Voting Dark Match- The Dazzler vs Aiden Ryan

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Who won?

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  1. The Dazzler

  2. Aiden Ryan

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The Dazzler(@Joey Bryant is GOAT) vs Aiden Ryan(@Butters)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here

    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,

    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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    A Roaring theme hits as the fan's look confusingly up at the ramp.
    Smoke fogging the area of the ramp up, a shadow emerges.

    The Smoke slowly clears and the fan's see Aiden Ryan with he's arms behind he's back. He slowly begins to walk down the ramp while the fans cheer him on.
    The Camera zoom's in behind AIden to see him carrying a mirror behind him.

    He Make's he's way up to the steel steps and slides the mirror in. Before he get's in he takes one look around the arena and smirks. He walks up to the annoucer and takes the microphone.

    "Wow, What a nice welcome! Thank you! But i must tell you all... I'm not here to be the jokestar that you have all come to love. I'm here to help someone see their ways."

    Aiden Picks up the mirror and Lodges it in between the corner rope's.

    The fans suddenly go silent.

    "The last time you saw me out here, I saw talking to someone who I once saw as a great guy, but despite our last confrontation I am feeling sorry for he's poor niave soul. Why do i feel sorry for him? Because he is blind to he's own success, So I brought something from the diva's locker room."

    Aiden Points to the mirror.

    "This Ladies and Gentleman is called "The Reality Mirror.", Now when The Dazzler looks into this mirror magical sparkles will surround him and BAM!... reality will kick in and he will realize, He is only letting himself fail. It's not your time in the main event because you choose not to be in the main event, you choose to settle for much less, you choose to accept a challenge of a rookie. I know what everyone is saying "What do you know?" I know that I wouldn't stand around bitching and moaning about how it's not my time but 'YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR THAT IT WILL BE BEFORE THIS YEAR ENDS"... Don't you think you've proven enough... wait wait before you come out and speak absolute nonsense..."

    Aiden Walks Over to the middle rope and sits on it.

    "Come down here and look in the mirror."

    OOC: Is there anyone I can contact about making a entrance video for my IWT character with the newest theme I put. It'd be a little weird to just have AJ on my promo's. PM me if possible.
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  3. *The Dazzler makes his way out at the 59 second mark to a loud chorus of cheers and boos. He looks around the crowd, rolls his eyes, and slowly struts his way down the ramp. He looks up at the camera on his way down and raises his eyebrow. He keeps his eyebrow up as he looks back at Aiden. The Dazzler grabs a mic from off the steel steps and gets on the turnbuckle. He puts the mic up to his mouth and begins to speak.*

    Dazzler: Finally.................The Dazzler has come back to IWT. Which means The Dazzler is here to kick this jabronis ass.

    *The Dazzler looks over to Aiden.*

    Dazzler: Yeah you, jabroni. You come out here with your generic music. You've got a chick representing you in your titantron. You ain't tough. You ain't nothing. Your a nobody.....for now. For now, OK, for now. You are going to become famous tonight. The Dazzler is going to make you famous. In 1 year, someone will look back on your career and say "Man, I remember that Aiden Ryan guy." Then his buddy will look over and say "Oh yeah, that's the jabroni who got his candy as whipped by The Dazzler. I remember that guy."

    *The fans begin to turn completely on The Dazzler.*

    Dazzler: Listen to these people, Aiden. They're all booing you. Every single one of them. A whole arena of people are trying to boo you at out of the building. You people should be ashamed.

    *Fans start a chant of "Shut the fuck up".

    Dazzler: Now listen to them. You aren't even speaking, and they are all telling you to shut the fuck up. Now, The Dazzler doesn't blame them for now wanting to hear you speak, especially when The Dazzler has a mic, but it's still rude.

    *The Dazzler begins to laugh at his own jokes, before snapping his fingers. His face turns serious and he climbs off the turnbuckle. The Dazzler gets in the ring and walks towards Aiden.*

    Dazzler: A poor naive soul? Blind to his own success? Aiden, you've got it all wrong. The Dazzler knows, just like these people know, that when The Dazzler is on his game their are very few that can match up wit him. You come out here and you talk a whole lot of crap. A whole lot of it. So much crap is coming out of your mouth right now, your ass is jealous. Aiden, you've been here for barely a month, but you talk as if you know everything about this industry. You talk as if you know everything about IWT. You know nothing. That's right, you guessed correctly in your opening monologue. You know nothing, because you are nothing. The Dazzler isn't in the main event because he hasn't even hit his prime yet. This Dazzler you see now, is still just a young guy working out all the kinks. That is why The Dazzler isn't in the main event. He's still got learning and training to do before he goes on to whipping ass and winning world championships.

    *The Dazzler gets a crowd pop, mostly from the men in the crowd.*

    Dazzler: You called that mirror, the reality mirror. You said The Dazzler needs to look at the mirror see reality. The Dazzler already knows whats reality and whats fiction. You winning this match.....fiction. The Dazzler kicking your candy ass.....reality. You winning a world title before The Dazzler............fiction and quite laughable. The Dazzler becoming the face of this company............reality! Aiden, The Dazzler doesn't need your stupid reality mirror. He already knows what the real world holds for him. It's you needs the mirror. So this is what The Dazzler wants you to do. He wants you to look in that mirror and try not to throw up at your reflection. Then he wants you to fix your hair. That's right. Don't forget to wipe your nose and clean your mouth since you've been doing a whole lot of ass kissing. Now, here's the final thing. You've looked in the mirror and you've seen reality. You've seen it all. You've seen your future, you've fixed your hair, and you've cleaned yourself up. Now what you need to do is take that mirror, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and shove it up your roody poo candy ass!
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    Aiden get's off the middle rope and laughs at Dazzler.

    "You certainly are my amuse for the evening, your vocabulary is just something different. I don't think I've heard so much bullshit come out of one's mouth."

    The Fan's give a loud pop.

    "But Let's state facts. I am here for a reason and so are you, you are over looking what talent I am and what I can bring to the table, Maybe if you weren't kissing your own ass all the time and put aside your narcissistic ego you would realize that I threaten you. I threaten everything you want in this company and you know what, No matter how many times you raise that eyebrow, No matter how many time's you scream that you are back in every single town we go to. You will never be able to say that the fan's respect you. You will never be able to look at yourself as a rolemodel and you will never be able to find a woman that is proud of you because when it comes right down to it, you're a 2014 generic douchebag who is craving for attention but is not receiving it. and if he doesn't get the attention he claims he deserves he will come out here, Make up a bunch of words and tell people to shove that "RIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!"

    Aiden Mocks Dazzler by stomping he's feet and raise his eyebrow.

    Aiden eventually stops mocking the dazzler and walks over and retrieves the mirror.

    "You know what, You're right about the mirror though... it is stupid because if this really holds your reality then... why is it so easy to pin on the mat?"

    Aiden Places the Mirror on the mat.

    "I will be champion one day, Dazzler. It doesn't matter if it's in a year's time, If it's in a couple of weeks. It doesn't matter at all. but I know when I do get a title, I'll make sure to find you backstage and hold my title above my head and tell you. "I'm Still Here." and you will respect it. I will show you how tough I am and how well I know my way around the ring... and you know why I placed this mirror on the mat?, call it wishful thinking but one day if my dream comes true. I won't be winning the title to show you, I won't even have to rush to find you backstage, You will be on the mat while the Referee raises my hand, waving your precious title goodbye."

    Aiden Smiles.

    "But Don't worry, You won't be winning a title for a very long time. So I have time to be ready to ruin you."

    OOC: Last Promo, Incase Vamp need's to know.

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  5. Dazzler: Huh, The Dazzler just felt a rush of Deja Vu. Something seems familiar about the "Bullshit from your mouth" jab. Oh wait, that's because The Dazzler already used that. The Dazzler guesses creativity isn't one of your strong suits, is it? It isn't? Didn't think so. Wait, wait, wait. Before you speak, The Dazzler knows what you're gonna say. Your gonna stand there and look all tough with that grin on your face and your gonna tell The Dazzler and tell all these people "Well obviously you're not that creative either, aren't you Dwayne. HAHAHAHAH". Yeah, that's what you are going to do. Trust The Dazzler, he's heard it all before. He hears it every time he steps in a ring.

    *The fans begin to chant "Rocky".

    Dazzler: And there it is, right on cue as always. You know what people?! The Dazzler doesn't give a damn about your chants. He doesn't give a damn about your words, Aiden. Guess what, Aiden? Even when The Dazzler looks at you without being all cocky and narsisistic, he still sees a man that he is going to beat. That's the name of the game. It's to beat your opponent so bad that he can't answer the count of three. That's whats going to happen tonight. You aren't a threat to The Dazzler. No body is. The Dazzler feels threatened by no man. No matter how big, strong, smart, or fast they are. The Dazzler will go into any fight with all the confidence in the world that he can kick that persons candy ass. When The Dazzler screams he is back, it's because he's back to whip ass. Tonight The Dazzler came back to kick your ass. Do you understand? It doesn't matter what you understand. The Dazzler doesn't need to believe that these people respect him, because even though they boo him sometimes, he knows they respect him. That's why The Dazzler gets the loudest reaction of both boos and cheers. Hell, The Dazzler will show you. In three seconds, all The Dazzler's fans will begin to chant Dazzler. In

    *Fans, mostly the men, start a loud chant of "Dazzler".

    Dazzler: You hear that, that's the sign of fans. When a person has fans, they have respect. Now, let's hear what you want to hear. In three seconds, these people will begin to chant Rocky. In

    *Fans, mostly women and children, begin to chant "Rocky".

    Dazzler: You know what this really proves, Aiden? It proves that with the snap of a finger, The Dazzler has these people in his hands. When The Dazzler tells them to chant something, they chant it. You know why, they know The Dazzler is the most Dazzling superstar in all of IWT. That is why he has their respect. It's because The Dazzler is the current tag team champion. It's because The Dazzler was a former IWT I.C champion It was because at the Royal Rumble, The Dazzle threw 12 jabronis over the top rope. The Dazzler is a role model. He's a role model of success. He proved that you can be successful with anything you are given, if you try.

    *Fans start another chant of "Dazzle".*

    Dazzler: Listen to it, Aiden. These people are leaning towards The Dazzler. That's because they know damn well how hard Tthe Dazzler has worked to be where he is today. The Dazzler doesn't crave for attention, he just gets attention. He gets attention because he knows how to entertain the millions and millions of people who watch him on their T.V's, their computer screens, and here in this arena tonight.

    *The Dazzler walks up to the center of the ring and smiles. He looks at the mirror and back at Aiden. The Dazzler raises his eyebrow up and then steps on the mirror, breaking the glass.*

    Dazzler: You know what that represents? The Dazzler will tell you. That's the reality of your chances of winning being smashed into little tiny pieces.

    *The Dazzler drops mic and picks up a piece of glass. He looks into the glass and smiles before dropping it back on the floor.*
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  6. @Vamp Opening voting up, please.
  7. Solid stuff for real, both of you. Dazzle you know I always love your stuff, and Butters this was a huge improvement from your last match. Going with Dazzle here though, edged it for me. Liking your stuff a bunch though Butters. Keep it up.
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  8. Bumping this up so you guys can vote!
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  9. Forgot to reply to this, Thanks alot DK, It's always fun to do a promo between two in denial narcissistic type of characters. Dazzle really helped grow my character out and it was super easy to work with him. :)

    Hopefully in the future The Dazzler And Aiden Ryan will square off in a reunion promo. :)
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  10. Congrats Dazzle! :)
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  11. Thanks.

    Good job Butters. You can only get better.