Voting Dark Tag Match- Victoria Parker and Dat Kid vs The Order's Farooq and Trip

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Who won?

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  1. The Order

  2. Dat Kid and Victoria Parker

  1. The following contest is tag team match and is scheduled for one fall...

    Victoria Parker/Dat Kid (@CrayJ Lee, @Dat Kid ) vs The Order(@Big Boss, @Trip in the Head)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. OOC: Just FYI, I'm gonna let Fooq go first for us since he made the challenge
  3. Show Spoiler
    Just FYI, the best opportunity for me to promo is going to be after 7pm Central today. Feel free to go before that.
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  5. Farooq and Trip come out to start the match as the lights dim down. Farooq makes no hesitation in heading to the ring. Both competitors enter the ring as the lights resume back to normal and the music stops. Before the announcer introduces them, Farooq grabs the microphone and pushes the announcer out of the ring. "Shut up, they know who we are, get the hell out." He says as he pushes the announcer out.

    "Tonight, we have the wedding rejected couple as our opponents tonight, and that's perfectly fine. I catch it quite an honor to fight someone who has more of a mental handicap than, someone who is crazy and thinking that they're the best. That's right, I find it honorable..Dat Kid. You are so into yourself, over one title reign that you had, and beating the current champion before his reign, that you think you are God, even though you're lost in darkness. I'm going to pull out the same old trick and talk about your track record and how it sucks more than your partner."

    Farooq laughs as he speaks again, "No, I'm not going to go with the same old, 'Victoria suck dick' material, because I don't need too. You are such a joke, your reigns are a joke, your career is a mountain that has fallen, and a career that has been lost in darkness.. Going low as to kidnapping, killing doctors, being SENT to a metal hospital and much more. You're a disgrace to this company....and I would say more,'re not worth the time." He says as he paces back and forth in the ring.

    "I know what you two are going to say...why am I not the world champion? Why am I the one acting crazy? It's simple, why do some people get to walk into this company and get world title shots instantly? Because it's a system, a system that's lost in the darkness of corruption and lies. Dat Kid, you had the belt when you were GM and Victoria got shots after your 'marriage' as a set up. Funny. I have the highest winning record, yet no title shot, but that's fine. Because this time, the IWT title won't be lost in the darkness, oh no. I'm going to free it, into the....right darkness. The dark room of truth, because the truth hurts more than lies. People take comfort in lies, but the truth is a spear. The truth will pierce this company through the heart and lead it to freedom. Not freedom from a false God or a psycho, but the freedom of the Order!" Farooq says as he dropped the mic to the ground.
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  6. Dat Kid bursts through the curtains and stops at the stage looking at his opponents. The Cure slowly walks out from behind and stand side by side with Dat Kid.

    El Nino: Dat Kid's partner is supposed to be Victoria Parker, but it seems like Dat Kid has something else on his mind.
    Commentator 2: He's being smart. He's going out there with 3 people who are severely jealous of this man! He has every right to protect himself!

    Dat Kid walks down to the ring and The Cure disperses on both sides by ringside. Kid hops up on the apron and climbs to the top turnbuckle keeping perfect balance. He surveys the crowd before looking down on Farooq and Trip. He steps down and Jwab tosses Kid a mic.

    Oh boo hoo, if I knew you were gonna bitch and moan I would've brought a box of kleenex out to the ring with me, but I had to lend it to Britanica because she was perspiring profusely between her legs when I met her in the hallway earlier. You come out here and speak claim there's some sort of conspiracy going around to keep you down. You're damn right there's a conspiracy to keep you down because we know what you are Farooq. You're a liar. You like to quote all these numbers, but if we look beyond a flimsy little win/loss record and take a look we'll see that the majority of your wins come from bearing guys like Based God Darth, Mr. Sackfist, Adam, Failface, and Jacob Colton. Do you HONESTLY believe, getting wins over people like that puts you in contention for the IWT Championship? Who the hell are you trying to fool?

    You want to speak about freeing the IWT Championship into the "right darkness"? What the fuck does that even mean? I don't care how much vaseline you have, I don't think the IWT Championship will fit in your "right darkness". This is exactly the kind of sick shit that kept you from being champion. That and the fact that you were a drag queen for the entire month of september, laying on your back on Jonathan's desk, telling him that your clit is just really big. These are just the kind of sins that'll get you sent straight into hell. I guess you figure Victoria sleeping her way into a title shot, you could do the same. How'd that work out for you by the way?

    Dat Kid turns to the stage

    Victoria, you stay your ass in the back where you belong. You want to help out, how about you do like used to do when we were a couple and wash them damn dishes. I don't need your psychotic ass getting in the way of God's will.
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  7. "Annnddd there you go with the expected childish insults, the known bible rip off stuff, bringing up false history and of course the Jonathan reference. You know what Kid....why did you come back? You want to know why you come in, and you lose a lot of matches? Because you just simply. Suck. That's it, you are unoriginal, you're repetitive, you're ignorant, you're predictable, Hell! I bet NOW you're actually going to try something different because I called you out on it, but it's to late, that's predictable already. Based God Darth? Nevermind the fact I never fought him, but he's even better than Gohan, which YOU almost lost to, and if you want to bring up the cheating, you still tied with Jacob Colton." Farooq said as the crowd got quiet.

    "You suck so much, you would lose to 80% of the people Senhor fought in his Intercontinental championship know, the ones who never showed up. You're so much of a self indulged piece of shit, that you're going to come in here and say, 'Oh I'm God, I held title! You sin! I'm stereotype black man preacher! No abortion! You jackoff you sin!' blah blah blah blah blah! You have an ass for a face, because the only thing that comes out of the hole in your face is shit." Farooq said as the crowd watches in anticipation, looking at Dat Kid.
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  8. *Trip stands next to Farooq laughing in between mimicking shit coming out of his mouth to help emphasize Farooqs point.*

    TRIP: Haaaaaa Hahahahahaha, I wonder if that means he has to eat his food with his ass? *Trip says to Farooq while pointing at Dat Kid* PLEASE, don't breath on me Kid HAHAHA! The again maybe it would knock me out enough for you to pin me, *Trip regains his compusure before stating* which is the ONLY chance you would have at getting a 3 count over us tonight. I mean, you have such a lack of confidence in your own skill that you had to bring your lackey's down here with you to protect you? Afraid your own parnter might turn on you here tonight as well? Well, I would be too given your past. I actually had no idea you two were married back when you actually ran the IWT Dat Kid, before you first fell from grace. Tonight will be just another tumble down that spiral of shame and loss that you are so used to lately. If you are God as you say, how come you don't just smite us here and now and get it the match over with? Because you CAN'T and you know it. You are not God, just a short Kanye wannabe with a Napolean complex. I would tell you to come back to reality, but the reality of it is that you are too far gone to come back. Easier to wipe away your existence and put you out of your misery instead of trying to save you. You know why Jesus wept so much? Because you are claiming to be his father! That would make me cry buckets as well, hahahahahaha!

    *Trip circles around the ring looking at the members of the Cure on the outside of the ring with disgust. He stops and points at the ramp*
    Trip: So is Victoria coming out here at all? She trashed one of our lairs and talked all this trash about taking each member of the Order out to prove her superiority over us. Well you got 2 members all gift wrapped for you and waiting Parker. Is your past with this incoherent, mouth breathing excuse for a deity too much for you to put aside? This is how the Order operates my dear girl. We know your fears and what makes you jump in the night, for we ARE the night. I'm sure you thought it would be easy to pick us off one by one, but we will not be beaten so easily. So come on down here when you're down making that sandwich for your ex out here, hahaha. Make sure to put extra mayo on it too. *Trip leans forward slightly and says* It'll make it easier when I shove it straight up his un-Godly ass.

    *Trip walks around the ring and while fliping off each member of the Cure individually. He stops and lifts his leg and acts like he is going to piss on David to a large crowd pop. Trip laughs hysterically at his own antics and makes his way back to Farooq in the middle of the ring*
    TRIP: Soon you will ALL be consumed by the darkness and give in to the Order! *Trip riases his hands high as the crowd gives a loud but mixed reaction*
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  9. *Cole watches the tv backstage*
    Cole: do you know what would be funny? if Dat Kid pulls a swerve and reveals that he is not god and he is actually.....SUPER MARIO!
    *Cole laughs*
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  10. Victoria comes running out to the ring and shoves Dat Kid violently to the side once she gets into the ring. "If you ever come out here and speak for me again, I'll make sure you never speak again. And I don't care what deranged followers you have with you. GOT IT?"

    She looks darkly at Farooq and Trip, pointing at each one of them. "As for the two of you, the desire to destroy the two of you couldn't be sweeter. The Order is a disease created and lead by a very deranged mind, and yet you both have something to say about at my mental health? I'm not afraid of facing either of you and I will gladly do it on my own without the help of my terrible ex tag team partner. I've proven after the fact that I can be far more successful than Dat Kid...and far more menacing."

    "Sexism still rules this company doesn't it?", Victoria says starting to pace the ring looking very angry. "I'm told to go make a sandwich after the career I've had...REALLY, that's how you choose to demean me? As if I haven't heard all of that my entire career. It means NOTHING when you've been to the top several times and know exactly what it feels like. Regardless of my tactics I have gotten there because I am that good. Before the asylum, before any of that I was making a name for myself all on my own. The desire to be great has always been stronger than anything else. Tons of enemies have come my way and I couldn't give a damn. The fact that I've reinvented women's wrestling and have been the face of this company proves I am far above being kept in a kitchen. While Farooq and Trip are stuck in the the confines of the midcard, Victoria Parker will remain in the main event. There's no growth without reinvention, and once I come out of this difficult time I will only be that much stronger." She gets into the face of Trip and Farooq, as well as getting into Dat Kid's face from time to time. "And if I have to beat a few of you down and make you feel like the pieces of dirt you really are, then I will gladly do just that. I don't have time for your disgusting games, I have a job to do which gives me the pleasure of beating two members of The Order.

    "After the way you disrespected me and Aids during arguably the best match this company has ever had, you deserve what's coming to you. More than just your lair will be trashed but rather your entire group will begin to crumble and cease to exist as I start to dismantle it piece by piece. If my career has been lost to the darkness as Farooq likes to claim, why would you mess with a ticking time bomb? Being as cruel and calculating as I have been in the past, I should be the very last person you should be messing with. Either The Order has no idea what a good plan looks like, or you all have a death wish. Regardless of your terrible planning, I will still have so much fun watching the two of you bleed."
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  11. Cole: HA! Dat Mario just got pushed over by his EX!
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  12. OOC: You mean Princess Peach? hahahahaha (Ok, it was kind of in character)
  13. OOC: Victoria Peach! and Trip in the Wario!
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  20. Farooq nods his head while listening to Victoria, puckering his lips and squinting his eyes as he continues to nod. After she's done he stops and looks around. "....Oh? You're finally done? Are you done, acting like a dog and spraying your mark all over this ring? Laying feces all over the place with well placed history? Because I have the shovel, and I'm ready to shovel this ring clean of it. you ever wonder why all your partners left you? It's not because you're crazy, no, The Order is not the most sanest team in IWT I will say that....but it's because....of who you are."

    "You are a vile human being, being around you makes my skin crawl like a spider slowlllyyyy crawling up my arm. You claim to want to be 'friends' with people, just to go around and snatch what you want and kill connections....and now you're playing the victim of us disrespecting Aids? Stop, you're the one who kidnapped his family. YOU don't have respect for anything, other than yourself. I have no respect for you, but I'm not going to prance around and act surprise when you do something disrespectful, because it's expected." Farooq says as he gets in Victoria's face, "I don't fear you, you are a human like me. And you know what...humans are the most destructive beings in the world...anything you can do, I can do better. You are not over me in any aspect of form, so don't act like it princess. We are not Aids, we are not Dat Kid, we are not Danielson. We are not a nightmare, we are something even more scarier....the truth." Farooq says as he backs away, glaring at her before heading back to his corner.
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