Promos Dark Match - King Taz vs Gav the Chav

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Who's your winner?

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  1. King Taz

  2. Gav the Chav

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. Uh?

    Why do I have two dark matches?
  3. isn't it gav the chav vs king taz?
  4. one for each belt.
  5. Sorry, fucked up, Vintage asked for Dazzle in creative then Jen said Gav on Skype, fixed!
  6. You may want to edit the title.
  7. I said gav too, well the second time anyways.:russo:
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  8. It's all good, Jonathan.
  9. @King Taz you go first champs advantage and all :)

  10. Danny Cortez emerges from the back wearing red surfing trunks with white flower designs scattered all around and white stripes on the pant leg. He is wearing an open orange Hawaiian shirt, with dark blue shapes scattered on the shirt. Black sandals and a straw hat. The crowd dance to his music, most of them parents and children. On the stage is two inflatable pine trees which blow with the fan, Cortez stands at the fan as his hair blows with the wind. Under his arm is a light black surfboard with harsh orange lines on the board, Cortez shakes his body rhythmically to his theme tune.

    As Cortez reaches the foot of the ramp, he removes his straw hat and tosses it like a frizz-bee into the crowd. Cortez then slides his board into the ring and then slides into it himself, he is handed half a coconut which contains a purple drink and has a tiny umbrella in it. Cortez takes a sip and again shakes to the music.

    Danny Cortez: Aloha IWT, that was a gnarly reaction bros and betty's. This right here, this moment is the wake of Cortez, and it is going to be Nectar, no it is going to be sinister, rad, awesome. You all know what I am saying, I imagine many brudda's have come into this company, saying how rad they are and that they are going to surf a narley wave before they can even catch a wave, Danny Cortez is not like those butt crumbs, no, I'm mellow, I plan on enjoying every match like a day at the beach, drinks (Danny says as he holds up his coconut) and good times. At the end all I wanna do is to Graze Za.

    "People chant What!"

    Danny Cortez: Now my opponent, Gav The Chav, a champion, A dingo true and true. Talk about getting thrown in the deep end. (Cortez pulls his collar and then wipes forehead). I don't wanna Knat Box in my first match, so Danny will do what he does best when he is faced with a wave. He grabs his board and begins listening to the ocean, feeling out the riffs. As long as I believe in the spirits of the beyond, I know they will guide me to shore. Gav is no Land Lord in this might see, he is more like a duckling, out of place, in the wrong water. Bruddah, Danny Cortez is a surfer and IWT is just another ocean for me to become a Mega-Ripper in

    Danny pulls the umbrella out and flicks it outside the ring, and then downs the rest of his drink

    Danny Cortez: I'm in the Kai and ready to beat the heat to the shore, I have finished my drink, so bring out the brodaddy and lets have this infusion

    Danny then reaches into his pocket to retrieve an ipod with a wooden case, it has been waxed well and shines with the lights, he places the headphones on and then sways his body to his theme song as the crowd look puzzled at him while he waits for his opponent
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  11. *the dazzling chavs music plays as gav the chav makes his way to the ring he comes out with a trolley full of DX merchindice he pull out some matches and sets the lot on fire gav then leaves the burning trolley and makes his way to the ring*

    (gav the chav) hahahaha thats right fuck you DX fuck you dat kid fuck all of you bunch of fucking pricks
    *crowd cheers*
    So your new around here i believe danny is it well let me introduce myself i'm gav the chav and i'm one half of the tag team champions i don't know if you saw our match 2 weeks ago but at survivor series there was these bunch of ****s known as the cure they thought they were big and clever they thought they were unstoppable but me and my main man @B.Dazzle showed them we well and truly fucked them up

    *we want taz cage chant breaks out*

    Anyway gav no longer gives a fuck about them anymore because right now gav the chav is in the ring with you danny i've heard a lot of good things about you thats i gave you a shot at gav the chav the hardest mother fucker in IWT gav hopes you give him a real good fight i really do but don't think for one second you will beat me the last guy that did i made sure he regret the day he fucked with gav the chav
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  12. Danny Cortez notices Gav in the ring and stops his dancing, he then removes his head phones

    Danny Cortez: Sorry Bruddah, didn't see you there, was kicking it to a Narley Jam my man, All I see on you though is some bling bling but no betty or bunny, heck not even a swamp Hog, are you really that bad with the dudette's Cuz? The IWT Tag Team Champions is an accomplishment brah, but on a surfboard.

    Danny jumps onto his surfboard and mimics surfing waves.

    Danny Cortez: There ain't room for two, you know, one hot dog for one bun if you know what I mean Dude. I notice your wingman ain't out here to cover your back and that is something to be addressed Bro, back on the shores I always had my posse with me when we hit the waves, but your out here hanging 0 solo. Tag Teams never last bruddah, the spirits of the sea teach us that a surfboard fits one narley dude and nothing more. When I begin to ride my wave of success, I certainly don't want no Zaboob to pull the board from under my feet and watch me wipeout. This here is the pop-out match and I plan on exceeding expectations.

    Danny then steps off his board and sets it up against the corner and begins to wipe it with his hands, attempting to wax it down
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    *gav walks up to danny and stares him up and down*

    (gav the chav) what the fuck are you going on about? That made as much sense as some of the shite frank the jock spouts out have you been sniffing glue or something fucking hell man i think need to lay down after listening to that

    [email protected] comes out with a pillow and quilt and hands it to gav who proceeds to set up a bed in the middle of the ring and goes to sleep*
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  14. *2 hours later gav wakes up and kicks out the pillow and quilt meanwhile danny is busy...'polishing his surfboard'*

    (gav the chav) right now where was i oh yes lets see if i can translate that whatever the fuck it was that came out of your mouth it sounds like your taking me lightly eee you little cheeky **** do you not realise who i am? you are in the presense of IWT royalty i'm one of the biggest stars in this company i'm not like that piece of fucking shite @Adam Aries or what ever he wants to call himself today or that dirty horrible little slag @Queen Chrysalis or even that crazy mother fucker victoria parker @geekgoddess i'm fucking gav the chav aids johnson might be the IWT CHAMPION but gav the chav is the peoples champion
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  15. Poll opened!
  16. Interesting match between you two! I think I enjoyed King Taz the most due to the gimmick but the both of you did a nice job.
  17. Gav just gets it for me. Nevertheless a good start from Taz.
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  18. It's the chav character we love. Taz had an amazing first promo, and has already been a great addition to active members who have a great future in the IWT.

    I liked both quite a bit, but Gav it's time for you to upgrade your character, and i don't mean change, i just want to see more of a character than the chav who tells cheeky bastars "Oi, im going to punch you in the dick."
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