Voting Dark Match - The Artist Vs. Chris Kaizer

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Who won?

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  1. The Artist

  2. Chris Kaizer

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    (@Roadie) The Artist Vs Chris Kaizer (@Bill Clinton)

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. OOC- I'll go first.
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  3. Chris Kaizer walks out with a big smirk on his face. He makes his way down to the ring slowly. He finally reaches the ring.

    Well, now I am facing...The Artist. Who ever that is. All I know is that you are basically Dude Love. Which is enough for me to hate you, forever. You got me a Mt.Dew Kickstart, sorry, but I only drink Coke. Also, didn't you cry over my good friend, Gav and Trip fighting? What the hell are you even doing here if you are that big of a baby? You are a cheeky ****! Thanks, Gav. I am a little confused, if you hate fighting, why are you here? You could of went to Canada if you are that babyish if you are going to cry like a woman who's baby just got killed over two grown men fighting. Also, what the hell was that Arty Episode bullcrap? It seemed like a bad trip on acid. Tyrone Martin's show was more entertaining than that. In fact, I would re-watch that one episode of his for 5 days straight if it meant I didn't even have to think about you anymore. The way that thing ended makes me think you had gay sex after it. Wait....are we sure you aren't Tyrone Martin that is in a white guy costume?

    I can say though, it is nice to see IWT's first official hippie! Congrats, because that will be your only accolade here. I will be surprised if you even win a match here. You will be another Brian Mandela. A jobber. Not even one that is over, like Mikey Whipwreck. Now, before you come out here and cry about me insulting your baby ass, let me tell you this. You do know that you have to fight as well. You can just run around the ring and talk about peace and being friendly while you admire a daisy? Right? IWT is Internet WRESTLING Titles. Not, 'Let's run around with out friends and sing happy songs in a meadow full of flowers'! No, this is a professional wrestling company made for men...and women...almost forget, Victoria, just like your performance in the EC match, you are forgettable sometimes. Back to the point, what I am getting at Arty, is grow a damn pair and be a man. Put on a few pounds, don't shower for a week, listen to some NIN and Marilyn Manson. Not only will you become a jaded lad, you will have all the girls rubbing up against your crotch.

    Now, don't even bother coming out and talking, I will tell these people what you would say.


    Chris Kaizer starts to laugh at him self and awaits The Artist.
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  4. *Regular Get up*

    "Hi GUYS!! HI EVERYONE. Chrisy, i am not a hippie but just someone who loves mankind, i love everyone. But i just wanted you to know, i do have a set, ask your mom she had them in her mouth for an hour last night! What? I thought that's a good thing? I don't like fighting but this is the only close contact sport where everyone is near nude, hahahahah! JUST KIDDING, I love pro wrestling! and i love all of you!

    *Crowd Laughs*

    "I want to be your friend but you said some bad words, and until you wash your mouth your a baaaaaaaad man in my book! And i was trying to be your friend because if you fall asleep during a match you might miss the part where you get buried. Nonetheless i love you like i love everyone and because that you'll never see my baaaaad side. And all you see is my gooood side, then again either one is friendly.

    *Crowd Boo's*

    "Chrisy please stop cursing and making fun of me and everyone and sing, love and praise god....oh looooovely god.......i love your noooood......You give me hope......Like every pope. OH! Sorry i fell in a trance again. I will never conform to your perception of a man, i am a man but i do shower in the Popolouthy Rain Forest's of Nepal in it's holy waters, i listen to Nirvana because their peaceful like your mom's mouth, but i will never become a "jaded lad" because i will follow god, and what he does i do!

    *Crowd boo's*

    "Why would i have gay sex that's not what i'm into. Plus chrisy i don't need women rubbing my privates, your mom does that already. I don' t cry over nothing,when people i love fight i cry. So when you stop bullying people and stop doing sinful things, talk to me again."​
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  5. Chris Kaizer laughs

    You are also a bible thumper? For fu-anyway! You are also an 11 year old kid who makes "ME FUCKED YOUR MOM" jokes? I don't want to see your baaaaaaaaad side or your gooooooooooood side. I don't want to see you at all. You may love me, because who doesn't, but I don't love you. In fact, now I really hate you. I don't care if you listen to Nirvana, or go wash your self in some holy water river thing in a jungle in the middle of no where. You are irrelevant. And crazy. Very very very crazy. I don't want you to be my friend, I don't care if you see me as a bad man.

    You say you gave me that Dew to make sure I didn't fall asleep when I was getting buried? Look who's talking. You bury your self by walking down that ramp. You bury your self by talking. Everytime you breath, you bury yourself. You are like the opposite of Dat Kid. He buries other people, you just bury yourself. And then you make jokes about how you had intercourse with my mom? You are a little kid in an adults body. Crying and saying you fucked my mom. What is this? Xbox Live?

    You are a hippie. You love everything, you love God, you want peace. Fun Fact: I hate hippies. Which may explain why I hate you, but, that is beside the point. You are everything I hate rolled into one. If it takes me being a bad man and doing sinful things for you to stop talking to me....hip hip horay! That is damn easy! Hopefully after this match, I never have to speak about you again, which is likely. I will not love and praise God. I would not could not. God is a failure, just like you. I would be surprised if you even got a 1 count on someone. I will not sing, I will not stop making fun of you, because it's too damn easy to. You are a joke. Nothing more...nothing less. These fans don't laugh at your jokes, they laugh at you. And they will continue to laugh at you.

    Have fun believing that God is real and loving everyone. Because trust me, that won't get you very far here, not at all.
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  6. *Artist looks really angry*

    "That's ti!"

    "Listen Chris, you may think your being some tough guy, "oh i can make fun of someone" haha when you look to it, your masking your failures, you walk into IWT with a happy go lucky face, but when time after time again you fail and you become everything you see as "buried" you come closer and closer to realizing, you didn't make it. Your a guy walking around, longer than i have and you sitting their with no Mania match, and i'm burying my self? You have no idea what burying is since you masked your own burial, it's when you are made into nothing. You can't be made into nothing if you ARE nothing, your career IS nothing and it WILL STAY nothing. I may bathe in a waters known to holy ground but at least i know i won't be buried and go to hell, a place the scum of the earth like you are made and are taken to be eaten by those of higher stature.


    "You bring Dat Kid up, you don't deserve to say his name. A man with so much credibility that you saying his name is like a donkey kicking a beautiful women in the face. He buries the like of you, but he hasn't or can't ury you yet because you a;ready did bury yourself! Your an absolute joke. I come out here and i give what i have! you come out and give what you don't want. Kid, Aids, Alias, Bryant i don't care what Main Eventer you wanna name, but their the direct opposite of you, they have an idea of when to stop the burials. You lose and lose but NO! you will mask the fact your a jobber held by the likes of Dat Kid, you may think i'm burying my self when i walks down the ramp, but when it comes down to it your buried when enter the building.

    Fun Fact, everyone hates you, if everything you hate was rolled into one, wouldn't that person be a highly successful man who can actually make up good insults not repeated ones worded differently? If so thank, thank you for giving me that title. Hip Hip horay yourself to the graveyard of the IWT, because after this i should attend you burial, oh wait it's far to low for even me to see. If you think i'm a joke and a failure then you obviously haven't looked at yourself lately because that's what YOU ARE and WHAT YOU WILL BE, a damn nugget who tries to get a big rub from Dat Kid a man who you wish you could have half the stature of.

    OOC: @Shadow please open votings, okay with you Bill?​
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  7. Chris Kaizer slowly walks out to ring side and grabs a blanket. He lays down and falls asleep as The Artist is talking
  8. While Kaizer sleeps, Artist grabs a shovel and pretends to dig his grave before pissing on his head.....
  9. OOC- You probably should of asked before pissing on my head
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  10. Well it was a joke.......But anyways..... @Dat Kid meet the 2nd one of my piss stain club
  11. OOC: So i guess Shadow doesn't like me asking for voting to open....
  12. OOC: I was making sure you were done pissing.
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  13. OH! Then sorry wait........OH THAT'S THE STUFF, AHHHH! Go ahead now
  14. Untitled.png Thanks, for recognizing it Bill :dawg:
  15. Good match Bill! Thanks for the intense flame war!
  16. Surprisingly enjoying Roadie's gimmick a lot atm, Kaizer was still on point though.
  17. i voted Artist for the ENTERTAINMENT!
  18. Well done face gimmick @Roadie
  19. he's never got so many votes!
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  20. Bitch please, at least I've gotten enough to win 1 match.