Storyline Dark Match Open Challenge!

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  1. *Brian Comes Out, walking out fast. Wearing Jean Shorts, a cap and wearing a leather vest with the words "The Stone Cold Loose Cannon" while looking really angry*

    "Shut that garbage off!....Y'all see i lost my match with Nick last night! but that's why i'm here! To challenge anyone of them Sum Bitches to come out here and face "The Stone Cold Loose Cannon" like a man!"

    *Crowd Pop*

    Shut Up! I am the toughest SOB on this planet today, i damn near killed Dazzler and i already destroyed Gav but now i have to face him and that son of bitch Trip? Let me tell ya something, Son! I don't take a backseat to nobody and i will never not take the chance to come and kick Reagan Cole's ass (@The ReagMaster) or Dazzle's ass or Trip's ass, or Gav's ass because everyone of these SOB's in this buildin know i don't play around and that i wil dismantle anyone! I had my match against Nick! and if you want my opinion on Nick? His act is as stale as Nero Kousaki's promos!

    Allias Antonio your X-Division champion! Allias Antonio you X champion! That guy is as talented as his mom in bed! and first hand accounts say that's not enough talent and in fact that's just enough talent to make and Rapist run away from the rape in action!

    And after last night! i said to myself i can't become anything sitting here, crying.....sobbing.....hissing! so i said why not go back to this place and tell anyone of these kids that if they want to have real competition they gotta go through me! Why? Because I Won't Do What You Tell Me! and because I Said So!

    *His Music Hits and he walks up the ramp making a vulgar hand gesture*​
  2. OOC: i'm guessing you want me to reply since you tagged me so i will accept later(delayed cause homework)
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  3. OOC: I'ma let Reag here tag me when he is ready to go, then I'll put up the match. Ok with everyone?
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  4. OOC:cole
  5. OOC: Right Sorry. Reagan Cole, correct? Make sure i get it right in the OP for the dark match. You want me to just make it now or you want to accept th challenge in character first?
  6. OOC: i will accept it first and Reagan Cole is the name
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  7. *the Music booms out of the speakers but Reagan doesn't come out and the Crowd and Brian are very confused but finally Reagan walks out at 3:00 to a Loud pop but Reagan stands at the top of the ramp not taking his eyes off Brian untill someone gives him a microphone*

    Cole: sorry i was taking a piss(i will let you think of what the pun was clue: Brits) let's get this straight......a Stone Cold AND a Brian Pillman ripoff?

    *Cole sighs*

    Cole: no orignalty......and another thing you say is that you would as Michael Cole would say "and by quote"

    *The Crowd boo as they realise the compairson between Reagan Cole and Michael Cole*

    Cole: "i will never not take the chance to come and kick Reagan Cole's ass" well now is your chance because i will accept your challenge because 1. i actually Respect you not like many people in the back and 2. i need a win desperatly because i am 0-3 now and that's......THE COLE WAY!

    *a Bigger pop than the IWT intercontinental championship at EC*

    OOC: @Trip in the Head done
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  8. I thought Brian Pillman and Stone Cold were myths in IWT?
  9. i never got told that
  10. It's fine...
  11. OOC: just realised this........:facepalm: