Voting Dark Match: Ryan vs Reagan!

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Who do you think should win?

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  1. Ryan

  2. Reagan

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  3. 10 Doctors

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @Butters!(Aiden Ryan) vs (Reagan Cole)@The ReagMaster​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. The Arena Darkens as a loud howl echo's through-out the arena.
    A Shadow emerges from-out the curtain, Carrying a duffle bag in one hand and microphone in the other.
    Aiden begins to walk down the ring slowly while raising the microphone up.

    "All week long I've been searching high and low for this failed abortion they call "Reagan Cole.". You see me and Reagan have a history, A history that should of been crushed a very long time ago. He blames me for he's chance to become the X Division champion as I was the one Alias Antonio had pinned in that triple threat match. Now Reagan Cole thinks by trying to belittle me via twitter that I am going to run away in tears and hide like I did at mania. But the difference between me and Reagan Cole is that I learn't from my mistakes. I have risen upon this division and marked my name in the stone and proven to be one of the most vicious, conniving, immortal men this division has ever laid their eyes upon!"

    Aiden approaches the apron and throws the duffle bag over the top rope. He slides into the ring and He lifts himself up. He stands in the center of the ring, Scouting the arena with he's eyes.

    "And with my brotherhood by my side, The Order Of The Night Standing tall beside me, we will take over and you will regret ever crossing me. You will regret ever mentioning me, you will grovel at my feet and beg for mercy while I laugh at your demise.!"

    "Or-Der! Or-Der! Or-Der"
    The Fans begin to chant, echoing through-out the arena.

    Aiden lowers he's microphone and listens to the beautiful sound pouring out of chants. With a sadistic smile growing and he's eyes shifting slowly around the fans in the arena.
    Aiden slowly moves around the ring in a circle as he's demented fans cheer for him.

    Aiden screams into the microphone as he climbs the ropes. He stares up at the ramp




    Aiden slowly make's he's way off the ropes as the fans Order Chants thunder the arena.

    "Space And Opportunity"
    Aiden Mouths awaiting for Reagan.
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  3. *Reagan walks out of the Curtain with the 10 Doctors that Attacked Aiden to Massive Boos but the Group Ignores them as they are Discussing Strategy as they Enter the Ring and Reagan and Aiden have a Staredown as The Doctors also Stare at Aiden untill Reagan Grabs a Micro-Phone*

    Reagan:Thank you....hello Aiden....did you enjoy the Beating that me and the People beside me gave you?.....of course you did....i have been waiting for this Moment for a Very Long Time Aiden and now it's here....i can't wait to get Retribution for all of the Things you have Decided to Praise the Man that I
    Retired,Edward Coleman....yes I Retired Edward Coleman,I Retired Edward Coleman,I Retired Edward Coleman,hey do you want to know Something Important? I Retired Edward Coleman,me,Reagan Cole Retired Edward Coleman...I RETIRED Edward Coleman!....had to get that out of my Also Decided to Ruin MY Shot at The X Divison Title and that's Derserving of a Beatdown because of which i am going to give you because You can not Knock Me Out of The Ring then fall to the Pathetic Alias Antonio Who Couldn't Even Defeat Bruce Knight! BRUCE KNIGHT! You Lost The Match! i Didn't! i Simply Chris Kaisered outside for a Few Seconds and when i Woke up Antonio's Theme was Ringing in my Ears and I Swore at That Moment never to Let you Knock me out Again so with these Doctors by me that have tried to help you when you are Growing Crazy have Helped me when you are Full-Blown Crazy! now i know what makes you Tick and Tock,every Move you do,What Makes you Angry,What Makes you Sad,What Makes you Happy and all of the Rest....I Know everything about you so Try with your Stupid Goths or Emos or Whatever They are and Defeat me....but you know They Can't and you can't...

    *Reagan Stares Right in the Eyes of Aiden*
  4. Aiden takes a glance at the medical army Reagan has brought with him.
    Scaling them with he's eyes he smiles and looks directly into the eyes of Reagan.

    "Edward Coleman was my friend, He was the one I entered into this company with and I'd be damned if I let his name or my name be thrown into the dirt and stomped on-top of repetitively by some sleazy, grimy little man. You speak of retribution but you were the one who started this war, you were the one who struck me from behind with a baseball bat. You were the one who jumped me with that "Medical Staff.". You've been after me for the past two months because you know I was the superior contender. You know if it were Me And Alisa we would of put on a great match and that ate you alive. That made you envy me and that is the exact reason of why you are so hostile when you hear my name. You cringe at the thought of my success and you would rather see me perish then reach my goals and I'm sick of it!"

    Aiden squares himself in-front of Reagan Cole.

    "I'm sick and tired of people like you, like them!"

    Aiden Yells pointing directly at the medical staff.

    "Thinking that they can get away with diagnosing me. Perceiving me. Labeling me as a psychopath when in reality it's all of you that are the insane! Taking actions into their own hands and destroying my humanity little by little! The treatments, The jealously, the hatred you have for me is bloody revolting! it is all unnecessary. I have done nothing to anybody and yet you feel as if I owe you something due to your lack of responsibility as a wrestler! I don't owe you a damn thing, I haven't cost you anything. You have. Because you are a weak individual. It's in your blood. "

    Aiden's eyes begin to become darker with pain. Using he's will power to not let tears override him.

    "There's a reason as to why I am in The Order Of The Night and if you keep pushing me to my breaking point... "

    Aiden looks over at he's duffle bag.

    "You'll find out what damage I can do to you, I will tear you to pieces and leave you to be nothing more then a treat for the wolves I keep. You will never see the shine of success and the desire to accomplish all of your dreams and aspirations.
  5. *Reagan is still Staring into Aiden's Eyes*
    Reagan: I Have Never Heard so much Bullshit in my Life! Edward Coleman was your friend? that's why both of you were about to Kill each Other when you two were teaming At Elimination Chamber because i Recall you saying the Following "when it comes to teaming with someone I simply don't like it's a little draining." those Words said it all don't they but it still didn't matter because you were Buried by The Dazzling Slavs.....and Chris Kaiser whilst i was Performing a 5 Star Match With Nero.....but that's Beside the were you Lying to all of your Fans? doesn't seem Like a Face to me....and you tell us that we are Insane now that is a Sign Of Being Insane so These Doctors will have to Label you as a psychopath because you are a PSYCHOPATH! so Say no More because After we Punish,we will Send you where you Belong!......Just Wait Aiden,The COLE Era will Soon Begin.(Edward Coleman's Catchphrases)
    OOC: Short Promo for me and @Big Boss you know what to do
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  6. Voting opened!

    Show Spoiler
    10 doctors count to Reagan's vote by the way
  7. Those bastards! haha.
  8. i just Want to say We Dedicate this Match to the Retired Edward Coleman @Italianman3100!
  9. i can't vote for the Doctors? awh....
  10. Both of you were great, I went for Prince Aiden as he's totally upped his game and this new Prince Gimmick is brilliant.
  11. what about the Doctors?
  12. *In Mid Match*

    Aiden Ryan And Reagan Cole are slugging fists in the center of the ring with the fans split on who they like more. Reagan throws a tough right hand to the jaw of Aiden which causes him to drop down to he's knee's. "This is the end, Ryan!" he throws a hard bitch slap into the face of Aiden displaying dislike and hate for him. Reagan lift's Aiden up and Irish whips him into the corner. The ten doctors applauding he's domination. He sprints towards Aiden only to receive a vicious elbow. He lifts himself onto the top rope only to see one of the doctors getting upon on the apron. "What the hell are you doing!?" Aiden yells kicking the doctor down onto the rest of them. Aiden then is caught by surprise when Reagan leaps up to the top rope and delvers a belly to belly suplex to Aiden.

    Reagan crawls over for the pin, resting he's back on Aiden, the referee slides down for the count.



    Aiden hooks Reagan's arms and leg's and rolls him over into a crucifix pin



    Reagan rolls back up with Aiden still attached to him. He lifts up Aiden onto he's shoulders while Aiden shake's he's head. "NO!!!" Aiden screams as Reagan falls back into a Samoan drop. Reagan's fan base scream for him to cover. Reagan nod's in confidence and goes for the pinfall. "One... Two..." The referee's hand comes down for the three and a spring of resilience hops into Aiden as he lifts he's arm. Reagan is furious and absolutely mind-bottled. "GIVE UP!" Reagan yells smashing he's hands into the mat.

    Reagan lifts Aiden up over he's shoulders and runs directly for the turnbuckle, Aiden swiftly wiggles out and grabs Reagan by the back of the neck and he's trunks and throws him directly into the turnbuckle. he then turns Reagan around and pulls him into a headlock. Using the ropes as steps Aiden runs up them and delivers a Tornado DDT. The fans jump up in excitement as he hits he's modified DDT finisher. Aiden rushes over in a crawling manner and goes for the pin. Kicking he's feet around in a nervous manner the referee begins to count "One... Two..." Reagan kicks out in a forceful manner showing that he is not yet finished.

    Aiden screams into he's wrestling gloves and tears of rage and desperation begin to kick in.

    "Come on!" Aiden yells at the referee."

    "it was two, Aiden. It was two!" The referee and Aiden bicker back and forth.

    "You need to learn to count! Peasant!!" Aiden yells turning around to find Reagan doing a dropkick. He avoids the dropkick by grabbing Reagan's legs and steps in between them, He turns Reagan around and applies a sharp-shooter. With the fans split, the crowd becomes erupt with yes and no chants.

    The over-power of the submission is too much for Reagan Cole to handle, Reagan taps out in a slow disappointed way.

    "Here's Your Winner, Aiden Ryan."

    The Referee raises Aiden's hand while a steel cage comes closing in. Reagan see's the steel cage coming down and goes to rush outside of the ring.
    Aiden grab's Reagan's legs and drags him in. The cage locks itself around them.

    Aiden walks over to the duffle bag and unzips it with a sadistic smile. He slowly brings out the baseball bat that was used against him in the interview with Gav The Chav. Reagan see's the bat in the clutches of Aiden and quickly attempts a climb up the steel cage. Aiden rushes up there also only to receive a boot to the jaw. Aiden drops down as Reagan quickly climbs down and runs up the ramp with the doctors.

    With a collective boo circulating around the arena, Reagan and the doctors stand there while and watch As Aiden Ascends a climb up the steel cage. Reaching to the top Aiden lifts himself up and looks down at Reagan and The Doctors.

    He drops the bat down to their feet and takes a bow as The Order Of The Night's Theme Plays.

    The Fans clap for their prince as stands above them all.

    He Proved The Pen was mightier then the sword.
    And who was the true contender for that championship.

  13. Congrats Butters!
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