Bitch!........whilst we are.....the Next Tag Team Champions!

    *Reagan Climbs the Turn Buckle and sits on it*
  18. As long as the number of promos is equal overall it makes no difference. Whatever J-Modding is... also... :urm:
  19. Ha, Jono pretending not to know what J-Modding is :dawg:
  20. what is J-Modding? i honestly don't know