Promos Dark Match - TheArabHammer vs Rhod

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Who's your winner?

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  1. TheArabHammer

  2. Rhod

  1. The following dark match is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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  2. *Dick Tripin is seen backstage watching the match*
    Dick: Should be interesting
  3. *Power By Kanye West his the arena sound system and as soon as the chorus starts Marcus Anthony appears on the ramp with a bottle of Jack Daniels. He takes a swig and chucks the bottle and points to the sky then to the ring and stumbles down the ramp. As soon as he enters the ring he has a beer thrown to him and he requests a mic*

    "IWT....welcome to your doom. I *hiccup* just gotta say. The powers that be said my "problem" may effect my wellness and may cause an issue with my performance.*crowd boos heavily* Now onto the pressing matter. *Marcus starts laughing*
    My opponent tonight I've heard a lot about. He's had success here and loves the limelight. The only lime I love is with my patron shots. *crowd starts to chant SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS* nowimnotwhatyoucallabish but I'm here for three things : a fight, beer and more beer so @Rhod if you're ready, getchurassdownhere nfightlikeaman *crowd continues to chant SHOTS while Marcus grabbed a bottle of patron from under the ring and awaits his opponent by sitting on the turnbuckle*
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  4. *Rodrigo walks down the ramp, wearing a DX TShirt*

    *Steps into the ring and stares at Marcus, then looks at the crowd*

    So last night, Dat Kid and Danny got an IWT contract *Crowd cheers*, DX defeated the "All Star Jonofag team" *Crowd cheers even louder*. However I CANT be happy with my performance last night, I was easily the weakest member of my team, the first one to be eliminated. I'm really happy for Danny and Kid but I can be pleased with myself. It's a well known fact I haven't be good inside a ring for months now. And it's time to change that, my RTWM starts right now, and I wanna thank that jerk called Jono for giving me a chance to shine again. Many people think this is a kind of punishment, they're wrong. This is an opportunity. With all that been said...

    *Rodrigo takes out his Shirt and gives it to the ref*

    About you, who do you think you are? This isn't your backyard, this isn't FSW, this is IWT, the biggest wrestling company in the world, many people fight for a contract for years, they dedicate their whole lifes to get a chance to be an IWT wrestler. This company hires (Or used to hire) the best wrestlers in the world, what have we come to? An alcoholic that wont be able to connect a punch? This isn't a game. If you wanna drink, go to a bar, if you wanna wrestle, become an IWT wrestler. Tonight, I will show you how we do things in this company.

    *Rodrigo comes closer to Marcus*

    Show me all you got Charlie Sheen wannabe !
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  5. *Marcus jumps off the turnbuckle and finishes his bottle of patron. He looks to the crowd with bewilderment while raising the mic*

    So I see DX had taken on a charity case. Good for them. As for your remarks about me *laughs in Rodrigo's face* I'm what they call a "functional alcoholic"
    *rolls out the ring to grab another beer then rolls back in*

    You run your mouth like you're a big shot around here. Now what do you have to show for it? Jack shit. I'll slur, stumble, fall, and get right back up.
    *pounds the entire beer then throws the empty can at Rodrigo*
    So Richardo or Ramon or whatever your name is.....remember I do three things: fight, drink, and drink some more. I've done two of the three tonight lets make it a trifecta
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    Oh trust me, I'm not a big shot around here. In fact, I've been in this company for one year and I've tasted the spotlight just once, but Marcus, I've seen many wrestlers who didnt take their job seriously. You know were they are now? Earning 5 pounds per night, wresting in front of 20 people. If you wanna become someone in this company, you've to earn it. And buddy, I love beer, but I know when is the time to drink and we I'm at work. Yeah sure, SCSA was a legend blah blah blah, but look at you, you cant walk straight..

    You cant even remember my name, do you think you're capable of wrestling? Sometimes the strength isnt enough, sometime being smart is better than being a brawler. Shame I cant face you while you're sober, because all I want is to give this people the match they deserve. Last night's main event, what a match! What a match! Even if I dont like AIDS, I have to recognise all wrestlers in that ring earned my respect. They crowd was on fire as well..But why cant we have a great match even if its just a dark match? Because people dont seem to take things seriously unless its a main event or a big show. People like you, who came to work drunk, damage the image of this company. Do you want to have fun and be stuck in the bottom of the card or take all this shit seriously and become someone your kids can be proud of someday? It's all about actitude. I became US champ by working hard every single day, not by coming here throwing trash to my opponent.
    You do three things? I do one. It's called kicking asses

    *Rodrigo smirks*
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  7. Obviously you've never faced someone of my caliber. There's a few out there that can do what I do and execute with surgical precision. Am I drunk ? Always. Do I know what I'm doing? Yeah. I've been drinking since before you could wipe your own ass. I haven't backed down from a fight no matter how much I had to drink nor have I EVER let anyone down with my performance. Ugh this is killin my buzz somebody beer me *a fan throws a beer to Marcus. He catches the beer and sends a cheers to the fan and pounds it*
    Much better....Rodriga your mouth is writin checks that your ass can't cash. You say I damage the image of the company? Look at the fans out here, asses in their seats, drinks in the air rooting for the menace. I don't see anything wrong with that. Am I a company man? *laughs* damn right I am. How many jobs pay their employees to fight AND get drunk doing it. I am the business. I am the future. I AM DRUNKKKKKKK *Marcus stands up on the top turnbuckle and spreads his arms wide out and the fans start chanting LETS GET DRUNK and throw him a few more beers*
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  8. Never faced someone of your caliber? *Rodrigo laughs* Bitch please, I've faced some of the best wrestlers in this fuckin world. I've kicked their asses and they have kicked mine. All you gonna do is to come out here drunk? Damn it, this is your debut mate, you're hire to shine not to puke. This crowd is having fun, I cant denie that, but that's it? You're plan is to come here, have a couple of beers, get drunk and try to amuse them? This isn't a circus. This is a serious company. They laugh AT you, not with you. Tbh, I expected more from you. You will be a hard guy to beat sure, but do you have the will and skills to make me remember you as the toughest guy I've ever fight? I dont think so.
    People in this company dont take days off. Today Boston, tomorrow Cleveland, the day after tomorrow Canada. That's how the IWT roles. You the face of the company? Dont make me laugh. The face of the company needs to be when needed, anytime anywhere. To be dedicated. I know this company doesn't have the best role models, We've got a couple of psychos (One has beat me in a main event), we've got a guy with an unhealthy obssesion with pizza and yeah, is the owner of the company, we've a wrestler who think this ashley world is an anime and hes the Emperor Blah Blah, oh and he's bipolar. And last but not least we have a guy with personality disorder. He has changed gimmick more time than Jono has ordered dominos for dinner. Yeah, I'm talking about Adam.
    But all of this people seek something. A belt, a spotlight, the glory. What do you seek Marcus? Huh? Whenever you find something to fight for that isnt a bottle of alcohol, call me, I will be interested in fighting with you.
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  9. Expected more from me? Rigo you got no idea what's in store my Mexican friend. You've fought the best in the world and kicked ass and got your ass kicked. *marcus starts slow clapping* big fn deal. You get smacked around then disappear and finally come back and be the first to be eliminated. So either A, you're a fleshlight for some of the guys in the back or B, you over estimate your own ability. You see I got offered a contract after saving Jono's pizza from a group of drunks after closing time at my bar. We all know how much he values it so he spent almost as much on my contract than he does weekly at Dominos. Here's a hint it's got 7 zeroes. He saw me beat those offensive lineman all around like Ike did to Whitney. The only beating worse than that is the one you're about to get. *crowd starts chanting Whitney Whitney at Rodrigo and he starts telling the crowd to shut up*
    Even the crowd thinks you're a beat up bitch. You have the audacity to question my drive as to why I'm here. Only people with the likes of John Cena *typical mixed crowd reaction* Stone Cold *crowd goes insane* and the Rock *crowd also goes insane* get this type of pay but it's not just money. It's getting paid to drink and fight. I'm sobering up now which is only going to be worse for you. Giving me a clear head is making me more calculating and even more menacing. *Marcus gives a cold stare and gets nose to nose with Rodrigo*
    The last time I fought sober, my victim is still in speech therapy and went blind in his right eye. I could've ended him easily but I held back. Not because I'm a saint but because I wanted him to remember not to cross me again. I need a drink....*Marcus walks away from rodrigo and shotguns a couple more beers*
    Ahhhh relief. You see Roberto I like your attitude you got moxie. You have that underdog mentality like "nobody believes in me and I have to prove it to myself that I can do it not just for me but for IWT". Guys like you are a dime a dozen. Cookie cutter wrestler that has been no better than mediocre. If you think I'm your first step to your road to redemption for your career, you got another thing coming. Marcus Anthony isn't just a drunk....he's a drunk that can fight and win.
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  10. I guess you're just drunk and you have forgotten what really happened last night. The next time, you might want to check it before coming out here. I had a contract, all I did was to help my friends Danny and Dat Kid. I had nothing to lose at that match except two of my best friends. They asked me for help and I tried to. But I wasn't good enough.
    I had a feud with the Cure for over...3 months and I lost twice. TWICE. Then, I got a call from Dat Kid asking me for help, I accepted. How's that leaving? I know you just want to throw random bullshit to me (And not just all this cans) but this people are sober enough to know what really happened. You aint going to fool them.
    But the funniest thing you have said in this standar "Oh yeah, I sent it to the hospital blah blah blah" If being sober brings the best out of yourself wth, I want you to be sober. Because all I want are matches that stay in my memory for a long, yeah now you can say "OH ASHEY IMGONNAKICKYOUINTHEHEADSOHARDYOUAREGONNAREMEMBERITFOREVER" right? All talk. In fact, I havent seen you in a match before. How long have you been around here? 1 month and you havent debuted till now? This shows the kind of confidence Jonathan has in you.

    *Rodrigo takes out a note*

    Based God Darth
    Roray James
    Michael Alexander
    Joel Rain
    The Crator
    Remigton Parker
    CrayJ Cena
    Jake Woods
    Daniel Bryanson
    Duke Nukem

    All this people came here claiming they were top talent and deserved the IWT title. All of them said exactly the same things as you "I sent blah blah to the hospital" " I did this during the indies". I faced some of them, they were good, just like you. But they didnt understand what's like to be in this company. They didnt understand the fact you've got to show up every single night, wrestle in front of thousands, you gotta get hurt and then, 4 hours later, you find yourself in a airport, with a broken rib, flying all over LA to wrestle again. That's what they couldnt understand. They thought this was a hobby. Well it's not. This is a hobby, you can consider it a hobby if you wanna become someone. You have to consider it your life. Your how entire life. If not, you're not IWT worthy.
    I might never get to be a main event guy. I might be the "underdog" but look at Sackfist. The midcard guy. He's now known as one of the biggest draws of all time. Jus because he stole the whole fucking show, and he was usually at the opening match. Or even the preshow. But the guy used to come out there and give all he got. That's what I want, I dont want titles, I dont want wins. I dont give a damn about the numbers. All I want is that, when this people leave the arena, even if the main talents, AIDS, Senhor, The Cure (Or what's left) close the show, they think "Wow that match where Rodrigo was involved, was PPV worthy". I know you might not understand this. People just seek money for drugs, alcohol and whore. I seek self satisfaction.
    Btw, not remembering my name... Oh lord, that was cool 9 months ago. When every single guy in that locker room used to say it when they were fighting me.
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  11. Rodriguez I'm still drunk. As I stand here before you, I've never been more ready for a fight in my life. *Marcus finishes his last beer* Wrestling has been apart of my life since I was 2 years old. My grandparents would sit me next to them and make me watch the greats like Harley Race, Ric Flair, The Von Erichs, the list goes on. I drink because I enjoy it. I fight because I enjoy it. I'm not some run of the mill guy that caught a lucky break to get in here at IWT. I'm here because I made my way here. Done everything you've said catching a red eye with injuries right after I've been through hell. I'm not some guy who decides to name drop who he's competed with to try and prove a point. I'm the guy who just wants to kick some ass regardless of who it is. *crowd goes crazy*
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  12. OOC: @Jonathan been over 48hrs yo open voting time I assume
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  14. Nah, will go back to till i collapse :smug;
  15. Whatever happens good shit @Rhod
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  16. OOC: Rhod's last promo did it for me. Solid from both though.
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  17. Brilliant match by both, Arab just edges it for me.
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  18. Both were just awesome, I'll have to re-read again before voting.
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  19. Good luck. Impressive debut.
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  20. Thanks bro