Voting Dark Match- Eduardo vs Aiden Ryan

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Who won?

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  1. Eduardo

  2. Aiden Ryan

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Eduardo(@Ed!) vs Aiden Ryan(@Butters)

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,

    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. Farooq comes out in a black suit with a black tie and black business shirt. He has a mic in his hand and a smirk on his face as his music stops a few seconds after he looked at the confused crowd.

    "This match...will begin a legacy, remember the date, March 15 of the year 2014. This day will mark the legend, the start of destruction for IWT's future, the change. This is the day, Eduardo will not beat, defeat or conquer his opponent....but destroy him piece by piece." Farooq says with a chuckle as boos begin to be heard. "Who will help lead Eduardo to the path to immortality here in IWT? Who will remove the rocks and help keep the path clean and're looking at him." Farooq says as he walks down the ramp. "I'm not going to take up anymore time, I'll let you all see what my client can actually do himself, I pray though, that Aiden Ryan protects himself and no shows. It will save his career to not show up, save his life too." Farooq says as he stands by the announcer's table, and awaits for the match to start as people beside him are telling Farooq that he sucks.
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  3. *Reagan is watching backstage sliently and as soon as he sees nobody looking at him he puts on a black hoodie and slowly walks out of the arena*
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  4. OOC: @Ed! you can go first as Big Boss Came out in your corner first. :)

  5. Eduardo emerges from the curtain, wearing a black buttoned shirt with the left arm ripped off and the right arm ripped off at the elbow joint, on his right wrist he flaunts a spiked bracelet, quite tight to the wrist to give him some feeling of asphyxiation to his hand, he is wearing a rusty chain as a belt, with a padlock as the belt buckle that holds up his black jeans that fall over his black boots. He stands there holding a cigarette and takes a long slow drag and walks down to the ring as he puffs the smoke out with a hard exhale, the blue skylight follows him to the ring, he walks up and into the ring, disregarding Farooq's presence as he finishes his cigarette and drops the bud, stomping on it and grinds his foot to put it out. He then grabs the microphone from Farooq as he grinds his wrist as his music dies down. Upon ending, he stands in the ring, eyes wide and looking solely upon Farooq as he sits down for a moment, tapping the mat and then stands up

    "I'm Eduardo, and I'm a drug addict, but this isn't no friendly circle where trust is bound and sacred, no this circle is filled with liars, vixens and hardship. You fans take a look at me and immediately judge me, the people in the back take one look at me and judge me. I'm some crazy goth meth head, who will probably overdose while making love to some used up hooker, riddled with disease. I'm here because of a new substance, I'm here to get another hit of a 4 letter word and give my opponent tonight, Aiden Ryan, a much bigger hit, a much bigger hit, that 4 letter word is PAIN!"

    Eduardo then clubs his skull twice with a clenched fist and speaks into the mic with a lighter tone

    "I can't feel anything mommy, when Daddy beats me, I feel nothing"

    Eduardo walks over to the corner, kneeling and rests his head on the turnbuckle as he brings the microphone to his mouth, still speaking in the child like tone

    "8, 9, 10....Ready or Not, here I come!"

    Eduardo stands up, and has a bleak, blank stare as he cracks his neck, looking directly down the ramp

    "Aiden Ryan, bravery is a false concept and it's time I beat that out of you, it's now time for the Dark Prince to cut you open with his crown and leave you in a pool of your own blood, it's time for the Dark Prince to snap each finger, arm, leg to show you what substance I am talking about, you want to tango with the twisted mind, then..."

    Eduardo reaches into the bag he brought up, containing three empty bottles, he puts his index finger, middle finger and ring finger in one, and then clangs them together. He then speaks again in a high pitch tone

    "Aiden....come out and Play-i-ay....Aiden....come out and Play-i-ay....Aiden....come out and Play-i-ay....Aiden....come out and Play-i-ay....Aiden....come out and Play-i-ay...."
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    Aiden Ryan comes out of the curtains and look down the ring with a horrified look placed upon he's face.
    "You Poor Man."
    He mouths to himself before walking down to the ring.. Pacing down the ramp he see's that Eduardo is still clinking those bottles together. He stops at the ring and scales the bottom rope with he's eyes thinking of a way to get in without startling the damaged man, wrapping his hand around the turnbuckle post he lifts himself up and shifts around to the other side of the ring. Looking at Eduardo, Aiden begins to feel remorse for entering a match with a man who need's help. He sighs
    regretting what he had said to Eduardo in their first meet not realizing this is more then just a substance abuser.

    "You're Evil."
    Aiden Mouths at Farooq shooting daggers with he's eyes thinking that he has taken advantage of this man.

    He enters into the ring and takes a microphone from an official. walking up and down the ring he hesitates in looking into the eyes of Eduardo anything could make this man snap, even the sound of he's voice could. He stares at the microphone thinking of something to say. Lifting he's head he shake's he's head looking at Farooq. Hearing the bottles clink together more it's making things extremely difficult for Aiden. He almost feels trapped in a pool of guilt and despair.
    "Eduardo, After seeing what you had just displayed I'm not sure I would feel comfortable even being in the same ring as you, let alone in a match with you. You need help, Buddy. You don't belong in an environment like this."

    Disregarding what Eduardo had said to Aiden, He Begins to walk a little closer to Eduardo.

    "I don't want to have to hurt you, Mate. It's quite clear you need understanding. So why don't you come with me and we go see the doctor backstage and get you back to your normal self. I don't want you to feel trapped, I don't want you to feel like nothing. I want you to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and know you're okay."

    Aiden awaits for an answer only to receive nothing.

    " Mate. Let's go."

    Hearing the bottles clink together more and more Aiden slowly places he's hand between bottles stopping the sounds and
    Leaving the arena completely silent.

    Aiden Croaks looking into the eyes of the broken soul.

    OOC: @Ed!

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  7. OOC: Aiden's Scared!
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  8. Eduardo drops the bottles on the floor looking at Aiden with a sheer blank look.

    "Your out here to save me, you look like the retarded monkey from the Wizard of Oz who fell mid-flight!...You want me to go to see a doctor, the men who train for years and years and rely on us to tell them the answers, Life's Cheaters. You want to help me Aiden?"

    Eduardo then punches himself twice up the chin, uppercutting himself twice and laughing slightly

    "HURT ME AIDEN, Grab a steel chair and bust my skull open to give me a small, a fraction of emotion, because when you do Aiden"

    Eduardo stands a little closer and spits on his shoes and speaks slower

    "Then I'll hurt you, and unlike me Aiden, looking at your ape like expression, you'll scream, you'll cry and that only makes me want to do it more. I'll beat you down with that chair you bust me with until I can't hear you scream and cry anymore, I'll beat your spine into a power, ripe your skin off and snort that powder, so I can have a depressant, that is the only way you can help me Aiden. So if your done with your good Samaritan speech, how about you do something useful, and take one of those bottles, smash it open and slit your damn throat "
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  9. Aiden Backs away from Eduardo seeing the blank look on he's face which shows a traumatized look upon Aiden. Backed into the turnbuckle Aiden lifts the mic and shake's he's head. He slides out of the ring and backs into the barricade that is dividing him from the fans.
    "You'r...'yo...'you're demented!"

    He make's he's way around the ring slowly not looking where he is going
    Aiden backs into Farooq causing Aiden to trip down over he's own feet. Aiden backs up into the other side of the the barricade and looks up at Eduardo.

    "You're not a man that need's help. You're a man that has nothing left inside him. You're fucking sick!"
    Aiden Breaths heavily in fear of the psychopath in the ring.

    Slowly standing to he's feet with the fans patting Aiden's back. he looks at the announcer who is sitting on a steel chair. He uses he's thumb as a signal for the announcer to move.
    Grasping the chair with he's hands Aiden stops and lowers he's head to think about what he is doing. Aiden tries to gain some composure but shake's he's head, putting on a brave face he looks up.

    "Fuck you, Aiden. Just Fuck you. I can't believe I'm doing this!"
    He says to himself grabbing the chair and looking back at Eduardo."Fine." Aiden's voice tone deepens as he drops the mic and grips the steel chair.
    Feeling the cold metal on he's hands Aiden's eyes seem to darken in anger. Sliding to the ring he squares himself right into the face of Eduardo.
    Looking down at the chair he lifts it up and drops it behind him he move's his leg back kicking the chair outside the ring.

    Aiden steps closer and glares down Eduardo, liftting he's finger he waves it slowly back and forth and mouths.
    "So Close to hurting you... but not close enough for you to feel satisfied."
    Aiden Steps Back and holds the middle rope hoping reality will come back to him.
    @Ed! Last Promo For Me, I'll let you finish it off.

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  10. Eduardo slowly tilts his head from looking up at the arena roof to the left as he looks at Aiden with a cold stare and then lifts his head back up. No

    "You think that your being a good boy by not hitting me, not giving me my pain drug I DEMANDED! I don't think you quite understand who the fuck I am, I'm not demented, I remember almost every moment in my life, I remember every trip I took when I inject myself, that makes me a psychopath? That makes me sick, I'm fucking sick, sick of shallow bastards like you Aiden pissing my life away, of a locker room, I get the runt of the pack!

    Eduardo grits his teeth and coughs

    "I'll get my satisfaction Aiden, I'll finish up tonight with a few lines, some random bitch who will be so out of her mind, that having sexual intercourse with her is a debate among politicians whether or not it is seen as rape. Seeing as you won't hurt me"

    Eduardo gets close into Aiden's ear as he whispers

    "I'll just find another cretin who has the stones to try and make me feel something"

    Eduardo picks up one of the bottles he used earlier and breaks it on the mat, picking up a shard, he cuts down his his hand and shows Aiden his cut which begins to flow with some blood. Eduardo then licks up the wound with one sweep of his tongue.
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  11. OOC: @Shadow it's time.....
  12. It's a draw? Wow. :) Good match buddy! @Ed!
  13. Good stuff, there's rarely ever a draw. Looks like it's time for sudden death.
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  14. Will we be doing it here, or in another thread?
  15. Another thread, I'll make it now.
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