Promos Dark Match - The Artist v Alias Antonio

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  1. Alias Antonio

  2. The Artist

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    The Artist(@That Kid) vs Alias Antonio(@THG?)
    The rules are as follows:
    No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted, and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM. However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. @THG? can go first, i'm mind fucked with this ice coffee, can't focus and even if i could....You know the rest....
  3. *A camera zooms in on an already in-ring Alias Antonio, covered with stitches around his face, mic in hand. He has a regular expression, with a touch of felicity albeit, after his momentous win over IWT Champ Joey Bryant in a brutal encounter that main evented Uprising, and is sporting his usual attire. The crowd start chanting Alias' name, as he slowly leans against the ropes. As the chants simmer down, Alias commences to speak*

    I don't need some ostentatious or flamboyant entrance, I don't need to be the most technically gifted athlete in the planet, hell, I don't have to be the best-looking guy in professional wrestling. Just give me this microphone and a shovel and I can work

    After my prominent and CONVINCING victory over IWT Champ, Joey Bryant, I held that title up in all of it's glory and pointed at that IWTMania 2 sign. I pointed at that because I saw my future written all over that sign, I envisioned the greatness that I will exhibit at tha. The second anniversary of the biggest IWT show of the year will only be the Genesis of the Alias Antonio era, and all of you will have to bear the burden of it, whether you like it or not. Because if I can beat Joey Bryant, Aids Johnson, Chris Kaizer, Nick, Ben Dover, David, etc. I can beat absolutely anyone I wish to. I could call out Georgie Boy right now if I wanted to and I would put him to shame so much that he won't even contemplate stepping foot in these confines ever again. I could call out World Heavyweight Chump Dat Kid, but frankly, he doesn't concern me in the slightest, because I'm 100% sure I could replicate what I did to Joey Bryant, and make him the victim of his own consequences. Because I've been hearing you've been running your mouth lately, Kid, and I've also heard that I should be the one begging you for a match. That's not how it works around here Kid you see, because you should be the petty son of a bitch begging ME for a match to make you somewhat relevant but I'm not fully assured that I could even do that, great I am, but God like you? Not so sure. You're an old fossil in the clutches of Death and once he reaches you......haha, no one will mourn your death, instead we will all dance in your grave, for no substantial reason other than being a complete fucking delusional imbecile. So once you've beaten FTJ, Kid, I will thoroughly consider YOUR challenge. With all that said I digress.

    But yeah, what I was saying, I can obliterate practically anyone on this roster, and if I'm being frank, I was expecting this roster to be scared of me. But that seems not the case, as we have some bonified J-O-B-B-E-R and a certified I-D-I-O-T, challenge Doble A to a dark match. It insults my aptitude that someone who doesn't even possess the talent to carry my bags thinks he is ready enough to get in the ring with me. What's even the guys name? Brian Mandela, Roadster, The Artist? I mean c'mon, a dozen of gimmick changes but the dude still can't get over, it's pathetic, it really is.

    But I'll make sure he won't ever get another gimmick change, or for that matter, I'll make sure that he doesn't ever step foot in an IWT arena ever again! *Crowd cheer*

    Now isn't that art, huh?

    *Alias awaits The Artist*
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  4. *Artist walks out with his T-Shirt and dances his way to the ring, but he suddenly screams! "Stop the music. Moments latter, you here this..

    *The Big Jizz walks down with a black open button up shirt, white pants, and a fedora. He walks down clotheslines the mic guy and gives Artist a mic.*

    "Hey Gay-Tony! you say you can work all night long.....*sticks out his pelvis* hehe, i already proved that...You seem really confident, but i only come here for the after party! as a matter of fact, If You Love The Bitches....Scream Ho's Bring in the Dough's! *Crowd screams Ho's bring in the dough* Hehe, that's what i thug about!

    Let me get this straight, you get no entrance? And the first thing you talk about is....Dat Kid? None the less, a blow job from Mae Young is more entertaining than your bullshit promos. Not to say, i haven't hit up someone that old, hehe. You can spell all you want because i know, that you have herpes and no testes making this an uncomfortable situation for your generic, I'MA TOUGH GUYS! Promo's you shit head.

    Nice that even the great load of shit himself, Asses Antonio brings up Aids in his master promos. If you wanna see something classified as master, hehe better ask your girlfriend tomorrow night, hehe *Sticks out his pelvis*

    *He hands Big Jizz his mic*
  5. OOC: #30MinuteWork
  6. *Alias cringes so hard that he has to let out a chuckle*

    Dude, I don't know what comedy act you're playing, but it's pretty damn bad. It seems like you've gotten yet another gimmick, which will amount to yet another loss. It's pretty simple dude, just stick to one gimmick, or get the fuck out of IWT. And if you're not willing to heed my advice, I will personally give you a free ticket to FSW. Not even your pathetic self could revive that shitfest.

    I could go on a rhetoric and talk for days about how poignant and pitiful you are, but believe it or not, I've got WAY better things to be doing than listening to this laughing stock, so get this over and done with as quick as possible. I'm having dinner in a bit.

    *Alias scratches his head*
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  7. *Big Jizz and Artist laugh hysterically*

    "Yet another gimmick? Asses Antonio listen up sweet-cake, I've been playing this gimmick almost as longs I've been playing your girlfriend. Yet another ignorant asshole who runs around as an elite of the IWT but fails to even see what is going on with upcoming talent. Please do everyone a favor and educate yourself plus it's funny that you bring up a shitfest, because it seems to me you were the last shitfest champion, i guess it only makes sense with a shithead like yourself. *Big Jizz shakes his head in the background*

    "Hehe, i also have better things to do then see your shit face for another second, as a matter of fact, i could point a lazer in my eyes and it'll hurt my eyes less than your face is. Go to your dinner at McDonald's, because that's the only place an Asshole section is available, you little ass hole. *Sticks out his pelvis*

    I too have better things to do, and oh yeah......Don't call your girlfriend for a while, she's going to be riding the *Crotch Chop* Mega Metro tonight, hehe. *He hands the mic to Big Jizz who chucks it at a fan wearing a Senhor Perfect Shirt*
    OOC: @THG? ready for votes?
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  8. OOC: Time to lose....
  9. Open it up
  10. Voting opened! Can't change the prefix to voting though for some reason
  11. OOC: I just want to say that was better @That Kid . I don't know so much about the gimmick, but a few of the "insults" made me smile (the laser in the eye one, for instance). But I still voted for THG because, IMO, a good promo adresses what is going on in the IWT as well, not just putting down your opponent. I mean, you do the thread, so I know you keep up on stuff. Use it in promos a little is all.
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  12. Yeah, I won.
  13. Dat Ego....
  14. Have you won a match yet lol?
  15. If by cheating you mean win then yes
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  16. Only retards think this SERIOUS, winning is one thing but to act like you knew it was going to happen, is pretty damn annoying. I know you had Hammer sucking your dick in this match, calling me Aldo Montoya and a cheater to get some laughs. Ego is a bad thing, THG? Good match...
  17. Lol, so mad brah. You wanted this match, I gave it to you, quit being a bitch.
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  18. Bro you talk about this not being serious yet you get all butt hurt when I crack a joke. Do us all a favor and take the stick out of your ass and lighten up
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  19. I'm not so much mad than I'm annoyed. Not about losing the match, I knew I was going to lose like I do always. Im annoyed because of peoples ego in a shit talk league? I'm don't mind the jokes but I do mind egos and arrogant people.
  20. Now....Good match THG